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WordPress Gutenberg Editor VS Classic Editor

Recently, a common question has occupied our minds. However, the question is simple but it is mind-blowing. How vigorous is the WordPress recent editor in the block? Let's check this out with a comparison of Gutenberg and Classic editor performance.Here is our detailed comparison on how vigorous Gutenberg editor is. We will start by building a section of[...]
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Top WordPress Communities

Sure WordPress is fantastic and a lovely tool to automate your web development, but who does not hit a stumbling block while managing a website? At such predicaments, you cannot always sift through the countless pages of large books to find the solution for a simple problem. You may ask a tech-savvy friend once or[...]
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Top Books for Learning WordPress Development

WordPress is the most powerful and extensive content management system around! So finding the best book to learn its development is as important as taking out time to read them!As we know WordPress is one of the most popular CMS used by many businesses including small, mid-size and large organizations. It powers around 30% sites[...]
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Best Practices to Face Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is likely to impact your WordPress site and e-commerce in a big way. It is a challenging landscape, but you can navigate this uncertain terrain by following some best practices!If you don't live under the rocks, then you must have heard about the net neutrality debate. The consequences of this challenging decision are likely[...]
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Top Five Tips to Avoid WordPress Duplicate Content

If you are a WordPress site owner, duplicate content is the major issue. You need to focus on that before your website become the victim of same. Thus, leading to poor search engine ranking.In this post, we will discuss the top five tips to avoid the issue of WordPress duplicate content. Duplicate content is the[...]
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