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E-commerce Website – Dynamic First Page to Increase Sales

In the entire web page design of an e-commerce site, the first page is the most critical element. But not all WordPress users are successful in designing a dynamic homepage that would take the visitors from their entry point to conversion.If you have a small website that serves some less direct sale purpose, increasing your[...]
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What is WooCommerce and how to manage it?

The global expansion of eCommerce platforms is contributing immensely to online businesses. Also, it has enabled business to build their customer base and in turn, boosting online sales. Moreover, online stores are growing at an exceptional rate. They make trillions of dollars each year by attracting over 40% of the people globally. Is your online business still chasing[...]
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Worst Mistakes to Avoid on Your WooCommerce Site Launch

Do you want to create an online presence? Then building a WooCommerce store is a great idea to start with. Even so, the process does not really end there. Oftentimes, site owners run into various challenges while launching their first online store.“To err is human, to forgive is divine “is a very wise and famous[...]
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The Top 15 WooCommerce Extensions for Increasing Functionality and Sales

The Top 15 WooCommerce Extensions for Increasing Functionality and SalesWooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce plugins for WordPress. WooCommerce extensions make WooCommerce a highly adaptable e-commerce solution for businesses around the globe. WooCommerce extensions are add-on plugins which provide additional features and functionality to your WooCommerce default options. These extensions enhance and extend[...]
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Tips for securing your e-commerce site

Managing your online business comprises of important sections. Among the sections is ensuring your e-commerce site is secure. Besides this, security determines the probability of your customers doing business with your often. This might be minimal if you do not guarantee their data is safe. In fact, this should be when transacting and after transacting.[...]
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