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best mailchimp email templates

Designing an eye-catching email layout that encourages clicks takes a lot of expertise and talent. But you can avoid doing most of that work using the correct Mailchimp HTML templates. This collection focuses on finding the quickest way to produce the ideal email layouts and designs for your newsletters and promotional email campaigns.

A well-known platform for marketing automation, MailChimp also offers email marketing services. It’s primary goal is to facilitate communication between your clients, customers, and other parties. To meet the needs of the consumer, MailChimp provides a huge selection of templates from which to choose. It includes a variety of templates, from pretty simple ones to responsive and editable ones, that can help your business expand and attract customers.

Here, you’ll find a wide variety of the best MailChimp email templates that you can use to create campaigns that appear more polished and effective. These templates are provided in HTML format, making them simple to use in MailChimp. Additionally, adding your content to them is simple to alter and customize.

Overview of MailChimp

mailchimp email templates

MailChimp’s marketing strategy is centered on gorgeously designed campaigns, sound contact management procedures, and potent data analysis. The main goal is to assist you in improving as a marketer. Combining your marketing platforms, audience data, and analytics enables you to achieve your goals more quickly through a single platform.

The following are some advantages of utilizing MailChimp:

Low prices:

small companies with little starting money can use MailChimp because it is an easy-to-use platform. The MailChimp free plan is ideal for businesses with fewer than 2000 subscribers and monthly email send volumes of under 12,000 emails.

Divide Your Mailing List

By dividing your list into several groups, you can quickly tailor your email communications to appeal to various audiences. For instance, you could design a re-engagement campaign that specifically targets a mailing list of consumers who have been inactive for a while.

Grow Your Mailing List:

Using easily configurable signup forms that you can embed on your website, MailChimp enables you to expand your mailing list.

Provide Value:

There are several ways to give your customers value. Using coupons is one such method. To utilize for your marketing efforts, MailChimp’s email templates are simple to customize.

Track Email Results:

MailChimp offers insightful data on the effectiveness of your campaigns. As a result, you receive regular updates on how many recipients are opening your emails and how many are subscribing to or unsubscribing from them.

To select the ideal email template for your newsletter, check out the list below, where we have listed a few of the Mailchimp email template examples.

Mega – 35+ Module MailChimp Email Template

35+ module mailchimp templates

The name of this MailChimp email template is very accurate. It has a sizable selection of 35 different content modules to assist you in creating practically any style of the email newsletter you desire. Modern agencies and eCommerce companies will find the template extremely useful for showcasing their goods and services.

MyBag – Online Store Email Template for MailChimp

An HTML email template called MyBag was created with online retailers and eCommerce firms in mind. For making newsletters to advertise your newest items, sales, trends, and more. It contains 22 different content modules. All common email clients and email marketing systems, including MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and even Sendy, are fully compatible with it.

Gravity: A Responsive MailChimp Email Template

Use the email template for Mailchimp called Gravity to create polished and business-oriented newsletters. It includes a clear and straightforward layout for marketing your services to get more leads and customers. The template’s drag-and-drop editing features make it simple to change the layout. It also works with other platforms like AWeber and Campaign Monitor.

Travel – Multipurpose Email Newsletter Creator

This flexible email template may be used to create newsletters for various travel- and tour-related promotions. There are 20 distinct modules to pick from, making it adaptable in design. The template works best for producing emails that advertise travel products, occasions, and campaigns. Both MailChimp and Campaign Monitor are compatible with it.

Retro – HTML Email Template for MailChimp


This email template is ideal if you enjoy classic retro-style graphics or your company has a retro-themed logo. It has a retro-inspired design with vintage-inspired colors and iconography. Naturally, you can alter it as you want to meet your needs. The template is available in PSD and HTML formats.

Hello – Best Free Mailchimp Templates

Unbelievably, you can download this lovely HTML email template for nothing. It has a simple, fashionable style and areas for promoting your blog entries, services, and more. It is compatible with MailChimp and every other email marketing program that works with HTML templates.

The Passion – Free Mailchimp Email Templates

You can get this additional MailChimp newsletter template for free. This one is ideal for writers, authors, bloggers, and influencers who want to send a newsletter that looks professional. You can alter a variety of its modules however you wish.

Gaice Mail – MailChimp Email Newsletter Template

A stunning newsletter template for small enterprises, studios, and advertising firms is called Gaice Mail. It’s excellent for advertising the services of web design and graphic design firms to potential customers. Multiple content modules with fully customizable components are included in the template. Additionally, it works with iContact, Campaign Monitor, and other email marketing programs.

Blogger – Best Mailchimp Responsive Email Templates

Blogger - Best Mailchimp Responsive Email Templates

For bloggers and influencers, newsletters are an important tool for promoting content. You can quickly produce more eye-catching email newsletters with this MailChimp email template to increase visitors and leads to your site. It has a straightforward layout with adjustable elements. The template is available in PSD and HTML versions.

Corp – Mailchimp Responsive Template

There isn’t a more elegant or straightforward MailChimp email template available for making business email newsletters. It has a contemporary design and more than 40 modules that you can combine and match to create various business email templates. The template is editable and works with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and all other well-known email marketing programs.

Olive – Fashion Email Newsletter

This Mailchimp email template can assist you in producing better newsletters to advertise and upsell your products to your clients if you own an eCommerce fashion or garment store. It has a visual design with lots of room to display pictures and items with prices. The design is excellent for marketing campaigns and special offers throughout the year.

Fresh Mail – MailChimp email newsletter template

Fresh Mail is a versatile MailChimp email template with a very straightforward and clean style. It works well for creating newsletters for bloggers, periodicals, and small businesses to advertise content and services. The template includes numerous distinct content modules kinds with readily customizable designs. You may utilize this template with MailChimp, iContact, and other email marketing platforms.

Minimalist – Free HTML Email Template

This Mailchimp email template is a fantastic option for contemporary studios and agencies because of its simple, clean design. Given that it is in HTML format, the template is compatible with any email clients that support HTML email templates.

MailBakery Iota – Free HTML Email Template

MailBakery Iota

This Mailchimp email template can produce eye-catching, colorful emails for marketing campaigns. It is incredibly bright and creatively designed, and there is much room for you to advertise your goods and services. Downloading the template is free.

The best MailChimp templates for your email marketing campaign in 2022 are discussed in this blog. The article’s section on the best MailChimp templates discusses the numerous paid and unpaid MailChimp email templates that you can utilize for your business case.

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Types of Email Templates

You may use email templates to design the ideal email template, allowing you to increase open and click-through rates while establishing your brand. You want your email template to reflect your brand’s voice and style. When creating a campaign or automation email, you can use any templates we provide as a starting point. You don’t have to bother about the remaining steps of email creation after selecting a template. A professional-looking email can be easily made with an email template.