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WordPress Gutenberg Review Pros and Cons

With WordPress 5.0, the much-awaited new Gutenberg editor is now available on everyone's WordPress dashboard. The Gutenberg model changes all that we have learnt about WordPress and its work to date. Essentially, it replaces the beloved TinyMICE editor with a visual editor based on content blocks. The jury on whether[...]
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Squarespace VS WordPress

What is Squarespace?Squarespace is a website-building platform. It provides all the tools necessary to create and sustain a website, such as e-commerce features, templates, plugins, email marketing features, etc. Its visual-heavy user interface makes navigation and building a website intuitive for users. A significant benefit is that it does not[...]
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How to Edit WordPress HTML Code?

WordPress CMS has made it easier for non-coders to manage their websites. However, to control the appearance and functioning of your website, you need to edit WordPress HTML. If you are a non-coder WordPress user, this might sound scary, but we got your back. This how-to guide will help you[...]
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Vulnerable WordPress Themes & Plugins

Introduction :The main reason why a WordPress website gets hacked is because of vulnerable plugins & themes. These vulnerable plugins or themes break the website, which makes it prone to hackers. A hacked website can cause severe issues like ransomware & data breaches, resulting in financial loss to the brand.[...]
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Steps to take when you can’t login to WordPress admin

Are you stuck because you can't log in to the WordPress admin of your website? If so, then this is your ideal article. In fact, you should relax because we got your back with all the solutions to fix the login issues.In this guide, you will learn about the common[...]
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Fixing the Visual Editor not working error on WordPress

Visual Editor is the screen you get to see while creating or editing a post on WordPress. There are two editors available with WordPress — Visual Editor and Code Editor. Those not wanting to work with the HTML code themselves can instead use the Visual Editor with many conveniences.  The [...]
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WordPress Slug: Explained

With so many technical terminologies and not always available, straightforward explanations, it can become hard to know specific terms and understand their use for the good of your website. One such terminology is a slug in WordPress. So, before we start, let us know what a slug is, the functionalities[...]
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Starting with WordPress Digital Asset Management

The word DAM or Digital Asset Management is an umbrella term for storing, cataloging and sharing digital assets such as images, audio files, video files, & more. The only difference between manual file storage and DAM would be that DAM allows you to catalog files in an easy-to-use central repository.[...]
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What to do when you cannot upload images to WordPress

Are you unable to upload pictures to your website? Indeed, you must be wondering why you cannot upload images to WordPress. In this case, you are getting either a file size error or a WordPress HTTP error.The WordPress image upload errors may occur when you least expect or after implementing[...]
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Differentiating WordPress.com from WordPress.org

Anyone relatively new to the world of website development and design will come across multiple mentions about WordPress and its associated jargon. Owing to the initial amateurism, we might even miss the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org and treat them all the same. Many of the basic definitions imply that[...]
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