WordPress Support Services

We take pride in serving as your extended team member and taking care of your WordPress or Woocommerce website. With unlimited WordPress tasks and us managing your website maintenance you will Now never need to worry about anything.

Just focus on your business & leave the rest to us!

WordPress Support Services

We take pride in serving as your extended team member and taking care of your WordPress/Woocommerce site. With unlimited WordPress tasks and us managing your website maintenance you will Now never need to worry about anything.

Just Focus on your business & leave the rest to us!

Unlimited WordPress Fixes

We not only maintain Your WP site but also offer hands-on Support for any ‘n‘ all quick website tasks.

24/7 WordPress Support

Our dedicated team will come to your rescue in case of any emergencies such as hacked WordPress site, WordPress White Screen of Death, malware cleanup, etc.

WP Plans Build for You!

We have you in Our Hearts. Thus our care plans have been carefully curated to fulfill all your website needs.

White label Programs

Running your own agency and need help maintaining your client’s website? Get in touch with us to know more about our white label program.

WordPress Management Services

WordPress Management Services

Secure WordPress core and hosting management services.

Your hosting and WordPress core version are at the heart of your website. If you want to have your site running in top shape you need to keep every piece of software up-to-date. This is done not only to have new features, but to keep your WordPress bug-free and not interfere with your website performance.

Our aim here is to keep your life simple by taking care of your website’s heart beat and giving you website and hosting support services for other miscellaneous things that you might want us to handle. This may include setting up your new website, helping you with website migration, or even changing DNS settings of your domain and installing SSL certificate.

Read more to know about the managed WordPress Hosting services that we provide.

WP Plug-in & Themes

WordPress Themes and Plugins

We leverage the power of WordPress to build exceptional websites for you

At Helpbot, we offer you WP Theme customization & Plug-in optimization services that suit your business sensibilities. With our unparalleled tactics for theme & plugins conflict resolution, you can focus on your business without worrying about your WordPress website.

We understand the value of client satisfaction, therefore, we deliver well-optimized & safe manual updates compliant with the latest W3C standards. Sometimes an out of box design requires and out of box theme. So this is where our team members thrive in updating & customizing WordPress Themes to get a responsive website with peak functionality!

Our goal is to take off the burden of maintaining the WordPress website from your agency and let your business grow without any hassle.

WordPress Speed Optimization

WordPress Speed Optimization

Result-oriented WordPress Speed Optimization services for advanced website performance

Slow WordPress website? We know the pain of having a slow site which will eventually dropdown your business in an online marketplace.

Hence, you endure with poor conversion rates & your customers will leave your slow website. At Helpbot, we offer an optimized experience to our clients that load their site as quickly as possible.

We remove all the unused code, minify javascript and provide CDN support to get faster load times.

WordPress SEO help

 WordPress SEO Optimization

We help you improve SEO rankings & build your online presence.

We offer extensive SEO strategies to grow your organic traffic. Our WP professionals serve as an extended team of yours and help to optimize your website with the use of SEO campaigns.

The fact is that you should never make an SEO effort without keyword analysis. Therefore, we use the latest tools to create accurate keyword analysis to be utilized for the site. This helps in tracking the success of the SEO campaign.

After keyword analysis, we focus on creating content strategies that include creating unique content within the blog, social media posts as well as on the website.

Our SEO expert team will provide a complete suite of SEO services that will lead your #1 rank on Google.

WordPress Security & Backups

WordPress Security

Daily WordPress backup | Sucuri Site Checks | WordPress Malware Removal

You even get access to Premium WordPress Security Plugin, iThemes Security Pro!

Are you suffering from the loss of your website data? Is your WordPress Website crashed? You don’t need to worry!

Helpbot makes it easy to keep up-to-date backups for your site with real-time syncing all your website data. We partnered with iThemes Security Pro ($297) that will bring premium WordPress security for your business website. Get started with our care plan & we will implement plugins  & optimize it for your site!

Our WordPress Tech Experts make sure that your website data is always restored, no matter at what state your website is in.

There are some of the reasons like human error, viruses & malware, hard drive damage, hacker’s attack or software corruption through which your website may get crashed, and it may affect your business. This can put you in a sticky situation.

But you can avoid this as we automatically backup your WordPress Website in real time. Our tasking portal gives you real-time access to your services through which you can keep a tab of all your data

WP Emergency

WordPress Emergency Support

Instant WP support for emergency situations.

We have a team of highly skilled WP developers that can provide instant WordPress support when things go wrong.

Be it early morning or on the weekend, we will fix your WordPress website & provide unlimited WordPress tasks support.

We will take immediate steps to minimize damage to your site, troubleshoot any kind of error, quick website restore & remove malware from your WordPress website.

There is no problem for us too big to handle, and we provide a reliable WP Support without any delay.

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