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WordPress Management Services

WordPress Management Services

A Complete WordPress Management Services For Your Website

Facilitate the process of your business with our WordPress website management services. We take care of your website to keep your life simple, from setting up your new website, helping you with website migration, or even changing DNS settings of your domain and installing an SSL certificate. We understand the importance of your time and the knowledge your business requires as one of the leading WordPress management companies.

We know that you don't really care about SSL, FTP, CDN's, etc. We aim to manage your WordPress website expertly with our WP website management services. Focus on your business and customers and leave the rest to us.

Our WordPress Management Support Services Includes

We look after your WordPress website in the same manner that you look after your business, digging into the details while keeping an eye on the larger picture to provide you with the experience of the best WordPress management services.

Website Backups

Website Backups

Don't worry about your website data! We take regular backups at various intervals and store them safely and securely.

Website Hosting

Website Hosting

We host your website on strong servers from Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, or comparable providers to make it quick.

Technical Changes On Website

Proficient with Modern Designing Software

Saw a new section somewhere and want the same for your website or Want to add a new feature? We'll build one for you.

Updates of Website Contents/Images

Updates of Website Contents/Images

Innovative ideas might strike at any time! Don't just smash them; send us an email, and we'll take care of it in a flash.

Website Security & Safety

Website Security & Safety

We offer a multi-tier security layer to your website, including a firewall, SSL, UFW, DDoS mitigation, and more.

Plugin updates

Checking & Updating Plugins

Don't worry about WordPress plugins; we regularly check your website for any new plugin updates and update them.

Your One-Stop Solution For WordPress Maintenance And Support Services

WordPress Website Updates

As a part of our WordPress maintenance services, We check and provide the latest WordPress update service regularly. Each update brings additional functionality to your site, ensuring that it runs smoothly and without problems. Keeping your WordPress core, plugins, and theme versions up to date is an essential element of WordPress maintenance plans.

There is a need to keep your WordPress core updated so as to ensure that your site has:

  • New & improved features
  • Latest security updates
  • No security vulnerabilities
  • Improved speed and performance
WordPress Website Updates
WordPress Version Control

WordPress Version Control

It simply means keeping track of these changes happening to your site and keeping your data safe. We record the changes made, who made the changes & when the changes were made. This ensures that your data is always safe, and we can even access and restore the older version of your site. Besides this, WordPress also comes with a user role management system that we can guide you through and keep track of.

Our WordPress site maintenance services ensure that you do not have to initiate these updates all by yourself. In our WordPress Management Support services, We take care of all of it & save you from the hassles of managing WordPress core updates.

Website Migration

Website migration is probably one of the last steps in launching a new or redesigned website. It may also be the best strategy if you think you just got hacked and wanted to take your clean WordPress Backup files and migrate to a new hosting server. Whatever the case may be, if you are moving your site to a new host or domain but don’t have the right expertise or time, ask us for WordPress help, and we will do it for you with no strings attached.

As the top WordPress Management Services agency, we ensure that we do the website’s migration in the right way.

A complete WordPress support services backup includes:

  • Complete WordPress database files of your website
  • All the images and media files
  • WordPress plugins and themes files
  • Content Files of your WordPress website
  • WordPress Core Files
Website Migration
Server Uptime Monitoring

Server Uptime Monitoring

With the best WordPress management plans, We generate proper statistics that show your site’s uptime and downtime over any time period, be it the stats for a week, month, or even a year. Our WordPress management support, plans & reports are easy-to-understand and present the information in a crystal clear manner.

Your site is everything to you, and it is evident to know when it goes down. It inevitably does affect your website’s credibility, but you may be losing money and search engine influence also. So, what would happen if it stopped responding in the middle of the night? We at Helpbot, provide 24/7 WordPress management services, which means we closely monitor your website and server. Once a downtime is detected, we will be notified in no time. And our quick and accurate diagnosis of problems will get us to resolve anything serious when your WordPress site goes down.

PHP Support

WordPress is the commonly used platform, and it is based on PHP and MySQL. Your site's core is built on PHP, and we take care of it in the appropriate manner, rather than consulting guides or instructions every time we run into an issue.

As a vital role of the WordPress Management services, Helpbot WP site care ensures that all of this is taken care of. We also take care of any severe PHP issues that occur by chance, and we don't mind tweaking a few things if necessary. We take it a step further by providing full-time PHP support and assigning a dedicated professional staff to track, monitor, and manage your WordPress core.

We provide full PHP support by:

  • Troubleshooting the issues or problems
  • Fixing bugs
  • Maintaining and securing existing code
  • Improving your site’s performance
PHP Support
DNS Management

DNS Management

Managing DNS can be challenging! Many people are unfamiliar with the concept of domain name service and consequently waste a lot of time on it. If you're migrating a website from one server to another or creating a new website domain for yourself, you'll want to get it correctly the first time and with as little downtime as possible.

With our online WordPress Management Services, We're here to assist you; all you have to do is tell us what you want, and we'll do it for you without any strings attached. We want you to create your site and then leave it alone. We'll look after your WordPress website so you can concentrate on your business.

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How to Manage WordPress Sites?

With our WordPress Management Services in 2022, save time and effectively maintain your WordPress website: -

  • Update your Themes, plugins, and the WordPress core regularly, and check for the latest version.
  • Backup your WordPress site.
  • Backup schedules can be added or edited.
  • Accept and respond to comments.

What is a WordPress content management system, and how does it work?

A content management system is used to create, manage, and improve the digital experience of your customers. Moreover, CMS is a piece of software that allows you to create websites and distribute the material on the internet.

It includes version control and an authoring methodology to ensure consistency across large, worldwide sites. You don't have to worry about anything because, as a leading WordPress management service provider, we take care of everything as a part of our WordPress management services.

Why You Need WordPress Maintenance Service Portal?

WordPress receives new updates regularly, usually multiple times per month, to improve the platform's security and speed. In order to keep your WordPress website secure, you'll need to maintain the core code as well as any plugins you're regularly using. At Helpbot, we give you the best and most affordable price WordPress website maintenance services to fulfil all your WordPress customization and maintenance services requirements.