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Guide To Change The Permalink In WordPress Pages

    One of the most serious tasks you will come across in WordPress is how to change the permalink in WordPress. Changing permalink in WordPress on your website as it has the potential to affect your SEO. Failure to handle this process well can result in many broken links and errors.Did[...]
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    create wordpress site

    How to create Sitemap for WordPress?

      The use of a WordPress sitemap can have a positive impact on your website. Indeed, the creation of a xml sitemap assists search engine bots to easily crawl and index your website. So, it enhances the visibility of your web pages to search engines. But, the big question still remains:[...]
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      Best WordPress Staging plugin

      Best WordPress Staging Plugins for Testing Website Updates

        Did you know there is a risk of something wrong happening anytime you implement major changes or updates on your WordPress website? The outcomes might be annoying. Some server mistakes can make your site experience a downtime. Therefore, staging site is important to test any WordPress updates. This blog brings[...]
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        WordPress 5.3 Version Released

          WordPress 5.3 version was released on 12th November 2019. This improvement-focused upgrade introduces more than 150 new functionality and improvements, so we have limited them to the top 20. In this blog, we're going to cover what's new in this WordPress edition so you can get ready.Before updating: Don't forget[...]
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          website security tips

          10 Best Website Security Tips for Safe WordPress Website

            There are many Content Management Systems. But, WordPress is the most famous CMS, powering over 30% websites. Unfortunately, as it continues to grow, the hackers are now targeting WordPress websites daily. Irrespective of the kind of content your website offers, you all are vulnerable. But you need not to worry[...]
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            Security Issues

            WordPress 5.2.4 Release: Six Security Issues Addressed

              On October 14th, the developers of core WordPress released WordPress version 5.2.4. This release addressed six WordPress security issues, which were seen as possible serious vulnerabilities. All the six new security issues were reported privately via the WordPress liable disclosure process.Similar to other WordPress security releases, all WordPress users should, without[...]
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              Reset WordPress Website

              How to Fully Reset Your WordPress Website without a Plugin?

                Although it is not always right, you sometimes need to reset WordPress website to its initial state fully. But, before you get into using a plugin, it is crucial you know the exact meaning of resetting WordPress.Further, knowing the ins and outs of the WordPress installation assists you in making[...]
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                How to Update WordPress Safely?

                  Have you ever thought of updating your WordPress website, yet you like the way it is? Indeed, your website can be safe at the moment. But, always keep in mind that many attackers might be waiting to attack in the future. For this reason, one of your WordPress needs should[...]
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                  How to Secure Yourself from WordPress Security Threats

                    This article aims to assist you in understanding all WordPress security fundamentals & eliminate WordPress security threats of your website. Presently, the most popular publishing platform all over the world is WordPress. Indeed, it runs more than 34% of all websites in the entire world. Further, this platform is open-source.[...]
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                    What Is Xmlrpc.php in WordPress and Why Should You Disable It?

                      WordPress is a unique CMS that comes with built-in features which allows you to interact with your website remotely. Have you ever wanted to access your site only to realize your website is not near? The solution was the xmlrpc.php file. However, for some years now, this file has turned[...]
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