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How to Add an Accordion Dropdown to Your WordPress Website

Your main objective when developing a website should be to provide the information your visitors are looking for as soon as possible, in a more professional and user-friendly manner, and in as little space as possible. Visitors are looking for comprehensive information that is displayed clearly on the website. They[...]
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How to Hide Featured Images on Individual Posts in WordPress

A good image always leaves a lasting impression. Images represent your thoughts on the subject. But too much of everything doesn’t taste good. There may be many instances where we don’t require featured image in WordPress sites or blogs or even posts just because there are too much featured images[...]
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How To Edit 404 Page In WordPress?

It is quite often taught to take advantage of every opportunity presented by a setback. A good example of the statement is the 404 WordPress Page. If you’ve invested any time online, you’ve probably clicked on a link or typed in a URL to then be surprised with the message[...]
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The Ultimate Guide to DNS for WordPress

Do you remember keeping a phonebook to keep a record of all the important contact numbers? We all have done this proudly at one point in time, but not anymore. Thanks to the Internet, now we have an endless list of essential contacts. There are billions and billions of devices[...]
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Fixing the Visual Editor not working error on WordPress

Visual Editor is the screen you get to see while creating or editing a post on WordPress. There are two editors available with WordPress — Visual Editor and Code Editor. Those not wanting to work with the HTML code themselves can instead use the Visual Editor with many conveniences.  The [...]
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WordPress Slug: Explained

With so many technical terminologies and not always available, straightforward explanations, it can become hard to know specific terms and understand their use for the good of your website. One such terminology is a slug in WordPress. So, before we start, let us know what a slug is, the functionalities[...]
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