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Building trust in internet businesses requires clarity. The calculator feature enables your customers to swiftly and easily assess the cost and assistance they are interested in. For website visitors to become potential customers, knowledge is essential in advance.

Calculators are useful online resources for capturing leads from visitors to your website. Every type of calculator continues to be a successful way to provide value to customers, from borrowing costs on real estate websites to interest calculators on budgeting blog entries.

Calculator plugins add a unique and useful feature to your website by allowing users to quickly assess the cost of goods and services, determine the terms of the loan, and even measure their health status. In this article, we’ll look at different types of calculators as well as some of the best WordPress calculator plugins.

Why Add WordPress Calculator Plugin?

There are many potential benefits to using WordPress calculator plugins to add a calculator to your website. Calculators are a terrific tool for drawing visitors if you provide services online because they enable users to gauge the cost of the goods and services they’re willing to acquire. These calculator plugins are also helpful for processing orders, estimating quotes, and other tasks.

In conclusion, calculators may help you gather leads and email addresses and boost website engagement, traffic, and potential leads when used properly.

Types of calculators

Given below is a list of interactive calculators and their use cases for different businesses across different industries.

1. ROI Calculator

Due to their efficiency in promoting products and services and their ability to highlight the significance of payback in a consumer’s purchasing decision, ROI calculators are among the most widely used formats on the market. It effectively conveys the company’s added value and can be connected to a product or service.

2. Insurance Calculators

calculator plugin

There are many types of calculators for insurance, including those for health, life, and auto insurance. Depending on your industry, these calculators can be remarkable lead hotspots. They will also help you gather high-quality data that you may use to launch future-focused marketing initiatives.

3. Loan Calculators

Calculators for loans are a huge help. They set up a significant change for your customers. Additionally, customers can speak with a customer care representative from your company for more information based on the expected loan balance and premium. Numerous sectors can benefit from loan calculators. Calculators for personal loans, auto loans, and construction quotes are a few examples.

4. Financial Planning Calculators

It is a kind of collaborative calculator that can produce fantastic contacts for those who work with B2B and B2C enterprises and those who deal with future-related products like healthcare, financing, and loans. Calculators for taxes, personal finances, savings, retirement, budgeting, and other topics are included. It also holds true for vision-related to marriage, graduation, and travel.

5. Discount Calculator

A discount calculator is perfect for one-time advertisements that want to give the customer a sense of urgency. This material enables the consumer to calculate how much money they may save by purchasing during sales season, for instance, if your business is running a promotion.

6. Quantity Calculators

The quantity calculators are fantastic tools for strategy development and involving the customer. If your business, for instance, bases budgeting on consumer demand, this capability may be helpful with service pricing.

7. Health or wellness calculator

For instance, a health or wellbeing calculator might be a great approach to improve the training experience for users. The application can show how many calories were ingested over time, how many pounds were shed with a certain exercise, or the user’s BMI. Customers are questioned about their behaviors to provide them with a customized response.

Best WordPress Calculator Plugins

1. Formidable Forms

Suppose you’re searching for a completely customizable plugin that works with practically any WordPress theme. In that case, Formidable Forms is one of the best ROI Calculator WordPress plugins with a drag-and-drop form builder that comes with a wide choice of pre-built templates. For your WordPress blog or website, you may quickly develop a variety of calculators with them. This implies that you can create more than just calculators and straightforward contact forms! Using the pricing and product fields, you can use Formidable to build your own eCommerce site.

Forms with automatically calculated fields can be created with Formidable. Users can also design forms that show the results of calculations. With these two qualities, the possibilities are endless. Formidable Forms is our best WordPress calculator Plugindue to its extensive selection of calculators and simplicity of use.


  • Conditionally logical forms.
  • Construct surveys and polls.
  • Form design with Bootstrap.
  • Drag-and-drop capabilities for a form builder.
  • Payment Collection using Third-Party Integration Templates for Putting Form Data Calculators.
  • Sample Forms for Surveys and Polls.
  • Incorporating Zapier Build forms using drag and drop.

  Price: Free with premium starting from $39/year.

2. EZ Form Calculator

It is one of the best WordPress calculator plugins for insurance. It is also a good WordPress tax calculator plugin. Using this plugin, you may quickly and easily construct payment forms, cost estimators, and estimating forms. You may translate the material you produce with this plugin, and it also includes options for developing table order forms, mortgage calculator forms, and price request forms. Using the visual drag and drop builder, you can add more than 15 components to your calculator, including date pickers, dropdowns, checkboxes, and radio buttons. These components can be given a value, and the plugin will automatically compute the cost or value. Because it is WPML compliant and translation ready, you can reach a global audience.


  • A graphic drag-and-drop editor can be used to design forms.
  • Multiple-step formula.
  • Including a discount section is straightforward.
  • It has more than 15 shape elements.
  • 30-plus Calculations in Depth Form Editors’ Email Notifications.
  • Payments are accepted through PayPal and Stripe.

Price: Free for some features and $49/year for all feature.

3. Mortgage calculator/loan calculator

Mortgage Calculator is one of the lightweight and best loan payment calculator WordPress plugins. It shows a graph of the loan’s principal, interest, and remaining balance over time. Taxes on real estate can also be addressed. You can provide your customers with a calculator for a mortgage, loan, down payment, PMI, or even property taxes. Even an amortization schedule can be made to assist consumers in deciding whether to take out a loan.

It’s a great little loan application that offers much mortgage value simply and professionally. German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and other languages can be translated into it.

The plugin also comes with shortcodes for inserting the calculator into widgets, pages, or sidebar posts on your website.


  • Site owners can easily adjust default factors, including size, mortgage length in years, tax, and property insurance.
  • It gives you the option to select a currency and receive a price estimate in that currency.
  • It integrates with the sidebar in a very basic way.
  • Results from the model window can be easily obtained.
  • It has eye-catching AJAX-based graphs.
  • It offers a modest loan application with a substantial mortgage amount.
  • It is much more accessible.

 Price: Free

4. Stylish cost calculator

Stylish Cost Calculator is one of the best WordPress calculator plugins for websites that wish to offer customized and immediate quotations to customers or clients. Use one of the 7 pre-built templates to get going immediately. It allows potential clients to estimate the price of your goods or services before deciding to buy them.

The calculator can convert currencies automatically by identifying the user’s location and showing the relevant currency. The cost calculator can be customized by adding or removing variables, altering colors, and more.

In addition, you can add a bulk discount, make customized invoices, and do other things. Since the plugin doesn’t keep any client information on file, it complies with GDPR.


  • Suggested primary logic.
  • Language conversion.
  • Personalized math (Premium).
  • Instantaneous currency conversion (Premium).
  • 7+ template designs.
  • Syncing with PayPal and Stripe (Premium).
  • Publish a file.
  • Personalized estimates and invoices sent through email.
  • Drag and Drop Form Builder.
  • Changes can be made to text size, color, and font style. Your headlines, sliders, checkboxes, and drop-down menus can be colored differently.

 Price: Free with premium starting from $60/year.

5. CCBMI calculator

Do you require a calculator for fitness? The CC BMI Calculator is one of the best WordPress calculator plugins for measuring body mass index (BMI) on health and fitness websites. To calculate their BMI, users can enter their height and weight. This reveals if their weight is within a healthy range. The biggest feature of this plugin is how little setup is needed for it to start functioning on your website.

However, it does let you customize a few aspects. The background color, borders, and even the units of measurement are all customizable.


  • This calculator is designed for folks who enjoy working out and frequently seek advice from fitness websites.
  • It can function as a widget for a sidebar. Change the widget’s default unit and title (imperial or metric).
  • Use a shortcode to add a calculator to posts or pages.
  • All browsers are compatible with it.
  • Visitors simply need to input their height and weight in the appropriate units for their chosen height and weight. Your BMI will be shown on the screen once you’ve input the value.
  • Enter the age (in years and months), height, and weight of children and adolescents.
  • The parameters you’ve already entered can have their values changed.

Price: Free

6. Advanced currency convertor

For showing exchange rates between several currencies, it is the best WordPress plugin for currency exchange. With this plugin installed, you won’t ever need to worry about changing your currency rates because it is automatically obtained from an open-source API.

Globally, the Advanced Currency Converter supports more than 170 different currencies. The plugin is highly lightweight, supports translations, and is easy to use.


  • It is very adaptable and compatible with all gadgets.
  • Browser compatibility.
  • Four streamlined widget designs.
  • An Open-Source API is used to get updated exchange rate data.
  • One-to-one and one-to-many conversions are both feasible.
  • The supported currencies number over 20.
  • An exchange rate converter that takes numerous coins.

 Price: Free with premium starting from $19.


You can design any calculator you desire with several calculator plugins. But doing this can take a lot of work. Whenever feasible, pick a plugin with a pre-built calculator template for the type of calculator you want to construct.

Choosing a calculator that works well on computers and mobile devices and is responsive is crucial. Additionally, you might want a plugin that enables you to customize the calculator’s appearance to blend in with your website’s logo and color scheme. What are you waiting for then? HelpBot is available to help you with this. Based on the requirements of your website, our professionals may choose and curate plugins.