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How to Build a Landing Page in WordPress: 5 Options Compared

The development of landing pages is crucial to the success of a website. They are vital for converting visitors, producing leads, and promoting goods. In all honesty, you'll create more leads with more landing pages. Compared to websites with fewer than ten landing pages, those with 30 or more pages[...]
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Best Google Analytics Alternatives For WordPress 2022

You must watch some key performance indicators while creating any website, including the sources of your website visitors, the devices they use, and the amount of time they spend on your website.Your website can be optimized and improved to serve your visitors better if you thoroughly understand these facts. Additionally,[...]
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custom code

How to Easily Add Custom Code in WordPress

You might be prompted to include unique code snippets in the functions.php file of your theme or a site-specific plugin while reading WordPress tutorials. The issue is that even a small error can completely ruin your Website. This post will demonstrate a simple method for adding custom code to WordPress[...]
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Top Online Plagiarism Checker Tools for Bloggers

Bloggers need to write to breathe. Increasing your publishing frequency is one approach to help your blog gain more readers. However, if you produce excellent content and later learn that Google has penalized you, that may be your end because your blogs contain plagiarism. And now, all of your efforts[...]
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WordPress Web Design Solutions

WordPress Web Design Solutions For New Businesses

The trusted WordPress Web Design Solutions by 117 clients in 33 Industries Worldwide. HelpBot is a WordPress Web Design Company offering reliable development services for any business. Find out more about our SEO-friendly WordPress Website design services now! What Are WordPress Web Design Solutions? WordPress is a content management system[...]
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contact form spam

How to stop spam from website contact form?

There seem to be email spam bots everywhere. WordPress users should prepare for a lot of spam given that WordPress runs 40% of all websites. Additionally, a significant percentage of the email spam bot is caused by plain WordPress contact form spam, which is a problem that affects all website[...]
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Mailchimp for WordPress (MC4WP): A Complete Guide

Email marketing is one of the classics; it gets the work done. But don’t you find it difficult to craft separate emails for several individuals present on your email list? Just as one size doesn’t fit all, one template is not suitable for every email. However, with the advent of[...]
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The Ultimate Guide to DNS for WordPress

Do you remember keeping a phonebook to keep a record of all the important contact numbers? We all have done this proudly at one point in time, but not anymore. Thanks to the Internet, now we have an endless list of essential contacts. There are billions and billions of devices[...]
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WordPress Slug: Explained

With so many technical terminologies and not always available, straightforward explanations, it can become hard to know specific terms and understand their use for the good of your website. One such terminology is a slug in WordPress. So, before we start, let us know what a slug is, the functionalities[...]
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