WordPress Optimization: Reporting Meaningful Values

Statistical data about your website can sometimes be hard to comprehend or makes sense. There are a lot of numbers, curves, and information, which is meant to deliver insights but can bog you down by its sheer volume and complexity. On the other hand, proper analytics and reporting are critical aspects as it allows you to see where your website is going regarding visitors, trends, and statistics. You can use this data to make important strategical changes that can optimize your WordPress site in the long run.

With HelpBot, analytics and reporting of becomes a cakewalk because of our highly customized HelpBot service delivery methodology. Break complex figures down to simple, understandable and actionable WordPress insights which you can make sense of immediately. Our highly personalized and exclusive reporting services let you implement data-backed strategies and stay ahead competitively with bright customer servicing.​​

Simple Representation

With HelpBot, you can navigate through the maze of numbers, data, facts, and figures around your business performance.What we have on offer is a simple yet versatile dashboard arranged meaningfully with relevant information that you would need to develop new growth strategies.With HelpBot you get only the data that matters to optimize your site.

Scheduled Analysis

Do you want weekly or bi-weekly reports of your website analytics data? You can set up your reports at the HelpBot tasking panel and get analytical reports exactly when you want them. We cover statistical & analytical data and trends in these reports, giving you a bird’s eye view of your website.

Precise Reporting

HelpBot makes use of advanced tools and techniques to gather WordPress analysis and reporting data for your website ensuring that every little detail has been covered.We miss nothing of importance, for reporting to make sense, it is important to cover every angle, look at every variable and include everything in the scheme of things, and we help you do just that.