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The development of landing pages is crucial to the success of a website. They are vital for converting visitors, producing leads, and promoting goods. In all honesty, you’ll create more leads with more landing pages. Compared to websites with fewer than ten landing pages, those with 30 or more pages generate seven times more leads.

The good news is that WordPress makes it quite simple to develop landing pages. You don’t need to be a web designer to create them. In WordPress, anyone may create as many landing pages as they desire.

Do you want to create a unique landing page on your WordPress website?

An extremely optimized marketing page is a landing page. It aids companies in turning internet visitors into clients and leads.

We’ll demonstrate in this article how simple it is to create a landing page in WordPress.

What is a landing page in WordPress?

landing page in WordPress

A landing page is a specifically created page to boost sales or provide leads for a business.

They are frequently employed in paid marketing, email, and social media campaigns. This page will receive the lion’s share of visitors from these sources, hence the term “landing page.”

What distinguishes a landing page from a website’s home page?

A homepage is the first page visitors will view after typing your domain name into their browser. On the other hand, a landing page can be a standalone page where most visitors arrive from sponsored or outside traffic sources.

The homepage of your website should encourage users to interact with it, visit other pages, look at products, or register. Additional links are present, giving users more options.

A landing page, often known as a “squeeze page,” on the other hand, is designed for increased conversion rates. It contains fewer links and is made to allow people to either make a purchase or provide their contact information for upcoming outreach.

There can only be one homepage for your website, but you can make as many landing pages in WordPress as you need for other campaigns. For instance:

Custom code can be introduced using one of the following methods:

  • For your paid advertising efforts, a landing page
  • A page for your email list subscribers, social media users, and other users
  • Visitors who arrive on a certain product or service page
  • Plus, a lot more….

There can only be one homepage for your website, but you can make as many landing pages in WordPress as you need for other campaigns. For instance:

Main Components of a Landing Page For WordPress

main components of a landing page

It’s crucial to comprehend the essential components of landing page design before generating landing pages.

Optimized CTA:

A call to action (CTA) is a section that contains a button or an opt-in email form and urges users to take action. To increase conversions, choose the right colors and copy for the CTA.

No Navigation:

Your landing page should not have sidebars, navigation, or outbound links. Give visitors no excuses to abandon the landing page.

Explanation Video: 

Including a video on a landing page can increase conversions by 86%, according to an explainer film. To increase the effectiveness of your landing page, add an explanatory video.

Friendly Copy:

Write the landing page’s copy as if you were speaking to a friend. Don’t push the sale too much. Be energetic and subtle.

A Wonderful Offer:

To get users to exchange their email addresses, you must have a great offer. You need to present them with a compelling offer.

5 Ways to Build A Landing Page in WordPress

ways to build a landing page in WordPress

It’s time to begin designing a landing page now that you know the characteristics that should be included. You may use a few techniques to develop landing pages in WordPress. The simplest approach will be used initially.

1. Buy a theme for a landing page. 

Using a theme created expressly for landing pages is one of the simplest ways to create a landing page website with WordPress. Several excellent WordPress Landing Page Theme have completely lead-generation-optimized landing page designs. Installing the theme and making design changes are all that is required.

Since you can’t utilize a theme to build a page inside an already-existing website, this strategy works best for one-off landing page websites. Using a landing page theme is the simplest way to create a landing page website for an event, conference, app, or product.

2. Add a plugin for landing pages.

A landing page plugin can be used to set up a landing page within an existing website or construct many landing pages to promote various offers.

It is possible to construct as many landing pages as you like using drag-and-drop editors and landing page plugins, which are simple to install. Additionally, they offer many pre-made landing page templates, making it simple to create a landing page without starting from scratch.

Thrive Architect is one of the greatest plugins for creating landing pages. The one-time payment for this premium plugin is $67. The WordPress Landing Page plugin is a nice free substitute.

The fact that landing page plugins come with templates created specifically for developing landing pages with optimized designs is fantastic.

Use the free plugin to test the waters. It’s sufficient for a modest blog. As soon as you decide that you require template designs with superior aesthetics, upgrade to the premium edition.

3. Use a plugin for the Page Builder.

page builder plugins

Another simple method for creating landing pages is with page builder plugins. Like landing page plugins, page builder plugins function similarly. They provide numerous pre-built templates and drag-and-drop editors.

The distinction is that a page builder may be used to create more than just landing pages. They can be applied to the development of lead and sales pages and full website designs. They do, however, have a little learning curve. They also only offer a few template designs. As a result, you’ll need to use the drag-and-drop editor to create a design from scratch.

Elementor is the best free page builder plugin. It’s a Free Landing Page Creator and supports every WordPress theme.

4. Make an Ordinary Page a Landing Page

For building landing pages, we strongly advise using a page builder plugin or a landing page plugin. We also wanted to mention this technique for users who favor design experimentation.

Your ordinary WordPress pages can serve as landing pages, naturally, with a few tweaks. This procedure is made simple by the many block kinds in the new Gutenberg editor. And when you combine them with shortcodes, it gets even better.

To make a page appear like a landing page, you still need to add a CTA, testimonials sections, reviews, and other designs. You can easily add features like buttons, tabs, dividers, quotations, and more with the WordPress Shortcodes plugin.

This approach can be used to test out various landing page design approaches.

5. Create a Custom Landing Page

We do not advise beginners to use this strategy because it is fairly challenging. It’s best suited for seasoned site designers familiar with WordPress programming. Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP is needed.

With this technique, a landing page design must be coded from scratch. It entails meticulously writing and altering core WordPress files to set up child themes, make page templates, and other things. To find out how to do it, refer to this manual.

Before altering any core WordPress files, back up your theme and website files.


Creating a landing page is just the starting point. For the best outcomes, you must now optimize it. To uncover methods to enhance your landing pages, employ heatmaps and A/B testing tools.

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