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Why WordPress Update Services?

WordPress being the most common CMS attracts the preying eyes of many hackers or malicious users. They are constantly searching for security loopholes in codes to attack your website. The developers of WordPress work to roll out new WordPress plugins & themes updates that patch security vulnerabilities & loopholes. A majority of hacked WordPress sites do not have the latest updates installed. These new updates also enhance your site’s performance and ensure that your site’s coding is in line with the latest coding standards.

WordPress Updates ensure the following-

  • Safe Website
  • Bug-free website
  • Smooth WordPress experience
  • Speed Up WordPress

These updates are available in your dashboard & with just some clicks, you can push these WordPress Plugins and Themes updates on your WordPress website.


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WordPress Update Services by Helpbot

With our WordPress update services, you can rest assured as we will be taking care of your website’s entire updates, be it WordPress core updates or WordPress plugins & theme updates. We ensure that your site does not break whenever we push any update on your site by testing all the updates on a staging site, which is nothing but a copy of your live site on our server created by using the best WordPress staging plugin. This way, any compatibility issues will not affect your live site. Not only that, we do take a backup of your website so that it can be restored whenever anything goes wrong. We ensure that your site is up and running every time. And even if you are not happy with any update, we will roll it back.


WordPress Plugin Update

On a daily basis, we check for new updates. New features and improved functionalities are introduced with every update, ensuring that the plugin works better on your site. We manually carry out plugin update one-by-one, so that any compatibility issue or plugin conflicts are detected and rectified. Your website is extremely important to us & therefore, we take care of each and every WordPress plugin update so that your visitors get a smooth and user-friendly experience when they visit your website.

WordPress Theme Update

Themes improve the user experience of your site by introducing new functionalities. WordPress Theme updates are really important to your WordPress website’s security and performance. In addition to security and bug fixes, with these updates, theme builders can also introduce new features and characteristics. But updating themes are not as easy as it looks. Sometimes, due to theme updates, you may lose the customization made by you. Theme conflicts may also occur. We timely carry out website theme updates along with ensuring that no conflict arises due to these theme updates so that your website runs smoothly.


WordPress Core Updates

The developers of WordPress continuously work hard on this widely used CMS, so as to make it a reliable and user-friendly platform. With every new core update introduced, the bugs and any security vulnerabilities are fixed. Therefore, we keep your WordPress website’s core files up-to-date. We ensure that you have a secure and stable version of WordPress by carrying out WordPress core updates.


Optimize WordPress Plugins

There is no doubt that plugins improve the functionalities of your WordPress website. There are a huge number of plugins available in the WordPress plugin directory, with each plugin providing new and unique functionality. This makes it difficult for the visitors to choose the right set of WordPress plugins. They eventually end up using more than a required set of plugins, ultimately slowing down their website. Not only that but managing a huge list of plugins also becomes difficult for them. We take this worry off your head by optimizing WordPress plugins on your site. We chose the good and right set of plugins on your site & resolve any plugin compatibility issues. Also, we perform a WordPress Plugin check whenever plugin compatibility issues are detected.

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Quick WordPress Fixes

Fix Plugin Errors

Moreover, many other newbies and business WordPress website owners probably need help with this or would rather spend time doing what matters. We set up cPanel and provide cPanel management services and help the users to install and manage SSL certificates, create staging sites, manage DNS and MX records, create email IDs and manage backend files. So, you get the complete managed WordPress services by our dedicated team of WordPress professionals.

Quick WordPress Fixes

Website Reports

We ensure absolute transparency with our weekly website reports. In our weekly website report, you get a detailed analysis of all the website maintenance tasks carried out by our team.

Our website maintenance tasks include-

  • WordPress Site Backups
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Security Scans
  • Website speed optimization

Not only that, we have a dedicated tasking portal where you can see the list of website maintenance and development tasks and monitor their progress. We do not believe in stuffing the reports with monotonous and highly technical information, just for the sake of it. Instead, our website reports consist of relevant information which can be easily comprehended by you.