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Security Issues

WordPress 5.2.4 Release: Six Security Issues Addressed

    On October 14th, the developers of core WordPress released WordPress 5.2.4 version. This release addressed six security issues, which were seen as possible serious vulnerabilities. All the six security issues were reported privately via the WordPress liable disclosure process.Similar to other security releases, all WordPress users should, without delay, update to the recent version, to[...]
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    How to Secure Yourself from WordPress Security Threats

      This article aims to assist you in understanding all WordPress security fundamentals & eliminate WordPress security threats of your website. Presently, the most popular publishing platform all over the world is WordPress. Indeed, it runs more than 34% of all websites in the entire world. Further, this platform is open-source. This means everyone can see[...]
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      multi-vendor plugins

      Top 5 Multi-Vendor Plugins for WooCommerce website

        A “multi-vendor marketplace” is an eCommerce store which provides products from many different vendors. They make the use of multi-vendor plugins. For example, apart from Amazon selling its own products, it also lists products from many various vendors.If you have the ideal WordPress multi-vendor plugin, it’s easier to start a multi-vendor marketplace that is powered[...]
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        Google analytics

        How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress

          Are you a beginner who wants to install Google Analytics on your WordPress website? Here is your guide to do so. Understanding how your audience is interacting with your website is vital for your success.Further, the best means of knowing your traffic is via your traffic stats. Google Analytics offers this for free. In this[...]
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          Ways To Increase Your Shopify Stores Sales By 50%

            All Shopify store owners are always finding ways of growing their businesses. Even so, the primary issue is that they at times, use a lot of dollars on marketing outlets that might sometimes turn risky and stressing. Reason being, there are many uncertainties that if their investments will make some returns or not. Here, you[...]
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