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slidee plugin

10 Best Slider Plugins for WordPress in 2023

You likely require a slider plugin for your website if you have an image-heavy website or have stupefying content that you don’t want your visitors to miss. Sliders make it simple to present numerous photos and videos interestingly. They offer ways to highlight important content in a constrained space and[...]
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How to Build a Landing Page in WordPress: 5 Options Compared

The development of landing pages is crucial to the success of a website. They are vital for converting visitors, producing leads, and promoting goods. In all honesty, you’ll create more leads with more landing pages. Compared to websites with fewer than ten landing pages, those with 30 or more pages[...]
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Best Google Analytics Alternatives For WordPress 2022

You must watch some key performance indicators while creating any website, including the sources of your website visitors, the devices they use, and the amount of time they spend on your website. Your website can be optimized and improved to serve your visitors better if you thoroughly understand these facts.[...]
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custom code

How to Easily Add Custom Code in WordPress

You might be prompted to include unique code snippets in the functions.php file of your theme or a site-specific plugin while reading WordPress tutorials. The issue is that even a small error can completely ruin your Website. This post will demonstrate a simple method for adding custom code to WordPress[...]
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ecommerce plugin

Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins to Empower Your Store

One of the most well-liked website builders for eCommerce business owners is WordPress. The tools you employ when selling online are just as crucial as the goods you produce. Your company’s success depends on selecting the best eCommerce plugins for WordPress because a superior platform offers greater room for expansion.[...]
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WooCommerce vs. Squarespace: Which is Better for eCommerce?

ECommerce platform software is one of the most crucial products in the market today. If you’re an entrepreneur with a good or service to sell, there are many platforms you can use to set up an online shop. When it comes to the best ones, Squarespace and WooCommerce are typically[...]
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WordPress Web Design Solutions

WordPress Web Design Solutions For New Businesses

The trusted WordPress Web Design Solutions by 117 clients in 33 Industries Worldwide. HelpBot is a WordPress Web Design Company offering reliable development services for any business. Find out more about our SEO-friendly WordPress Website design services now! What Are WordPress Web Design Solutions? WordPress is a content management system[...]
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email service

Best Email Service for Small Business

One of your most powerful marketing tools is email. Compared to other marketing campaigns, it can boost engagement, cultivate relationships, and provide a higher ROI. The first step to a successful email plan is choosing the correct email marketing agency. With an average yield of $40 for every $1 spent[...]
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