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Best WordPress SMS Plugins of 2020 for Mobile SMS Marketing

    Email and social media are very effective & popular mediums for marketing,  but are not as effective as mobile SMS marketing.  The results of some studies show that mobile SMS marketing got 98% reach, and on the other hand, email marketing got only 22%. Therefore, choosing mobile SMS marketing is better[...]
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    Security Issues

    WordPress 5.2.4 Release: Six Security Issues Addressed

      On October 14th, the developers of core WordPress released WordPress version 5.2.4. This release addressed six WordPress security issues, which were seen as possible serious vulnerabilities. All the six new security issues were reported privately via the WordPress liable disclosure process.Similar to other WordPress security releases, all WordPress users should, without[...]
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      Reset WordPress Website

      How to Fully Reset Your WordPress Website without a Plugin?

        Although it is not always right, you sometimes need to reset WordPress website to its initial state fully. But, before you get into using a plugin, it is crucial you know the exact meaning of resetting WordPress.Further, knowing the ins and outs of the WordPress installation assists you in making[...]
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        How to Secure Yourself from WordPress Security Threats

          This article aims to assist you in understanding all WordPress security fundamentals & eliminate WordPress security threats of your website. Presently, the most popular publishing platform all over the world is WordPress. Indeed, it runs more than 34% of all websites in the entire world. Further, this platform is open-source.[...]
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          What Is Xmlrpc.php in WordPress and Why Should You Disable It?

            WordPress is a unique CMS that comes with built-in features which allows you to interact with your website remotely. Have you ever wanted to access your site only to realize your website is not near? The solution was the xmlrpc.php file. However, for some years now, this file has turned[...]
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            How to fix your WordPress website’s 500 internal server error?

              Are you facing 500 internal server error on your WordPress website? Site errors are frustrating, whether in the admin section or on the frontend, especially if you don’t understand what causes them or how they can be fixed. Unfortunately, this is no different from the WP 500 internal server error.However,[...]
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              How to boost your WordPress site SEO

                It's simple to create WordPress sites, but it is difficult to optimize them correctly for SEO. WordPress, especially the new versions, is good for SEO. But scope still exists to turn that decent ' bit into ' excellent'. WordPress site SEO is no longer limited to building low-quality links and[...]
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                Tips to Fix WordPress Security Loopholes

                  At the moment, the most powerful CMS is WordPress, powering more than 75 million websites. However, according to the statistics of a recent study, around 73% of these WordPress powered websites are prone to attacks. In fact, you are inviting many bugs if your WordPress version is not updated. Hackers[...]
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                  WordPress Vulnerabilities

                  A complete summary of WordPress Vulnerabilities

                    We love WordPress and want our readers to be up-to-date with the recent WordPress news. Our aim is simple: to spread WordPress knowledge to all. Therefore, for the month of August, we have brought you a complete summary of all the WordPress Vulnerabilities and ways to tackle them.Before we delve[...]
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                    WordPress CRM Plugins

                    Best WordPress CRM Plugins for Your Website

                      You should track your customers to communicate with them, as well as grow your online business. However, if your customer information is not organized, and you don't have a WordPress CRM plugin for that purpose, you will be missing many chances of communicating with them. Also, you will miss great[...]
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