Proactive Security Measures to keep your site safe 24/7

Believing any Content Management System (CMS) is 100% secure is not a good idea and WordPress is no exception. Like all the other ventures, the most prominent question for WordPress is that can it be a secure ground for your businesses and can it be free from all alien attacks such as ransomware, malware, SQL injections etc.

These things have the potential to not only harm your site by bringing it down in the short-term but can also give your site a long-term, negative reputation in the eyes of your visitors. Thus It’s essential to understand the sources of these attacks, why they happen and educate yourself on how to better prevent them from occurring. Your data needs to be protected at all times, and ideally, your website should be able to defend itself from such vulnerabilities, external threats, and attacks.

Some of the most common reasons for hacking a website are:

  • Forwarding traffic to different channels
  • Taking over the SEO ranking of your page and sending the incoming traffic over to different pages
  • Forcing your website visitors to download malware
  • For gaining Access to your purchase history, user lists etc.
  • To use your server resources and do useful computations for example mining cryptocurrencies
9 WordPress Security Essentials

Keep Your Security Tight & Right

Rather than reacting to security threats, HelpBot offers a proactive defense that eliminates the possibility of most security breaches from ever occurring. We implement rigorous security measures and run frequent security audits to find loopholes before hackers can. After finding the problem, the Helpbot team immediately fixes your site. Most importantly, our security services can reduce or even eliminate your site’s downtime. In turn, your visitors get an optimal user experience every time they visit your site.

Regular Website Security Audits

Regardless if you are trying to fix a known security hole or if you are looking to confront a potential security issue proactively, the Helpbot team has the vast knowledge and resources necessary  to make sure your website remains safe. We perform thorough security audits and site checks that analyze every aspect of your website. Most importantly, we don’t just fix the problem if we find one. We discover the source of the problem to mitigate the possibility of similar issues from happening in the future. We also inform you of what you can do take action into your own hands and help you understand steps you can implement on your own to make sure your site is secure.

Malware Removal

On the Internet, you don't usually see attacks coming. In fact, up to 75% of sites are considered to be highly vulnerable to random malware scripting. With Our security experts firmly working in your corner, you do not have to worry about a thing like this. We use an array of highly-effective intrusion monitoring & malware removal tools which not only helps you detect any attempt to steal or damage data but even gives you the power to regain control over your website by doing the necessary.