WordPress Security

Our WordPress Security Services ensure that all your loopholes are eliminated, and you take proactive measures to keep your Wordpress site safe. With Daily malware scans and website backups you need not worry about anything! Don’t forget, you also get Free access to Ithemes Security Pro (valued at $297).
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WordPress Security

Having managed a number of websites and improved their WordPress security with the help of our advanced security measures & scanning tools, we have garnered trust of our valuable customers whose sites are completely safe from hackers and spammers. We ensure that all your website’s security vulnerabilities are eliminated & regularly scan your site for any suspicious activity. You can rest assured that your site is handled by a team of WordPress professionals.

We have partnered with iThemes Security Pro that will bring premium WordPress security for your business website.

Install a Firewall

A security breach on your website is something which will cost you your valuable time as well as money. Therefore, it is better to simply avoid having a security breach instead of waiting for your site to get infected by malware to happen and then cleaning it up. Here is where a Firewall comes into play. The firewall acts as a protective shield for your website and monitors the incoming traffic on it, thereby blocking the suspicious spammers and hackers before they could even reach your website. Basically, a firewall adds a security layer between the hackers and your website. Our WordPress support team provide security help to business owners and agency partners by installing as firewall onto their websites because we don’t want them to be a target of prying eyes of hackers.

SSL certificate

Ever wondered why certain sites have URLs starting with http and others as https? Well, SSL certificate is the reason behind this difference. By installing an SSL certificate, the exchange of valuable information between your site visitor’s browser and your server is encrypted and thus, saving this information from the prying eyes of hackers. This encryption is extremely necessary for people owning an ecommerce website as users enter valuable information while purchasing and ordering onto the site. Besides this, having an SSL certificate gives you higher rankings and certain SEO advantages. You surely don’t want your site to be marked as ‘Not Secure’ by Google Chrome, don’t you? Our team will help you to install SSL certificate the right way, so that, your visitors feel completely secure by seeing that your site starts with https.

Brute Force Protection

Since WordPress is one of the most common CMS & it has caught the eyes of hackers all over the world, your WordPress website is vulnerable to Brute Force Attacks by these hackers. Simply put, Brute Force Attack is a hacking method to decode a password by using trial and error techniques. Using specialized and automated software, the hackers try numerous repetitive attempts until it cracks the required password to gain access to your site’s backend. And these specialized software gives them the advantage of trying out a massive number of attempts within a few minutes. Consequently, it slows down your site’s speed as well. Once the Brute Force attack is successful, the hacker can gain access to your site’s admin area and is capable of stealing valuable information, installing malware or even deleting everything from your site.

We mitigate Brute Force attacks by-

  • Using Strong Passwords for your site
  • Installing a firewall
  • Updating your site to latest version of WordPress
  • Blocking suspicious users/visitors
  • Hiding login URL

We provide complete Brute force protection to your website which includes installing a firewall which blocks the potential hackers from entering onto your site. Right from the beginning, we ensure that your website’s passwords are strong, and if need be, we can implement two factor authentication. Also with every new WordPress update, the security issues or bugs are fixed; therefore, we timely update your website to latest versions of WordPress.

WordPress Site Backup

Even if your website is completely secured with all the correct and strong security measures, it is essential to have timely backup of your website. After all, it is always good to be prepared for any dire situation. Let us take an example, you have implemented all the necessary security measures onto your site but you accidently click onto one of those spam comments and it immediately spreads malware onto your site, ultimately deleting everything from your site. In such a situation, having a complete site backup helps. All you have to do is just restore your site backup in a new server and just within a few minutes, your site is back. We have a complete process of scheduling backups of your site and storing them securely onto the cloud, so that, we have the necessary backup to restore whenever anything goes wrong. We are ready for any type of WordPress emergency and provide proactive WordPress Emergency Support.

Malware Removal

Getting infected by malware is a serious issue and needs to be addressed immediately. Once infected by malware, your site is at a risk of loss of important data, loss of users’ data, corruption of database and core files and eventually leading to your site being hacked. We closely scan each and every part of your WordPress website daily and take measures to remove malware immediately if any malware is found. Not only that, we scan and try to locate any security vulnerabilities from where malware has been injected onto your site. We protect your website from any malicious code and our expert team will repair damaged files that were attacked by hackers.

Security Monitoring

Nobody wants to get attacked by hackers. To secure your websites, you need to monitor each and every activity of your website. Helpbot, your extended team member, run malware scans from time to time on your website. This way, we timely detect any malicious code infecting your website & take the required actions to clean your website. Having partnered with iThemes Security Pro, we provide premium WordPress security for your website.

Database Security

When it comes to security, database protection is another key aspect which should be considered to protect your website data. Our WP support team will secure database from SQL attacks by looking into various layers of websites running on different servers. Sit back and relax, we will take care of your website database.