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Most Popular Marketplace WordPress Themes

Best Marketplaces With Amazing WordPress Themes We always get this question from millions of users. Which are the best marketplaces, which offers the          best WordPress plugins and themes? But there are a variety of great themes out there which makes the users a bit overwhelmed. However,[...]
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8 Best CDN Services for WordPress

A CDN service increases the speed of your website by serving cached static content like images, CSS and JavaScript files, from servers located near your user’s geographic location. How this works is, when a user wants to go to a website that uses a CDN, the server closest to the[...]
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Choosing The Right Hosting Plan For Your WordPress site

Dedicated, VPS, Shared, or Cloud Hosting -Which is the Best Hosting for Your WordPress Site? Choosing the right hosting for your WordPress site can boost user experience and increase your leads/sales dramatically. With variety of hosting solutions available now, you have the opportunity to figure out which one might be[...]
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Quick Tips for Running Your WordPress Website Smoothly

Managing a WordPress website requires you to focus on many elements. You have to think of making your site appealing to visitors, and easy to navigate. Besides, you should ensure it is SEO-friendly and secure. If you miss any of these points, you end up with flaws or glitches that[...]
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Reasons Why Professionals Should manage your WordPress Site?

Managing your website to ensure it is in pink of health 24/7 is not a walk in the park. You get troubled by a lot of many ongoing maintenance tasks. For example, site security, content management and website optimization. Besides, you should perform these crucial WordPress maintenance tasks. Thus, you[...]
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wp vs joomla vs drupal

WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal

26% of all the websites on the internet are WordPress based. Thus, WP is the most used website building platform. However, Joomla & Drupal are among the biggest competition for WordPress. Due to their unique features, they excel at many things compared to WordPress. Then which of them is the[...]
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Website Hosting

Find the Best Hosting Providers for Your WordPress Website

A WordPress website can boost your business and help you in getting success but finding the best hosting provider for your site is a very hard job if you don’t know the features each one of them will provide you. This post will help you in getting the best hosting[...]
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WordPress 4.8 released

The release of WordPress 4.8 is already scheduled. It will get released at round 8th of June 2017. This will be the major release of WordPress this year. We will explain the features of the final version below. On 12th May, the official 4.8 Beta 1 got released. You can[...]
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Top Reasons to Implement SEO in Your Business

SEO is a crucial marketing channel. Also, it can provide your business with many qualified customers and more leads. Thus, it is a valuable success driver in today’s times of stiff competition over the online space. For increased benefits, use all tips for running your site smoothly. Furthermore, studies show that[...]
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