Reasons Why Professionals Should manage your WordPress Site?

Managing your website to ensure it is in pink of health 24X7 is not a walk in the park. You get troubled by a lot many ongoing maintenance tasks such as site security, content management, website optimization, etc. As a result, you end up using your time where instead you could be doing other essential business duties. Moreover, you need to have the right knowledge and expertise for ensuring the quality of your website. Here are some areas of ongoing website tasks where you might need a WordPress expert to work for you.

Security & Up-time monitoring

Uptime monitoring is crucial to your site because it makes sure that you get notified of downtime errors as soon as possible, and they get resolved swiftly. Moreover, there are many common mistakes that site owners/bloggers make when it comes to website security. These security loopholes are fatal and will leave your site vulnerable to ransomware/ malware attacks. Nevertheless, hacking cannot be caused by human errors only. You might lose your site completely, just because you failed to apply appropriate security measures. It would be a big mistake If you are into eCommerce business and still do not follow right security protocols such as not getting an SSL certificate.

You can't afford all this to happen on your site, and you need to run these security measures with continuous effort. Due to reasons like these, it is best that you hire a security expert who knows the answers to what & how; will configure security plugins for your specific WordPress needs and decide the right security actions in case of a security breach.

Installation of appropriate and minimal plugins

The inner cogs that enable your site to run smoothly are WordPress plugins, right from the simple ones that allow easy SEO to complex plugins that protect your site from spammers and keep it secure. Besides, your website performance and earning ability can be damaged severely when trying to choose appropriate plugins through trial and error. Therefore, it is important to get help from professionals who are well informed about different and relevant plugins available in the market that will not compromise your site while still keeping it fully loaded with features.

To help in management, configuration and updates

In most cases, your site plugins and themes get updated regularly. If the measures used in backing up your site are not correct or done appropriately, the changes made might affect the functioning and aesthetic of your site in a serious manner. When the changes are detrimental to your thinking, the problem occurs, and managing all the plugins you have in your site becomes extremely difficult. However, when getting help from verified specialists, you will get time to concentrate on useful business activities rather than your site’s technical issues; because they will make sure that your website is fully functioning and is in pink of health always.

WordPress Database Backups

Ever thought of what to do, in case you apply all security measures on your site, but hackers still break in? What about when things go wrong after you update your WordPress site plugins? Well, you can recover and restore your site to its previous version by using your backup files. Tools such as Vaultpress and plugins like BackupBuddy can help you in recovering and restoring your site. However, some changes might make it difficult to secure your site completely, leaving you with the option of migrating your website to a different hosting server. For cases such as these, it is very crucial that you have your backups with you and use them to restore your site with all its functionality in place.

July 11, 2017

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