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Best Marketplaces With Amazing WordPress Themes

We always get this question from millions of users. Which are the best marketplaces, which offers the          best WordPress plugins and themes? But there are a variety of great themes out there which makes the users a bit overwhelmed. However, users get overwhelmed when choosing the best fit for their WordPress site. Nonetheless, we are here to assist you with that. Also, we will help you in finding the best places to get good themes. Here, we will be discussing a list of top theme marketplaces, which you should consider.

Things to Consider Before Looking For the Best WordPress Theme

Have you started your search for best WordPress themes? Before that, you must ask yourself these three fundamental questions;

  • What is your website content?
  • What is your website’s primary goal ?
  • What is your plan to achieve that goal?

When starting an online store, search for themes compatible with your eCommerce plugins. For example, Woo Commerce. Also, if you wish to make/sell off a single service or a product, consider a theme which get designed for a site’s sales page.Moreover, consider your lead generation strategy, content marketing strategy and essential WordPress plugins. You need all these for your website’s growth. Thus, think about how to combine them. Now, let us take a look at;

The top theme marketplaces that you must browse

Theme Directory –

Many people prefer this place. Reason, every theme added to their amazing collection pass a rigorous review process. Hence, it offers an added advantage for the user.Also, it means the themes follow all the guidelines of WordPress theme directory. Additionally, it adheres to the official and best practices.However, these free themes might not have all the great features that you may find in a premium theme.

Are you planning to start a website and do not need many functions? If so, this place is the one that will help you in finding some cool themes.

MOJO Marketplace

They offer a good number of WordPress services. Also, some of their services get provided by some well-reputed WordPress hosting companies. For example, Blue host.Additionally, they have a manual submission process. Each of their themes passes through the process. Also, their review team conduct thorough examination for each theme. Hence, they ensure they offer only high-quality coding standards.This marketplace is well-organized into various categories and topics.

Besides, it has a filterable search option, helping users to locate specific themes. More so, those designed for some particular category or industry. Furthermore, their sellers provide support for their third-party themes. Each of their item holds its particular forum. As result, the user may easily find and browse the previous threads or may ask for support.

Theme Forest

Some themes by Theme Forest are among the all-time best-selling themes of WordPress. Moreover, each theme has a developer(s). Thus, each is responsible of providing full documentation and support for their products. Most of the items get presented on license period of six/ twelve months. These includes updates and support. Before purchasing them, everyone can quickly check theme ratings, and theme demos. Also, one can read customer reviews, or see the portfolio of developers.

Likewise, all the offered items are rigorously reviewed at Theme Forest. Besides, they get tested for best practices and quality code. Due to increased competition of premium themes, they come with many great features. Additionally, they come with various freebies, which are best to entice more customers.


They offer topmost themes for some industries in the entire market. These includes hotels, restaurants and magazine websites. Other business themes are WordPress job board themes. Besides, all themes offered by CSSIgniter are beginner friendly. Check top WordPress plugins for restaurants.Also, they come with easy customization options and flexible features.

Moreover, the themes are well-organized with detailed descriptions, screenshots, and in live demos. Still, they are in categories.They are the seller of their developed themes. Thus, under the support tab, you are might find complete and detailed documentation. This is with regards to each theme. Too, their themes get sold at cheap rates. Finally, they offer lifetime access to updates and support.

Elegant Themes

Elegant themes are unique from other marketplaces. Because, they offer and sell the themes which the company develops as their product. Hence, this shows that you only receive the high-quality code. Also, the codes come with optimized performance and speed. Additionally, all are highly compatible with many WordPress tools and plugins.Indeed, their pricing model is the top reason for choosing Elegant themes. For only $89, you can have access to all products for the whole year, including updates and support. Still, for $249, you may get a lifetime license. Also, this comes along with an opportunity to use all their products on a countless number of sites.

Studio Press

StudioPress is another reputed and recognizable name in the marketplace of WordPress themes. Also, they are one of the creators of framework – Genesis theme. Popular for providing a stable foundation for development of high quality, WordPress theme.StudioPress offers their private developed themes.

Also, it offers the ones created by third-party developers. Hence, it is unique from other marketplaces mentioned in the article. Nonetheless, the themes provided in their marketplace are, Genesis child theme. Also, they offer features which are simple and easy to get incorporated, or used on your website. Likewise, setting up a theme using StudioPress is often quite comfortable. This is in comparison with some other premium themes.

Some More Selections For WordPress Themes

All the above-discussed WordPress theme marketplaces provide the very best products. Thus, they showcase top WordPress templates. Also, they are compatible, and fit for various types of blogs and business websites. However, if you are a busy user, you might consider having someone who will do all the required browsing for you. Hence, he/she should come up with only the best suitable options.Thus, you may use the WordPress Showcases, offered by many online service providers. They will help you in choosing and providing only the relevant theme. As a result, they will improve the functionality and aesthetics of your website. Check, reasons why professionals should manager your WordPress site.


All the above marketplaces offer more than 7000 themes for many types of websites. Thus, saying which theme takes the top spot, might be not be useful.Even so, browse through the best on every platform. Thus, you will find the one that best compliments your website goals. Moreover, the one that meets your specifications. So, are you ready to grab advantage of this information? If so, transform your website into a platform of highly customized design. Do not forget to share your thoughts in the comment box below!