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The release of WordPress 4.8 is already scheduled. It will get released at round 8th of June 2017. This will be the major release of WordPress this year. We will explain the features of the final version below.

On 12th May, the official 4.8 Beta 1 got released. You can test the Beta WordPress Tester Plugin on your computer. However, some features in beta version will be eliminated while others will get added. In turn, you can download WordPress 4.8.

New features you should know about

The internet has changed a huge amount but WordPress really was a game-changer. There’s so much information out there that we decided to pull everything together in one place. Read the facts about how WordPress has changed the internet. WordPress 4.8 has some specific updates meant for developers. But, they enhance some important parts of the WordPress basics. For example:

  • You can change the size of customize panel on a larger screen.
  • The username will get displayed prominently on the edit user screen.
  • Get_category_parents () will get the taxonomy-agnostic version of get_term_parents_list () as the new function.

Widgets & More

Result Dashboard and WordPress Report Widget

Results dashboard and WordPress reports widget are one of the features to get introduced in WordPress 4.8. The old WordPress reports widget used to display only news. But, the new widget will display information about activities near you and WordPress news.Also, if your site has multiple users, the widget will display activities to them. However, as per their locations. Further, the widget will send the IP address, locale and time zone of the users to api.wordPress.org. As a result, it will automatically detect the location of the users. However, you can see the events of other locations. To do so, change the locations through manual editing.

Text Widget visual editor

Although WordPress comes with a text widget, it is plain. To add HTML code or text, use the simple text box featured on the widget.

One of the thing that will change in WordPress 4.8 is the text widget. This was making it difficult to apply the basic formatting. Or, to add links for unfamiliar beginners. 

Unlike in the previous versions, WordPress 4.8 text widget features text and visual editors. Also, they are easier to use. Hence, it is easier for beginner users to make their texts bold, and italics without using codes. Further, to create lists and to add links.

An Enhanced image widget

At the moment, you must utilize a plugin or write HTML on the widget, to show an image on your WordPress sidebar. However, in WordPress 4.8 the image widget allows users to add their images on the sidebar with ease.

The new image widget in WordPress 4.8 enables you to either select your images from WordPress media library or to upload your images from the widget directly.

 In the new widget, immediately you click the select image button, the WordPress media upload will pop up, allowing selecting or uploading your images. In the widget area, a preview display of images you have selected will appear.

Improved Video widget

WordPress 4.8 is also featuring an improved video widget, just like the image widget. The video widget allows you to show any video from any oEmbed provider, Vimeo, and YouTube, or to upload videos on its sidebar with ease. But, our recommendation is to avoid uploading videos on your WordPress site. The best thing is to get video hosting providers, such as Vimeo and YouTube.

All you need to do is to click the button of ‘select video’ on your widget, followed by the ‘Insert from URL ‘button. Once you open the insert URL button, now add the URL of your selected video, and then click the button ‘Add to Widget.’ Immediately, the media upload popup will disappear, and a thumbnail preview of the video will appear in the widget. 

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