WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal

26% of all the websites on the internet are WordPress based. Thus, WP is the most used website building platform of the planet. However, Joomla & Drupal are among the biggest competition for WordPress. Further, due to their unique features, they excel at many things compared to WordPress. But, which of them is the best?

Note: This comparison includes WordPress.org, not the hosting service WordPress.com

With a five-minute easy to install procedure, you can install WordPress in one click. Also, there are many types hosting providers to choose from in WordPress. Besides, after installation, its user experience is better than that of Joomla & Drupal. So, for these and other reasons, WordPress is awesome.

In addition, you would be able to navigate through many menus with ease. Among them are pages, create a post, and customizing themes. Further, the appearance of the website. But, the interface of Joomla does take the time to understand. Also, after you scroll through the pages and menus, you would be able to do everything with ease. However, Drupal’s user experience is not the best. It is easy to understand. Nonetheless, you need to spend some time with it to get used to it.

  • WordPRESS
  • Joomla
  • Drupal



CMS Market share

One click install or manual 
installation within 5 min.

Free and Open source


Themes & Template

Plugins & Extensions

Easy of use

9900+Premium themes at Themforest
4800+Official Free themes

50,500+Official Free plugins


                  Themes and Plugins

You will get thousands of plugins and themes to customize your website in WordPress. So, the appearance of your site can be even attractive. However, if you use premium themes instead of the free ones. Also, there are third-party theme shops like ThemeLab and Themify. These gives you premium support options with your theme.

Joomla does have some templates and plugins. Yet, the number of the total extensions & themes at Joomla is much less than that of WordPress. Moreover, URL can only add the extensions and templates. However, there is an extension, allows you to install from web feature. So, you can do installation of extensions without any problems. Nonetheless, there is no such extension for the theme though.

But, Drupal suffers from the lack of quantity of themes. Too, the lack of modules. Thus, Drupal users must leave the site and do external search to get the theme and module they need.  To clarify, the modules of Drupal are very functional. Furthermore, they are of good quality. So, you can get almost anything you need on your website with this CMS.


Nowadays, safety is the biggest factor when choosing a CMS for your website. Thus, WordPress sites are at a higher risk of getting hacked because of their popularity. Even so, the WordPress get established in a very secure code. Because WordPress security is vital, it responds very fast to vulnerability. They use automatic update system. In turn, this updates the security system whenever there is a security patch available. Additionally, you can perform safe update of WordPress themes and plugins.


WordPress is the most used and popular CMS. Thus, it offers its official forums, codex, Slack channels, Stack Exchange, and handbooks. Consequently, this is on almost everything related to web designs and development. Furthermore, WordPress offers free support as well as paid support for your website.

WordPress is popular for its flexibility. However, most Joomla users are using it for the enhanced security. In other words, Drupal is in the middle, as it gives a bit of both. Nonetheless, it has a better multi-lingual support than its competitors. Thus, it depends on your preferences when choosing a CMS for your website.

Too, you will get good support from Joomla. With their vast community, they can resolve many problems relating to the site. The interactive support, IRC chatroom, and forums will help a newbie in fixing an error. Also, there are third party sources. These gives you paid training courses which will help you become an expert. Likewise, Drupal also has a real community of fans and users.

Besides, Drupal helps you in finding companies providing professional Drupal services. Too, the extensive documentation, mailing lists, user groups, and support forum are helpful. Additionally, in a Drupal marketplace, you can get any support you want as it has many experts will to help.

June 23, 2017

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