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Find the Best Hosting Providers for Your WordPress Website

Find the Best Hosting Providers for Your WordPress Website

A WordPress website can boost your business and help you in getting success but finding the best hosting provider for your site is a very hard job if you don’t know the features each one of them will provide you. This post will help you in getting the best hosting for yourself without spending too much money or time.

Ideally the best host will not only keep your site in the best health but also provide site support like no other. You will have not only a website that's always up and running but also a supporting host which enables your site to perform better and generate more leads, eventually leading to more profits.

The following are the top five hosting providers of that we have compared in three categories Speed, Security, Value of money

Security against cyber attacks and Server speed

Every website builder wants his website to load faster than its competitors do. Now, many hosting providers use SSD storage and HTTP/2 protocol, which boosts the speed & performance of the website. Moreover, features like content delivery networks, can increase your sites performance even more.

Security is also a top priority when choosing a hosting provider, as without good security, you will lose your whole site in an instant. Hacking attacks are increasing day-by-day, so the security systems too are getting better by time. Many hosting providers take proactive steps to avoid hackers, and regular backups are advised to keep for the worst-case scenario. Up time of a website is also one of the major effecting factors, which affects the frequency of repeat visitors. It can be seen below that Dream Host was active only 94.06% of the time, which means that it becomes vulnerable sometimes in the month. Other than Dream Host, all the other four hosting providers were active 100% of the time.

  • flywheel
  • siteground
  • BLUEhost

Avg. load time



Secure Cyber Attacks

Users Rating

  1000 ms

  1580 ms



Do keep in mind that the numbers are in averages and the performance is to vary across time on any given day.

Value for money

everything depends up on the commodity known as money. There are hosting providers which will give you many features on the rate of peanuts where as there are those who will charge you a few bucks extra for the same service. An average user will need an easy to use interface and website migrations on the other end, geeky users drool for SSL and staging.

  • Flywheel
  • Siteground
  • dreamhost
  • wp engine
  • bluehost

WordPress hosting

WP Engine, as the name suggests, is meant for the WordPress websites only. It provides preinstalled WordPress and they have a very good and professional support.

Personal Plan
(Single website)

Professional Plan
(10 WordPress installs)

Business Plan
(25 WordPress installs)




what are you looking for?

The aspects you judge a hosting provider on are speed, accuracy, security, support, and value for money. If you’re new to WordPress, you wouldn’t want to spend much on a hosting provider. A host that’s above average will surely satisfy your basic requirements (which all of the above will), especially if your site’s ever really likely to turn profits you can always upgrade your pack. What you need to realize is that the quality of your WordPress host will affect your site's performance in the long run. So do ask yourself what you want and how your priorities are set. Do you want a host that’s the safest? Or do you want a host that’s the fastest? Do you want the host that’s the cheapest? Or do you want something which has the balance between all these aspects, but isn’t that cheap?

Site ground is the most affordable provider from all and still has its mark on WP hosting when it comes to performance. However, Flywheel with its entirely Managed WordPress hosting is an awesome choice for those who are less experienced or for someone who is looking to host for their client. It's jam packed tools, and add-ons like multi-site config, migrations, backups, and analytics give it an edge. If you are looking for an overall balance between cost, performance and security WP Engine is an excellent choice. Starting options are from $30/month with a sixty day money back guarantee. Its back end is very impressive, and they also offer a complete range of add-on features for developers.