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Guide to Optimize Your website for Reducing Bounce Rate

You don’t want your visitors to ‘bounce off’ your site without clicking anything, Do you? Do you the biggest challenge for any business or website? It is making the people recognize its brand and services. However, this may not happen at all if your visitors are not engaged enough. Engagement makes visitors[...]
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page builder plugins

Outstanding Page Builder Plugins To Simplify Your WordPress

Designing an attractive and special site is much easier with WordPress. However, to make your design be live on the screen, you require some specific tools and minimal designing work. With WordPress core, you will get some features that will be useful in your designs like the option of a[...]
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regenerate pdf thumbnails wordpress

How To Regenerate Thumbnails In WordPress When Using PDF Files

Recently a user asked if  he can regenerate PDF thumbnail for use in WordPress. Well, it is definitely possible. Thanks to WordPress 4.7 ! WordPress 4.7 or higher, features thumbnails previews of all new PDF files. However, the change has no impact on older uploads. This blog will guide you on[...]
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