Automated vs. Manual: Which is the Best Trail to Revamp a website from HTML to WordPress?

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It is no surprise that WordPress is still the most popular CMS for a long time. In fact, WordPress compares to the best king, as it powers more than 35% of the website section. There is no doubt that WordPress is adaptable and dependable to use.

Although it is good to have a WordPress website in your niche, some websites still depend on HTML roots. Therefore, you may consider the best methods of converting your site from HTML to WordPress. There is nothing wrong with having an HTML based website because HTML5 is a valuable update. Nevertheless, by converting your site from HTML to WordPress, you secure its future from hacks and malware.

WordPress provides many plugins, themes, and widgets, which help you improve your website and add important features. Although there exists many HTML to WordPress conversion services, only two are commonly used. Common questions for most users are: which service should one choose and which is the best?

In this article, you will learn how you can convert static HTML to WordPress and the best tools to use.

Important Things to Consider When Converting HTML to WordPress

  • Time and capital: among the most critical factors that you need to consider is the time and capital you will use. If you have enough money and you would like to save time, consider hiring a developer.
  • Code Editor: you need a code editor, such as Sublime, Atom, or Notepad ++.
  • Hosting service: before you start converting HTML to WordPress, make sure you have a hosting plan. However, you can do it locally and then later make it live.

Methods of Converting a website from HTML to WordPress Website:


There are many tools capable of automatically converting HTML to WordPress. Most people own HTML static sites, but they would like to shift to WordPress. If you do not understand the languages, an automatic method is the best. Here are some tools you can use to migrate your content from HTML to WordPress:


  • Html to WordPress converter: This plugin enables you to migrate your content from HTML to WordPress. But, you must first compress all your folders and files in a zip file, then upload them on your website. By doing so, you will have a preview of the site as you progress with your work.
  • CMS2CMS plugin: This plugin is popular and widely used to quickly move content from HTML to WordPress pages. The plugin comes with a free trial, and it quickly moves your content from your open-source platform (HTML) while preserving your SEO magic. In addition, it allows you to move and migrate attached images and videos. It offers you around 15 minutes of complete migration.
  • Pinegrow Theme Converter: It is a designer tool that enables you to edit your theme. It also provides a significant automatic conversion of HTML site to WordPress theme. Therefore, it has full control of the generated PHP code and the WordPress website content model. You need to add  CMS features to the HTML elements by assigning either one or more WordPress actions.

Disadvantages of Automatic Method

WordPress requires you to install many plugins to make an effective site. However, these plugins affect the efficiency of the script in a bad way.

Furthermore, when using automated tools, you must select the plugins you want to migrate from HTML to WordPress. With hundreds of thousand of WordPress plugins, most of them have clones. This means different plugins from different authors can add a particular functionality. As a result, choosing the ideal plugin is not easy.

Steps to Take in The Automatic Conversion of HTML to a WordPress Theme

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Navigate to the Plugin option>> Add New.
  • In the search field, type the plugin you want, click the install button, and then the activation button after installation.
  • Next, go to the settings option and configure the converting of your file.
  • As a result, you will get various options for destination URLs and option of delivery methods.

2. Manually

Manual conversion of HTML to WordPress requires you to access the code. In fact, manual WordPress Development Services require you to access the website directory using an FTP. After that, you can use the existing code as your starting point.

In short, you need to first create important files and folders for your WordPress theme. Next, go to the WordPress codex and copy the code bits.

This method is easy and straightforward for users with HTML, CSS, and some PHP knowledge.


Disadvantages of Manual Conversion Method

Although the user will at last work with a WordPress theme, it might not have all the abilities offered by WordPress.  For example, if the WordPress developers decide not to build the widget area or modify the menu options from the backend, these features will not be present.

Steps to Manually Converting HTML to WordPress Theme

  • Make a theme folder and all essential files. You need to first create a new theme.
  • Next, prepare a WordPress style sheet where you will copy the CSS of your old site.
  • After that, separate the existing HTML into various pieces to enable the WordPress CMS put together.
  • The header will be created to shift the style sheet from HTML to WordPress setup.
  • The decision to choose either automated tools or manual methods depends on your budget and your website requirements. However, the best option for converting your HTML website to a WordPress website is the manual conversion method.

HTML to WordPress Conversion: The Best Method

HTML to WordPress Conversion Manually Automated Tools
Knowledge of PHP PHP knowledge is essential You do not need PHP knowledge because the plugins are pre-made.
CSS and HTML You need HTML and CSS to create a unique look. The home page has many pre-made templates.
Efficiency Depends on the hired developer because he/she uses codes to create the site. Different plugins from various authors add functionality. Choosing an ideal plugin takes time.
Formatting It is easier to modify graphics and tables. Formatting is difficult because it is pre-made.
SQL Queries Queries might be difficult because it needs extra syntax. Does not need extra syntax.
Learning Curve More learning curve because language knowledge is vital. Less learning curve because of no need for language knowledge.
Non-Standard Fields It is easier to do. Has choices to create extra fields.
Cost Depends on the coder. Depends on the plugin you buy.

Advantages of Hiring WordPress Developers to Migrate HTML to WordPress

  • High work efficiency because this is one track-goal.
  • An experienced WP developer understands what you want in your website.
  • 100% customization makes your website attractive and unique.
  • Free guidance to make your site function well and avoid common mistakes.
  • Handles the technical aspects of the functioning of WordPress, which you cannot handle.


The decision to choose between automated tools or manual methods to convert your HTML site to WordPress website depends on your needs and requirements. You need a WordPress website that is attractive and innovative to attract more traffic and get more ROI.

Clearly, manually converting your site from HTML to WordPress is the best option. All you need is to hire a coder to build and customize your website as per your needs.

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