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website security tips

WordPress Security Plugins to make your website safe

    Did you know WordPress is among the most popular content management systems? Millions of people are using WordPress websites. However, most website owners do not take WordPress security with the seriousness it dese​​​​​rves. For this reason, many people are also trying to exploit such websites.Nonetheless, that should not be a[...]
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    Tips to Fix WordPress Security Loopholes

      At the moment, the most powerful CMS is WordPress, powering more than 75 million websites. However, according to the statistics of a recent study, around 73% of these WordPress powered websites are prone to attacks. In fact, you are inviting many bugs if your WordPress version is not updated. Hackers[...]
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      WordPress Vulnerabilities

      A complete summary of WordPress Vulnerabilities

        We love WordPress and want our readers to be up-to-date with the recent WordPress news. Our aim is simple: to spread WordPress knowledge to all. Therefore, for the month of August, we have brought you a complete summary of all the WordPress Vulnerabilities and ways to tackle them.Before we delve[...]
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        remove author from wordpress posts

        How to Remove Author Name from WordPress Posts

          Do you own a WordPress blog website and want to remove author from WordPress posts? Are you finding any difficulty in doing so? Usually, WordPress blog posts feature the name of the author alongside other meta-data such as post category and date. But sometimes, as a blog owner, you might not[...]
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          SSL Certificate

          How to Get a Free SSL Certificate For Your WordPress?

            What is HTTPS?Every website URL in the various browsers displays either “HTTP” or “HTTPS” at its start. But, the HTTP is an abbreviation for HyperText Transfer Protocol, while the S in the HTTPS in an abbreviation of Secure. This abbreviation explains the protocol that is used in the transfer of[...]
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            wp-site get hacked

            What to Do If Your WordPress Website Gets Hacked

              What would you do if you performed security scans on your WordPress website, and the outcome confirms the successful infiltration of your website?  Nobody wants to hear their WordPress website has been “hacked.” In this article, we will guide you the entire process of cleaning a hacked WordPress website. Moreover,[...]
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              How to Solve the White Screen of Death in WordPress

                For the WP users, particularly the beginners, the sight of a White Screen Of Death (WSOD) is nothing short of a nightmare. When such an issue emerges, neither the website administrator can access the websites nor do the visitors can open it. But what exactly causes this problem?Have you ever[...]
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                wp lock out

                Locked Out from Your WP Site? Here’s What You Should Do

                  So, did your WordPress site just got hacked? All your content would be at risk then, and in some cases, you may even get locked out of WordPress. What do you do then? Go back to ground zero, and rebuild everything again? Not really, even though it may seem a more[...]
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                  What Are Hackers Looking At Your Website

                    Hackers do not always have an agenda. They are looking for any weaknesses that can be manipulated and taken advantage of.You do not have to be a big corporation with a lot of secrets or a large bank that holds sensitive information about a large pool of customers to be[...]
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                    Why Hackers Target You

                      WordPress has provided us with several options to tighten the security around the webpage we publish. The tools better equip your website to protect it from any external threats like unwanted attacks from anonymous hackers. However, a problem arises when you use the tools and forget about them later. Tightening[...]
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