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How to add RSS sitemap to WordPress

Maps are required to navigate the area when visiting a new tourist attraction. You might have also noticed several landmarks in a single hoarding at the start that refer to various popular places in the area. A sitemap is a file (hoarding) that contains a list of all the websites[...]
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OptinMonster vs Bloom

OptinMonster vs Bloom: Which is better email optin form plugin?

When it comes to the two best things, frustration might follow confusion when you cannot decide which one suits your business requirements and is better for you. OptinMonster and Bloom are two of the most popular plugins available for displaying email options on your website. Choosing between them could be[...]
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How To Edit 404 Page In WordPress?

It is quite often taught to take advantage of every opportunity presented by a setback. A good example of the statement is the 404 WordPress Page. If you’ve invested any time online, you’ve probably clicked on a link or typed in a URL to then be surprised with the message[...]
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How to Add and Change a WordPress Favicon

A picture serves the purpose of knowledge and identification. This line does come true when on websites where people adhere most to visuals at a glance. When you create a website through WordPress, you keep in mind the identity that takes shape in a logo. The miniature logo also serves[...]
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WordPress Mixed Content

How to Fix WordPress Mixed Content SSL Warnings (2022)

Protecting user data is extremely important when trying to build a functional website. Secure Socket Layer certificates add a layer of protection to your website, reducing the possibility of attacks. However, many people face many issues when integrating SSL certificates into their applications. This article gives an overview of SSL[...]
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The Ultimate Guide to DNS for WordPress

Do you remember keeping a phonebook to keep a record of all the important contact numbers? We all have done this proudly at one point in time, but not anymore. Thanks to the Internet, now we have an endless list of essential contacts. There are billions and billions of devices[...]
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gutenberg editor

WordPress Gutenberg Review Pros and Cons

The current WordPress visual editor hasn’t had too many changes over the years and has stayed pretty much the same. Because of that, many people think it is time for a change.  Gutenberg editor is going to completely change the editing experience by moving to a block-based approach to content.[...]
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Squarespace VS WordPress

What is Squarespace? Squarespace is a website-building platform. It provides all the tools necessary to create and sustain a website, such as e-commerce features, templates, plugins, email marketing features, etc. Its visual-heavy user interface makes navigation and building a website intuitive for users. A significant benefit is that it does[...]
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How to Edit WordPress HTML Code?

WordPress CMS has made it easier for non-coders to manage their websites. However, to control the appearance and functioning of your website, you need to edit WordPress HTML. If you are a non-coder WordPress user, this might sound scary, but we got your back. This how-to guide will help you[...]
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Vulnerable WordPress Themes & Plugins

Introduction : The main reason why a WordPress website gets hacked is because of vulnerable plugins & themes. These vulnerable plugins or themes break the website, which makes it prone to hackers. A hacked website can cause severe issues like ransomware & data breaches, resulting in financial loss to the[...]
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