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Things To Consider To Fix Your WordPress Site Speed

    On a website, fractions of a second can make a huge difference between a sour and a sale experience. The blazing fast speed of your website plays a vital role in increasing revenue and boosting traffic on your website.If you are a website owner, learning ways to speed up your[...]
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    Top WordPress Hosting Solutions for Small Businesses

      If you are running a small business, getting the top web hosting is inevitable. If you choose a shoddy provider, your business is most likely to suffer in terms of business value and bottom line! Are you looking for a well-managed WordPress hosting to run your small business? If yes,[...]
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      WordPress Plugins to Help You with Comment Management

        If you use a blog or a WordPress website, providing comment section to your readers is a great option to enable them to talk with each other and assist them in building an entire community centered on your WordPress site. Also, you receive the feedback from your readers on your[...]
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        Best Free WordPress Lazy Load Plugins Of 2020

          Uploading tons of images on your WordPress website can significantly affect its loading speed. Your WordPress site may take forever to load which creates a really bad user experience for your page visitors. To be precise, if your WordPress site takes more than 3 seconds time in loading, 40% of[...]
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          WordPress Caching- Tips and Tricks to Optimize Your Site

            A slow page speed and/or load time is the biggest reason for a low SERP ranking. It affects your website’s traffic and hurts brand credibility. A sluggish page speed irritates users and leads to higher bounce rates.Have you ever used your browser’s 'Back' button because a web-page has taken more[...]
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            8 Best CDN Services for WordPress

              A CDN service increases the speed of your website by serving cached static content like images, CSS and JavaScript files, from servers located near your user’s geographic location.How this works is, when a user wants to go to a website that uses a CDN, the server closest to the user[...]
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              Top WordPress Cache Plugins for your website

                Does your website take more than 5 seconds to load? If the answer is yes, you are probably losing potential conversions!You might get surprised, but the speed of your website can be a ‘making or breaking’ factor for you. Besides, excessive time taken in loading a web page harms a[...]
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                Quick tips for running your site smoothly

                  Managing a website requires you to focus on many elements. You have to think of making your site appealing to visitors, and easy to navigate. Besides, you should ensure it is SEO-friendly and secure.If you miss any of these points, you end up with flaws or glitches that slow everything[...]
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                  Importance of optimizing your WordPress database

                    Importance of WordPress database optimizationWhen was the last time you updated your WordPress database? Your database size get reduced by unwanted data. However, to clean the data, you must opt for WordPress database optimization. As a result, you will improve the performance. Here are top WordPress lazy load plugins to[...]
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                    Improve your WordPress performance

                      In highly competitive corporate market, almost every business owner understands the importance of speeding up their WordPress site. 47% of the customers want their web pages to come up in 2 seconds or less. Even a one second delay could lead to a dramatic 7% drop in site traffic conversions.Boosting your WordPress site Monitor[...]
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