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Client Portals You Can Create With WordPress

    Exchanging work with clients is hard to manage. Therefore, we need a wide range of plugins that will help to manage files transferred to clients. For this, you will need Client Portal WordPress Plugins that will handle work and your clients. These plugins provide the most effective way to manage[...]
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    Ways To Increase Your Shopify Stores Sales By 50%

      All Shopify store owners are always finding ways of growing their businesses. Even so, the primary issue is that they at times, use a lot of dollars on marketing outlets that might sometimes turn risky and stressing. Reason being, there are many uncertainties that if their investments will make some[...]
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      Best Plugins To Speed Up WordPress

        If you are searching for a means of speeding up your WordPress website, by either having a minifying, or caching plugin, this article will definitely help you. In this blog, we will discuss the powerful plugins to speed Up WordPress websites. These plugins will ensure your site loads swiftly.Therefore, you[...]
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        WP Multisite

        2019 Beginner Guide: What is WordPress Multisite?

          Table of Contents What is WordPress Multisite?WordPress Management Tools for MultisiteWho Should Not Use WordPress Multisite?Who Should Use WordPress Multisite?Examples of WordPress MultisiteHow Can You Build A WordPress Multisite?How to Manage a WordPress Multisite? A broader section of WordPress does not feature many secrets. Indeed, whatever you receive through this[...]
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          The New Features Coming In WordPress 5.2

            The WordPress 5.2 is set to be released on 7th May 2019. After the release of WordPress 5.2 Beta 3 version in the mid-April, the WordPress development team will be releasing the WordPress Latest Version- WordPress 5.2!We have analyzed and tested the beta versions to experience the new features which[...]
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            WordPress Calendar plugins

            Top WordPress Calendar Plugins of 2019

              The best tool for showing recent events, meetings, or conferences to your site visitors is WordPress events calendar plugins. To be honest, it has never been easier to events calendar direct from the WordPress dashboard.Irrespective of the type of website, blog, or group that you run, the best means of increasing your[...]
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              Most Theme Builders

              Best Drag & Drop WordPress Theme Builders

                Making a WordPress site appear precisely as per your wish is without a doubt not easier. Most top-level modification needs you to edit the source code, modify theme files, or hire a designing expert. In some instances, minor modifications might be time-consuming and difficult if you are applying a theme[...]
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                30 woo wordpress theme

                Best Free WooCommerce WordPress Themes 2020

                  The E-commerce market is growing rapidly. Apart from E-commerce statistics indicating prominent figures, professionals have anticipated increased e-commerce growth by 2020. Indeed, online shopping makes life more comfortable, because you do not need to waste going to a physical store to look for the things that you intend to buy.Undoubtedly,[...]
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                  Woo logo

                  Google Shopping Ads For WooCommerce

                    Have you ever noticed the small image-based product ads on top when you search something on Google? Those are the Google Shopping ads. Google Shopping ads allow you to highlight your products directly above traditional outcomes. Combining WooCommerce with Google Shopping will help you drive more sales by giving increased exposure to your goods.If[...]
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                    white screen of death

                    How To Rectify WordPress White Screen Of Death?

                      Are you looking at your white screen not knowing where your WordPress website has gone? Relax because you are not the first to encounter this. At some point, almost every enthusiastic WordPress user has encountered the “white screen of death” issue. Although its occurrence is painful, the problem is much[...]
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