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In the modern era of digitalization, online shopping has become a turning point for commerce and retail. Higher accessibility and ease of utility have transformed the internet into a hotspot for shoppers and buyers globally. According to a recent survey by a leading global accounting firm, 50% of shopping is being done online, and a third of all sales occur through mobile phones. The survey also pointed out that about two-thirds of online shoppers make decisions based on social media reviews, endorsements, and comments.

This trend brings us to a whole new level of the retail market, where it has become infinitely more accessible for anyone to set up a shop from any corner of the world! It is relatively convenient for shoppers to browse products online and order them without moving from their chairs. To start an e-Commerce business, having a steady online presence is of utmost significance in the form of a website.

WordPress and WooCommerce enable you to create your dream shopping website online. It is a rapid, convenient, and easy-to-use tool for building a professional seller’s website, completely excluding the need to spend excessive money. This article will further mention helpful tips that will help you make your WooCommerce store awesome while also eliminating hiring designers for the same purpose.

1. Use an eye-catching theme

Beginning with the fact that first impressions are lasting, we would recommend you to customize your website’s navigation panel such that it represents a sleek flattened architecture. In layman’s terms, your customer should be able to reach their product of choice with the minimum amount of mouse clicks. This is quite a popular model amongst the best-selling multinational eCommerce websites. The website user benefits from the ease of product display accessibility and filtering features, while you benefit from a considerable rise in sales volume.

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This feature would ensure the optimal balance between the minimal amount of clicks to reach the deepest layer of your website from your homepage and the categorical product sorting layers. As a bonus, adopting this trick also significantly boosts your website’s SEO ranking since a flattened web architecture enables search engines to pop into your website easily.

2. Categorizing of Products

Another most obvious yet crucial tip that many seller websites miss out on is the categorizing of products to make them more easily discoverable. While surfing through your website, your customer will need to choose from a specific category or subcategory of items since they are looking for the best options out there. They may also need to add, select, compare and sort through a selection of your products before making a final choice. The seller’s website must provide these options to cater to the needs of their client users.

A great reason to have category and subcategory-based product display pages is SEO. The more explicit pages you have with long-tail catchphrases, the more specific new clients will find you in web indexes like Google or Bing. Categorical sorting also makes it easier for customers to decide on the product based on bestselling popularity or cost-based options. Thus providing a significant boost in sales, especially from the class of customers who do not precisely know what they want but know why they want it.

Utilizing subcategories and sorting them for an easy-to-use mega-menu is an excellent method to guarantee that clients and bots can navigate effortlessly through your store. So remember important watchwords and catchphrases, update them frequently, and utilize them for your potential benefit while making your product classes.

3. Add Live Search

With an end goal to make it simple for your clients to find precisely what they need, we likewise suggest utilizing Live Search. With it, possibilities will want to see out your e-Commerce web page’s most famous and pertinent list items, continuously accelerating the web-based shopping process. You can likewise add these highlights to any site utilizing the WooCommerce Product Search expansion or by picking a topic that, as of now, incorporates this element like the ShoppyStore topic. Composing only a couple of letters into the inquiry box will auto-show coordinating with store results. The more you type, the more restricted the outcomes become.

4. Create your own Unique Product Descriptions

Additionally, you want to make a genuinely exceptional substance without duplicate gluing. Eventually, copy content is another regular error clients make while building their WooCommerce stores. It’s effortless to reorder content, starting with one item page then onto the next. There are even modules that connect your WooCommerce store to your Amazon Associates record to robotize the cycle. Enticing, do your best to keep away from it. You’ll observe that your pages will have a greatly improved potential for catching a top hunt positioning if you compose your novel portrayals.

Essentially, you can ensure your item pages stand apart much more if you include custom pictures. If you use something like the free YITH WooCommerce Featured Video module, you can even add custom recordings to your item display. Film your video, transfer it to YouTube or Vimeo and add it to your item page utilizing the module’s choices.

5. Improve Content Internal Linking

Inside connecting has consistently been an unquestionable requirement for any thriving internet-based business. The thought is that guests to your website read one blog article and snap the connections to other related posts. Let us understand WooCommerce destinations explicitly, and this is one more typical misstep of eCommerce site proprietors. This is a disgrace since it’s really simple to add inner connections in your store!

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WooCommerce incorporates worked-in choices to add Upsells and Cross-offers to your items. Upsells will be suggested on the item page as a related item the client may like (model: on a red dress, you might need to upsell a more costly red dress). Strategically pitches are shown on the truck page as reciprocal items (model: if a client added a swimming outfit to their truck, they might likewise need to add shades)

6. Ensure your Reviews

Today, friendly confirmation is a colossal element concerning whether or not a client buys a particular thing. One of the unique types of social verification is surveys—ideally numerous positive ones. However, when a potential client sees counterfeit audits on an item, it very well may be disconcerting. Have you seen items with problematic surveys? That is too impeccably phrased (or the inverse – confusingly broken) to be valid?

Ensure clients can believe the surveys distributed in your store by checking audits. An easy method is to take a look at the case under WooCommerce > Settings > Products so that genuine “confirmed proprietors” who bought the item from your store and enlisted for a record can leave an audit. Or then again, you can introduce a module like TrustedSite Reviews with the goal that an outsider can ask for and vet surveys. This way, you gather valid, genuine surveys, yet you’ll have a ton of them.

7. Remove Out-of-stock Pages

Obviously, every eCommerce site will race to the lucky issue of items that run unavailable. Assuming that it’s just for a couple of days, then, at that point, it’s possible it’s not a significant issue, but rather imagine a scenario where you realize it will be a very long time until you can restock. In a comparative circumstance, you might need to eliminate products you would rather not sell any longer. These reasons might be diverse; however, in the end, you have a similar inquiry. How would it be a good idea for you to manage the item pages for unavailable or eliminated things? Sensibly, you need to erase them. You would rather not disillusion your customers, yet don’t be hurried! There’s another choice.

It would help if you realized that erasing unavailable items diminishes the quantity of positioning pages on your site. This implies you are lessening the permeability of your WooCommerce store also. Besides, imagine a scenario in which one day the thing opens up once more.

8. Speed Up your Woocommerce Store


We believe that you have done a marvelous job to set up your eCommerce site so far. But for several underlying reasons, you would require it to work as fast as possible. Primarily, it enhances your SEO ranking. You should focus on your page load for your website to be ranked higher and reduce your bounce rates.

The simple steps include testing your page speed and using suggestions to reduce it to a minimum. It is wise not to upload high-quality photos of bigger size in JPEG format, run it through an image optimizer, and use CDN to load the content.

While we suggest you pick a first-rate responsive WooCommerce subject, in any case, we realize it may not be imaginable to track down an ideal fit. However, relax – there’s a simple answer for having your fantasy WooCommerce store. First, pick a subject that appears to be like how you need your store to. Ideally, a topic with which you have worked in styling choices. This way, you can undoubtedly change textual styles and shadings without learning any coding dialects.

Then, consider modules to add greater usefulness to your store. This rundown of the best WooCommerce augmentations and additional items has a lot of modules you may need to consider. While we suggest you pick a first-class responsive WooCommerce topic regardless, we realize it may not be imaginable to track down an ideal fit. Be that as it may, relax – there’s a simple answer for having your fantasy WooCommerce store.