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Especially for local businesses, Google has rolled out an interesting and beneficial feature known as Google my Business Posts or Google Posts. Google Posts is a new way for companies and local businesses to share their useful & promotional information with their customers in their local business listing.

Google My Business posts or Google Posts is a wonderful way for brick-and-mortar stores to provide information to their customers like special offers, upcoming events, or new product offerings, before they even navigate to your site.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (or GMB) is a Google business listing that enables Google to list and showcase your business information to a range of different customers whenever they search your business. GMB is a free application that allows you to manage the presence of your business on Google Search and Maps. This includes adding the name, location, and hours of your business, tracking and reacting to consumer reviews, adding photos, learning where and how people are looking for you, and more.

If you’re beginning with local SEO, your Google My Business list is a wonderful place to concentrate your efforts and time. GMB can be used completely free and enables you to share different Google posts to share about your business. Also, Google Posts are quite easy to manage.

What is Google My Business posts?

Google My Business Posts or Google Posts is a part of Google My Business that enables businesses to track their local listings and also add some personal branding by showing owners’ posts. Google Posts allow you to post text and images directly to the listing of your Google My Business (GMB). These Google Posts appear in Google search and maps. Such posts are useful for small businesses that don’t have a website or social media platform to post updates such as new promotional deals, upcoming seasonal sales, flash sales on the same day, or even a new product launch.

Google Posts are really an easy and quick way for people looking for your company to improve their experience. Not every business will have a use case for it, but setting up Google posts quickly and reliably enables creativity and experimenting to see what works for your company. It doesn’t cost anything to use Google Posts to promote your business in organic search results pages. Think of it as a post on Facebook, but with a much broader scope. Posts are part of Google My Business and can be handled with the app either from the website or on-the-go.

Why to use Google My Business Posts?

Google Posts should be used by anyone who wants to target the local market or area. The customer searches for a business directly and the Post will be shown in the same region as the Company’s page address and communication details. To use Google Posts, you need your business or store location and a Google My Business page. Such posts are mainly intended to help local businesses communicate with consumers in the city or locality.


Not to mention, this can be an effective tool for any business that wants to take their local SEO to the next level. They are also easy to manage. Then why not leverage its advantage for your business?

Not to mention, this can be an effective tool for any business that wants to take their local SEO to the next level. They are also easy to manage. Then why not leverage its advantage for your business?

Google Posts is new and interesting feature, and businesses should take this opportunity to provide extra information for better Search Engine Rankings.

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Key features of Google My Business Posts

  • Within 7 days, Google deletes your post to ensure fresh content is posted.
  • Event Posts will remain live until the event is over.
  • In the Knowledge Panel, the first 80 characters are shown.
  • Your latest Google posts will be shown first, and the older posts will be shown in a carousel.
  • Google search carousel will show up to 10 items, but in SERPs only the first 2 are seen.

Types of Google My Business posts

Here are the four different types of Google My Business posts (Google Posts) depending on your Content Marketing Strategy:

What’s New

The latest news about your business like change of address, special opening hours, new releases of goods, etc. can be shared in this type of Google Posts.


You’re planning a new event and want to reach as many people as you can then you can use this type of Google post. It will enable you to publish the event’s date, time and location so that your audience will not miss anything.


If you want to promote a deal and want potential clients to visit you, then this is a great option.


Have you got a retail business? Then for you, this kind of post will be beneficial for you. You’ll be able to show the viewers a list and description of all the items you sell.

The maximum allowable limit for Google my business Posts is 1500 characters and the ideal length of a Google Post can be around 150 and 300 characters.

Benefits of Google My Business Posts

Google analytics

You’re likely to use Google My Business if you’re a local business trying to succeed in the digital age. The extensive, listing-based platform of Google is aimed at helping web visitors locate and connect with businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Here are the following benefits of Google My Business posts which can be helpful for GMB platform:

Here are the following benefits of Google My Business posts which can be helpful for Google My Business platform:

1. Free App

You don’t need to spend loads of hard-earned dollars to start promoting your business, developing your brand, and creating customer relationships.

Additionally, it’s not a long or difficult process to sign up for GMB. The presence of your business on the free platform is a budget and a start-up-friendly way to start developing your business.

2. Consistency

You want your business information to be correct on the web — regardless of where your customers find it. Google My Business Posts allow you to enter, monitor, and update the correct information and business data in one directory over the internet so that search engine queries provide the right information. Basically, to gain from this Google-powered advantage, you must keep the information up-to-date.

3. Local SEO Boost

Google Posts can be a crucial part of your local SEO and marketing strategy, help you find clients in your area, and improve search engine rankings for your business. Google My Business is directly connected to Google Search and Maps.

4. Easily Manageable

It is easy to supply your business information to audiences on one master dashboard within Google My Business. Google Posts provide you with a stress-free way to increase the exposure of your business on the web. In addition, GMB has an on-the-go management app available.

5. Provide Insights

Google My Business posts offer insider insights into your business list, giving you useful insight into what’s working and what’s not working. Insights concentrate on how customers locate your listing on Search and Maps and what they do after finding it, helping you make changes to enhance your listing and your company.

6. Engagement Opportunities

You probably don’t want your business to be  just found by the public. Instead, you also want them to interact with you. Google Posts offers various opportunities to interact with consumers, such as posts and messages, which makes communication and connections with your audiences easy to maintain.

7. Provides An Outlook

Google My Business posts enables you to gain outlook into the online reputation of your business with rich insights, review integration, and customer interaction tools. Knowing how your business is viewed by the public will help you grow and develop.

8. Tool For Website Builder

With their easy-to-use building tool, you can create a free, customizable, mobile-friendly website with GMB. Construct, edit, and publish an easy but professional website that can be accessed by searchers to interact with your business. Furthermore, for easy ads integration, you can provide your site with a custom domain and link it to Adwords.

9. Creating Opportunities For Relationships

It’s not a one-sided effort to create and manage Google posts. It’s a chance to create engaging, two-way relationships before you even meet clients personally. Through creating a comprehensive business list, regularly updating it, and interacting with audiences through posts, review comments, and messaging, you show not only be able to provide good customer service skills, but also maintain a genuine interest in real connection.

10. Partnership

“The use of their resources to make friends” with Google is never a stupid idea for your business. In reality, connect to all search engines ‘ search engines can only benefit your company. Partnering with the virtual importance of Google can help you build awareness of the brand.


Google My Business Posts is smart business tool for you as Google Posts can help you build awareness of the brand. People all over the world use Google each day to interact with local businesses. Therefore, advertisers and marketers need to make the most of the GMB. Knowing how Google Posts should be used is important. If you can provide more quality information and content before your viewers even before they click on your website’s link, then why not take advantage of that? Therefore, start building your listing on the GMB site if you haven’t already and leverage the advantages of Google Posts!