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Email and social media are very effective & popular mediums for marketing but not as effective as mobile SMS marketing. Some studies show that mobile text marketing got 98% reach, and on the other hand, email marketing got only 22%. Therefore, choosing mobile SMS marketing is better compared to Email marketing. If you run a WordPress website, you can reach thousands of people with a single click using WordPress SMS add-ons & plugins. Indeed, the right WordPress SMS marketing plugin will help you do mobile text marketing the right way.

If you want to boost your engagement with your clients, you may want to look into Best WordPress SMS Plugins. You can send messages regarding e-commerce orders, meetings, new posts, and more to your subscribers. It offers a direct connection to both the leads and existing customers.

Here Are The Best WooCommerce SMS Plugins For Use On WordPress Websites:

1. WordPress (WooCommerce) Message Plugin

This plugin is ideal for you if you intend to keep your client updated about their order in each step. Further, you have the option of sending a newsletter as a text message or share links and coupon codes via text message.

One of the features of this bulk SMS WordPress plugin is the ability to send messages via your WP site. And, the user is capable of subscribing to the newsletter via messages. Other features include easier integration with the following:

  • WPML
  • CF7
  • WooCommerce

Moreover, it is easier to use this WordPress extension to send a text message with different WP sites.

2. Teleo WooCommerce Text Message Plugin

If you run a WooCommerce WordPress Website, this free SMS plugin is a must-use. It enables you to send a message to an order a customer makes on your site. Still, the user receives various SMS alerts like text notices for changes made in a law and order, status alerts, etc.

Further, it is more accessible and straightforward to use. This extension has a simple admin panel for easier use. This WooCommerce message plugin helps market your business via SMS if your WooCommerce website is new.

3. SMSmaster

A multi-purpose WordPress plugin for use on any WordPress website to send text messages. Effective for sending mass text messages if you run a hotel, hospital, gym, and school WordPress website. You need less than ten minutes to set up this extension. On top of that, it is easier to install and use. Also, this bulk SMS WordPress plugin Provides a Short Message Service gateway to various countries like:

  • Brazil
  • Europe
  • USA
  • India
  • Africa

4.TXTImpact SMS Notification

This contact form & SMS notification plugin authorizes blog visitors to receive text notifications whenever a new blog post gets published. A few texts are enough for a user to sign up. Moreover, this extension is easier to install, And it gives you the freedom to add a widget to your sidebar. Most importantly, this plugin minimizes the communication gap between you and your users. Instead of sending an email or a text to each user, a single click is enough to send mass SMS to all selected people.

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5. WooCommerce SMS Customer Notification

A WP WooCommerce website multi-function extension. This WooCommerce message plugin has premium features such as planning, auto-responder, SMS sending, etc. Also, this extension empowers you to create custom and promotional messages. And add coupon codes to your customized messages.

You can send messages to the masses with a single click. Indeed, it is the best google form integrated SMS notification plugin for mobile SMS marketing.


This WooCommerce plugin increases the ability of your WooCommerce site. It gives you the ability to use SMS in marketing your products and services. Also, you can use SMS to send order details and changes to your customers.

Besides being easier to use, this extension is adaptable. Thus, keeping the customer updated and happy. Some features of this plugin include:

  • DND start and stop function
  • Various Message Templates
  • Message Alert and Two Way SMS

7. ARforms

This free Short Message Service plugin for WordPress allows you to send a customized message either as an admin or an alert. The ability to manage auto-reply from the gateway section is the primary feature of this plugin. Moreover, you can integrate it with any WordPress theme. Besides that, each message sent is confirmed automatically. And, it supports many SMS gateway choices like:

  • Clickatell
  • SMSGlobal
  • Twilio
  • Nexmo

8. YITH WooCommerce SMS Notification

This add-on is the best plugin to send SMS to your customers after each sale. A single click is enough to send updates about order changes. Also, it supports various SMS gateway, and it provides 160 characters in each SMS. Still, this google form integrated SMS notification has complete documentation that makes it easier to install and use.

9. WooCommerce Order SMS Notification

Through this plugin, you can send each notification of the order via Short Message Services. Besides that, installing and customizing this extension is effortless. The most exciting thing about this plugin is the ability to send SMS to any number.

If you have a WooCommerce website, this is a must-use extension as the SMS you send has all the information.

For example- amount, the status of the order, order number, etc.

10. Marketing Automation By Azexo

It offers an adaptable user interface that has several functions. For example- Popup Builder, Form Builder, and Page Builder. Also, this free text message plugin for WordPress provides various extensions.

For instance, Scheduler for WooCommerce, Facebook live chat, and the WooCommerce powerful discounts and pricing. Some of the main features of Azexo are:

  1. Content Restriction
  2. SMS Newsletter
  3. SMS Notification
  4. Surveys and Polls
  5. Drip Marketing and others


This add-on is an ideal plugin for sending multiple SMS from your WordPress website. Among its primary features is the ability to send messages to all subscribers of your newsletter and get every subscriber’s mobile number. Further, it has a two-step verification that safeguards all information. Apart from being free, it supports a maximum of 180 SMS Gateways.

12. WordPress SMS Marketing Plugin

A complete integrated extension for your WordPress site. Its primary purpose is to promote your business through SMS marketing. Moreover, it is rich in features such as campaign scheduler, auto-responder, and campaign management. Without a doubt, this bulk SMS WordPress plugin is good if you have a WordPress website for the following:

  • Spa, Gymnasium, Yoga Center
  • Shopping Center
  • Restaurants 

It is easy to install and use, And it has lifetime updates. The main feature is the auto-responder for each order update.

13. WP Twilio Core

Are you looking for a means to text from your app and website? If so, this plugin is yours. You can connect it with any WordPress website. Furthermore, it enables you to send a message to any international number. Also, it allows you to insert an API and short URL in your message. Besides being adaptable and easy to use, it is responsive.

14. WordPress SMS Contact Form Plugin

A unique and innovative plugin. This contact form has an advanced feature that enables you to trace all filled forms via messages on your phone. Besides that, it’s also referred to as a four in one extension for campaigns. And, its theme enables you to create unlimited campaigns and promotional messages. The primary helpful features are:

  • Help Message Control
  • Many Time Zone Support
  • Lead Statistics
  • Order Status, Subscriber Alert, and Bulk Message Choice.


Sometimes Email and social media marketing can feel like shouting out in the void. SMS provides a direct connection to your user’s phones so you can catch their attention and construct your platform. This article clarifies that the ideal tool for promoting your business is the SMS marketing plugin. Any of the above bulk WordPress SMS plugins eliminates the communication gap between you and your target audience through a single click.

Also, these plugins are ideal for spreading awareness regarding your products and services to people who do not use emails. You can also read about the Top Email Marketing Plugins for WordPress, which can be a great way to keep your customers up-to-date with your business daily.

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