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Tips to Fix WordPress Security Loopholes

At the moment, the most powerful CMS is WordPress, powering more than 75 million websites. However, according to the statistics of a recent study, around 73% of these WordPress powered websites are prone to attacks. In fact, you are inviting many bugs if your WordPress version is not updated. Hackers[...]
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WordPress Vulnerabilities

A complete summary of WordPress Vulnerabilities

We love WordPress and want our readers to be up-to-date with the recent WordPress news. Our aim is simple: to spread WordPress knowledge to all. Therefore, for the month of August, we have brought you a complete summary of all the WordPress Vulnerabilities and ways to tackle them. Before we[...]
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WordPress CRM Plugins

Best WordPress CRM Plugins for Your Website

You should track your customers to communicate with them, as well as grow your online business. However, if your customer information is not organized, and you don’t have a WordPress CRM plugin for that purpose, you will be missing many chances of communicating with them. Also, you will miss great[...]
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Google analytics

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress

Are you a beginner who wants to install Google Analytics on your WordPress website? Here is your guide to do so. Understanding how your audience is interacting with your website is vital for your success. Further, the best means of knowing your traffic is via your traffic stats. Google Analytics[...]
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wordpress forum plugins

Top 5 WordPress Forum Plugins for your website

Have you ever been curious about how you can add a forum on your WordPress website? If so, this is your article. This article entails all details on creating a WordPress forum. Creating a WordPress website is more tranquil. Thus, making a discussion forum on your WordPress website is much[...]
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Tips to Optimize Speed of your Website

The user experience depends on the performance and speed of your web pages. So, if your website is too slow, you will lose visitors, as well as possible customers. Besides that, search engines such as Google do consider the speed of your website when it comes to search rankings. So,[...]
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remove author from wordpress posts

2 Simple Ways To Remove Author From WordPress Posts.

Do you own a WP blog website and want to remove author from WP posts? Are you finding any difficulty in doing so? Usually, WP blog articles feature the name of the author alongside other meta-data such as post category and date. But sometimes, as a blog owner, you might[...]
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WP Multisite

2019 Beginner Guide: What is WordPress Multisite?

A broader section of WordPress does not feature many secrets. Indeed, whatever you receive through this CMS (Content Management System) is basically what you see. We shall focus on the WordPress multisite feature in this article. You will find answers to questions such as what WordPress multisite is and How[...]
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SSL Certificate

How to Get a Free SSL Certificate For Your WordPress?

What is HTTPS? Every website URL in the various browsers displays either “HTTP” or “HTTPS” at its start. But, the HTTP is an abbreviation for HyperText Transfer Protocol, while the S in the HTTPS in an abbreviation of Secure. This abbreviation explains the protocol that is used in the transfer[...]
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