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Not long ago, Google revealed the latest beta choice beneath the Google My Business profile. It enables companies to share their product details. Like many Google features, the Google my business products is still in the beta. Nevertheless, the feature is slowly moving to local enterprises.

What is Google My Business Products?

Google My Business Products enables companies to display their product details. Here is the logic behind this feature according to Google:

The Product editor lets traders to make a presence on compute and mobile, to display their products and lead to consumer interactivity. On the business products tab, the consumers see a curated display of products from that store. All items added via the product editor showcase in the Business profiles of both computer and mobile Google Search.

In addition, Google says that the Product Editor is for small and medium enterprises. For big or specific chain companies, Google provides an alternative guide to display their product details. Check WordPress Management services here.

How Does GMB Products Work?

If you want to test the availability of Google my business products, go to your GMB profile. Here, go to the left of your menu and check if the list has Products (Beta) to test the program.

After that, start creating a collection. The GMB products user interface is simple. Depending on other GMB information, Google uses a series of instants to create product details. If the name of the desired product collection is unavailable, click on “something else” to get a similar menu.

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Each product should be in a category. Google suggests you add a minimum of three products per category. However, this is impossible for come companies. The GMB products provide the same for collections, irrespective of the number of products.

Some fields like product image are mandatory. Indeed, Google blocks the publishing of an item if these fields are incomplete. For example, after you upload an image, the “Publish” button changes from light gray to blue, while the text transforms to “Add.”

Furthermore, you will an option for linking to the product page, something that all companies should use. Your company can choose ideal text from choices provided by Google in a dropdown menu. However, the best solution for an e-commerce company is direct linking to a product page with a “Buy” call-to-action. Likewise, the “Learn More” icon is good for products that need a buyer to take before deciding to buy. It offers a chance for customers to click your site and learn about your products.

Generally, the Product Collections provide an easy format to review and update. If you want to implement any modifications, click the three vertical dots on the right for the product details to unfold. Similar to the whole process, the user interface (UI) for edits is simple.

In conclusion, prospective customers come across your GMB profile when searching for your company, where they view the Google My Business Products.

Do Google My Business Products Work?

The answer is YES. Without doubt, the recent Google My Business Products and the product collections allows you have ownership of your mobile footprint. For instance, the Product Collection displays in the Products tab of your products posts on mobile. In addition, clicking on the collection shows all the products in that collection.

Moreover, the Google My Business products assists to highlight important products by promoting specific offers. According to Google, such products shows independently from the Product Collections.

Disadvantages of Google My Business Products

Although the recent GMB Products feature is a game changer for businesses, it has some disadvantages. First, the Product Collections do not display in map views. As a result, the appeal stays limited to searches related to your business. Normally, most local SEO efforts tries to rank appropriately in the map view. Nevertheless, this seems those efforts do not help, or converts few customers in map view.

In addition, Google My Business Products assists small and medium size companies compete with bigger companies. To do so, GMB Products makes it easy for possible customers to locate and buy their offers. From this, it is clear that Google My Business Products is among the continued effort to line up the GMB features with the requirements of SMEs.

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Similar to other things when working with a third-party platform, our suggestion is that you need to test Google My Business Products with care. There is no need to rush in experimenting the GMB products. Actually, you might not get high returns by investing your all your time and effort in loading product details at the beta testing phase.

Nevertheless, adding your main products at a higher rate will help your company to add many links in the Google ecosystem. In turn, more capable customers will locate your products.