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Selecting a platform is the first and most important decision you make for your website. Today, all over the world, almost 74 million sites are powered by WordPress. It is the most preferred content management platform around!

Do you know that the first version of WordPress got released back in 2003?

This means that WordPress has been around even before Twitter and Facebook were introduced. The platform is released under GNU GPL license that allows everyone all around the globe to download and instantly use it.

The WordPress source code is readily and freely available for everyone to study, utilize, modify or even build upon. Previously WordPress was known as the best website/blogging tool, but due to its immense growth over the years, it is now termed as Content Management System – CMS.

The platform has the potential to develop and design interactive website. If you look at present records, WordPress is the most preferred web development platform around the globe. Tens of millions of people are now using it for improving their websites or blogs.  The reason behind growing popularity of WordPress is its great features.

The platform is easy to integrate and highly customizable to meet different business preferences. Its design, as well as functionality, is easily enhanced by incorporating add-ons or plugins. In other words, the only option that can get considered as the safe bet in around any circumstances is WordPress.

What Is The Developer’s Point Of View?

From a developer’s point of view, a content management system helps to ascertain the functionality of your running site. It comes with a great many tools and customization options. When you get so many options at one place, it is quite easy to get overwhelmed.

Thus, WordPress is the open-source, free CMS that is perfect to build anything including a single page blog or thriving e-commerce site. It is sturdy enough to manage all types of content and design layouts. And it is flexible enough to accommodate unique site requirements.

WordPress gives you the freedom to create and share your design with the world. This open source platform gives you the flexibility to develop. And  the individuals who are using the products are served better. Either you can take it as iteration, or you can see it as a door to innovation, repetition and constant progress.

To give you a better understanding of the WordPress and its offered features, let us discuss the four primary reasons to use WordPress platform.

4 Fundamental Reasons to Use WordPress Platform

Here are the potential reasons that make WordPress one of the preferred CMS.

(i) WordPress Demands No Coding Skills

To use or incorporate WordPress, you don’t need to learn to code. Regardless if you run a small blog, e-commerce site or even a whole network of sites, you can quickly get by just fine. To put it in another way, many WordPress users take the idea of coding for granted. The array of customization options and built-in features enable you to design pretty impressive stuff. The vast marketplace of free plugins and themes, drop fully functional code into your site or blog with as little fuss as possible.

If not open source WordPress, then you can avail other high propriety and profitable products which only run under particular circumstances. Also, they are available for specific people who pay a certain amount to use them.

Is This Important ?

This freedom plays a crucial role in the success of WordPress. From a developer’s point of view, nothing could be more meaningful than developing a site and making it up and running without having any code experience or when little to no coding required.

Even though other code languages are used with WordPress plugin and theme such as jQuery and JavaScript, considering the vast majority of regular customizations, one doesn’t need to get into these. All you need is to get hold of fundamentals, and you will be amazed to see what you can accomplish on your website. So, if you have no coding skills then don’t worry.

Coding is no more needed to design a beautiful and highly customized website or blog on your own or for your clients’ business.

  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)
  • HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)
  • PHP (Personal Home Page)

Even though other code languages are used with WordPress plugin and theme such as jQuery and JavaScript, considering the vast majority of regular customizations, one doesn’t need to get into these. All you need is to get hold of fundamentals, and you will be amazed to see what you can accomplish on your website. If you already implemented these skills and finding a problem in minifying Javascript & CSS to optimize speed then you can contact wp experts who provide Speed optimization services

So, if you have no coding skills than don’t worry. Coding is no more needed to design a beautiful and highly customized website or blog on your own or for your clients’ business.

(ii) Easy to Learn

Remember the firs​t time you decided to build a site using WordPress?

You must have faced some troubles initially. This is particularly true if you have no experience of coding. But now you must know that WordPress is one of the most accessible platforms to learn and utilize.

This is one of the primary reasons why many developers or website designers prefer WordPress over other platforms. Learning WordPress is simple as long as you entirely dedicate just an hour to two each day and for a week.

The essential skills you need to start with WordPress is to know how to search on Google and of course, the ability and patience to follow instructions. Don’t confuse yourself with the idea that you need to dive deep into HTML coding to grasp WordPress functionality as WordPress is a code-free platform that let you develop a site instantly and effortlessly.

Many people start from the scratch and barely learn CSS and HTML. But as people start using WordPress, they immediately know the potential and flexibility it holds. Even if it goes over your head on the first attempt, then you can quickly take help from tons of online videos and articles available all over the internet.

Is There An Alternative?

Fortunately, you can also take assistance from an Advanced WordPress Facebook group. Here you can quickly inundate with different professionals who answer even very non-advanced or beginner questions – over and over again. There you will meet very encouraging and generous professionals or members.

So start today, get necessary coding at your fingertips and make the most of this online learning community of developers.

There are many professionals eager to assist beginners. You might break many things, and many times over, but it takes no longer to start getting results.

This is the learning freedom you get with WordPress. It is easy to learn and the best way to improve your ability. It is the best free open source code available in the world.

(iii) Keep It or Share Your Code

Having no ongoing cost or upfront cost is just one fantastic benefit of using WordPress. Another significant advantage that comes with WordPress is that its code can be freely distributed. This feature is profoundly influential.

If you have been into WordPress circles, then you must have heard this concept as ‘Free as in speech”. This means that the developer can make this software better. This is precisely why it is referred to as open source software. Anyone can not only download but also use the code provided in the WordPress Codex. This will help in adding functionality to your website or for an advanced developer, he/she can reuse or extend the code any way they like.

Does This Come With Responsibilities?

When a developer has the open source code, they get the right to distribute or share that code as per their choice and with anyone they like. In other words, the system is all yours, and it’s your choice if you keep it or share it with others.

But this freedom comes with responsibilities. While the code is all yours and you can share it with anyone, it is not licensed to your name. Often, when we use an open source or any free theme or plugin, we come to expect that the burden of providing technical support, for using that free code, lies on the owner.

But here this is not the case. The owner is not obliged to help after sharing the code, and you cannot ask them to. If you do get any help from them, it is out of their generosity, but it puts no obligation on them to do so. For instance, if you get a code and integrate into your site but this code conflicts with another open source plugin of your website, then it is your problem and responsibility to fix it.

It means the GPL licensed owner is not obliged to fix the issue and since you own the code, you must get that right. You can say that all open source software is rather do-it-yourself platforms.

(iv) Freedom to Modify

However, the right to modify implies the distinguishing factor that GPL code remains licensed, and there is also proper author attribution. Just like you cite the appropriate sources of quotations in your content similarly, the author who shares someone else’s designed code must provide complete attribution.

Thus when you feel that the existing code is not sufficient to meet your site requirements, you can easily fork it while keeping the original attribution. You can modify the code and add your author attribution as well.

The most significant freedom you get with WordPress is that you can modify the code that is not designed by you. You can take someone else’s system, and you can fork it to meet your preferences. It is that simple!

There is a misconception that open source code does not allow you to own the system. This is not true. WordPress gives you all the rights and freedom to distribute and modify the system to meet your purposes. For propriety code developers this might sound odd to let go of their designed product or brand.


In other words, you get inspired by someone else’s work, product or experience and you modify it and create something that best meets your purpose. Not to mention you also re-distribute your code and share it further with other people. If we speak of market share and momentum, then open source technology seems to be the biggest reason behind WordPress success.

WordPress is here to stay!

While these are just four significant benefits of getting hold of WordPress, there are countless features and opportunities for incorporating it into your best content management system.

The platform is being supported by a massive community of developers and users, all over the world. It offers a vast diversity of customizable and ready-made themes and templates. It is easy to integrate and offer most satisfactory results.

So, Why you are not ready to Dive into this and try it out?

Remember it is straightforward to learn everything about WordPress. It is a tremendous and highly flexible platform that let you enable and incorporate everything you wish to add to your site. It has been around for many years now and none of that time is gone to waste.

There is a thriving and passionate community that makes sure, this open source CMS, remain flexible, secure, up to date, and as functional as possible. Considering the significant features of WordPress core and tons of plugins and themes available to enhance the platform, there is not much that you can’t do with it.

Other Reasons To Start Using WordPress

  • It is free, powerful, beginner friendly and flexible platform.
  • It offers an array of great plugin and themes to meet any need, practically.
  • With it, you can quickly ensure the adequate security of your site.
  • You get access to different tools which help you in ranking higher in various search engine.
  • The platform comes with readily available support that can be availed at any time.


All of this makes WordPress, a great content management system. That is why a large number of Fortune 500 companies use WordPress. Many top print publications use it as their primary online home including USA Today, Time and Fortune.

Not only companies and organisations use it,  but also celebrities like Sylvester Stallone count themselves as the top users of WordPress. As we have said again and again what makes it unique is its ease of use and nothing could be better than that!

Have you ever build a website using WordPress? If yes, we would like to know your experience in the comments section below.