WordPress Security: Not an Option, but An Essential?

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Are you running a WordPress site? Do you frequently download plug-ins for its enhancement? If the answer is YES, one question that should always loom around in your mind should be- Is my site safe enough? Is it prone to hacks and viruses?

WordPress s​​​​ecurity

It is extremely crucial. Beginners, as well as long-time users, should be aware of the various online dangers they face and the ways they can tackle them:

  • Protect your web page:  There are higher chances of your site getting hacked due to the many plug-ins you often download. To ensure this does not happen, WordPress has Anti-Malware plug-ins. The plugins scan for viruses that have taken root to your site, and help to remove traces of malware, if any. Besides, WordPress offers the Anti-Virus Plugin feature, which serves the same purpose. Furthermore, it offers an important plug-in for Bad Behavior. The work of the plugin is blocking spam bots before they become active. As a result, it blocks link spam from taking up space in your comments section or the guestbook.
  • Free plug-ins:  Any business person on a limited budget may get tempted to download a free plug-in for their site. However, most free plug-ins might come with malicious viruses and malware. So, such plugin-ins act as an open invitation for your site destruction. Actually, such plug-ins might be hacker’s direct path to your site. Thus, you should download plug-ins from official and recommended sites only. It is good to use updated plugins, whether they are free or purchased.
  • Use .htaccess to protect important files: WordPress security offers the .htaccess feature. The feature is key to its function and protects your site’s security. It controls the behavior of your site’s hyperlink to your blogs or web pages. Also, it maintains their safety.

Also, you can hide personal information and data. By doing so, you deny hackers access to your data. We would recommend you cover up the author’s username, so that the hackers do not have easy access to your page. Indeed, ensure you are updating your plug-ins regularly. Furthermore, it will be helpful if you delete the plug-ins which you do not use anymore. As a result, you will have lowered the chances of any viruses.WordPress provides a lot of tips and facilities to the users. It is upon users to use them in guarding the hard work that they have put.