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wp-site get hacked

What to Do If Your WordPress Website Gets Hacked

    What would you do if you performed security scans on your WordPress website, and the outcome confirms the successful infiltration of your website?  Nobody wants to hear their WordPress website has been “hacked.” In this article, we will guide you the entire process of cleaning a hacked WordPress website. Moreover,[...]
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    Error Featured

    Your Guide To Troubleshooting Common WordPress Errors And Glitches

      WordPress is the first choice for creating a website, and it never fails to meet the users' expectations. However, sometimes, this user-friendly website management system may come across some glitches and errors that may require you to troubleshoot them immediately to get your website working again!How would you know if[...]
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      How to Deal with WordPress Plugins Conflict

        Whenever we think about the significant problems that WordPress plugin can cause to our website, we mostly believe regarding poorly coded plugins, leading to functionality or performance issues and some other security vulnerabilities. Is that true? Or maybe you have recently got acquainted with fake plugins and worrying about your[...]
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        Establish a Disaster Recovery Plan for Your WordPress Site

          Can your WordPress Site continue to function even in the case of losing its data? If the answer is no, then  establishing a disaster recovery plan is an inevitable need for your WordPress site.​​​​What is a recovery plan?There can be many reasons for a site to lose all of its[...]
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          A Guide to Fix CSS and Render-Blocking JavaScript in WordPress

            CSS and render-blocking JavaScript are two commonly faced problems which increase the loading time of a website. Site speed is considered as one of the key factors in capturing and retaining visitors, however, search engines also take into account a site’s speed to rank it in the search results.Similarly, if[...]
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            How To Fix ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

              If your WordPress site is down because of an ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error, you are not alone! Almost every other Windows user has faced this mysterious error. The error usually pops up with a text that says, ‘This web page has a redirect loop and then restricts the loading of the entire[...]
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              Guide to Optimize Your website for Reducing Bounce Rate

                Guide to Optimize WordPress for Reducing your website Bounce RateYou don't want your visitors to 'bounce off' your site without clicking anything, Do you?Do you the biggest challenge for any business or website? It is making the people recognize its brand and services. However, this may not happen at all if your[...]
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                page builder plugins

                Outstanding Page Builder Plugins To Simplify Your WordPress

                  Designing an attractive and special site is much easier with WordPress. However, to make your design be live on the screen, you require some specific tools and minimal designing work. With WordPress core, you will get some features that will be useful in your designs like the option of a[...]
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                  regenerate pdf thumbnails wordpress

                  How to Regenerate PDF Thumbnails in WordPress

                    Recently a user asked if  he can regenerate PDF thumbnail for use in WordPress. Well, it is definitely possible. Thanks to WordPress 4.7 ! WordPress 4.7 or higher, features thumbnails previews of all new PDF files. However, the change has no impact on older uploads. This blog will guide you on[...]
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