The Must-Have Plugins to Add E-Commerce to a WordPress Site

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Running an online business is just as competitive as everything else in the world. On an average, an online shopper visits at least 3 websites before he/she makes a purchase! This shows the rise of online businesses all over the globe.

With this impactful lift in the e-commerce industry, certainly, this is the best time to get yourself involved and showcase your own offering to the entire world.

how do you really do this?

Through building an efficient WordPress e-commerce site,of course!

Ever since the many plugins came into play, WordPress is no longer just for bloggers.You too, can create an attractive, expertly functional and responsive site for your online business. If you intend to transform your simple site into a full-fledged online store, certain plugins can get you there in no time – adding to your overall experience.

What to look for in these plugins?

These plugins help you in making your site stand out the crowd. They facilitate in enhancing user experience and in developing a theme which is both eye-catching and functional. This is also helpful in drawing more customers and in securing more sales for the business.

Here, in this blog, we show you how to use and what to look for in these plugins. We, at Helpbot, are rounding up the top ways to add e-commerce to a WordPress site. Moreover, you will get to know the things that must be avoided in the case that you are starting up an e-commerce business from scratch.

Similarly, if you already have an existing WordPress site and want to excel at the business through online selling, you can easily make the most of these plugins to boost revenue.

best plugin for your eCommerce website

1. Market Press eCommerce

One of the best plugins for WordPress, full of features yet simple to use in terms of physical as well as digital products, if you are a bit familiar with CSS, the plugin is 100% customizable. Otherwise, you may pick a theme from a variety of available ones and use them through widgets. The plugin offers unlimited product variations to display. Among many other features, there are a variety of payment gateways that support all the major currencies.

2. WooCommerce

WooCommerce  offers great admin interface, the option of sidebar widgets and top class support.Products can be displayed with reviews and rating, providing the customer with a sense of assurance. The customers can easily zoom in on the product with the Lightbox feature and can easily enjoy a larger view of it.

There are many themes which are integrated with this plugin, making it the best choice for a variety of WordPress developers. If you want to improve the experience of your site further, WooCommerce comes with extensions that can be bought easily to give a more attractive appeal to your site.

With this plugin, you can track the progress of individual products along with the statistics of the overall store’s performance. Moreover, ShareDaddy and ShareThis can be integrated so that customers’ preference for any product can be shared across all the social media channels.

3. Jigoshop

Jigoshop has been used by the developers of WordPress for a long time. This plugin can instantly be downloaded freealong with some premium themes. Moreover, aside from the usual control over shipping costs, discount codes, and tax options,it easily allows customers to get to their personal account area, and manage orders and track inventory really conveniently. There are options to show similar products and customers can search for products too.

4. Eshop

Another plugin that has successfully stood the test of time for a long time, the great features of this plugin are multiple payment gateways, tax options and the many shipping methods. It allows you to show products within WordPress pages and posts, and is also compatible with the types of custom posts.

The plugin offers downloadable products to your customers that is an incentive to get more signups for the site. Also there are many configurable templates of emails that are automatically sent on successful purchases. Above all, the sales data and inventory management makes this plugin an incredibly easier option to manage an online shop.

5. Shopp

This plugin is undoubtedly a developer’s dream as it allows you to add the element of e-commerce to your WordPress in just a few minutes. It comes with its own secure cart so you don’t have tobe concerned about security add-ons. While managing customers’ account and the list/grid view of the products catalog, the plugin offers the best discount feature in addition to the option of multiple images.

Impressively, the plugin comes with a responsive design that makes it easily visible across devices of all sizes. Since it is designed to cater to users at high-speed,it partly makes this plugin SEO-friendly.

6. WPdeposit

This plugin caters and is specific to a definite type of online business. WPdeposit is about selling credits that can be used by the customers against purchases. If this is your business type, the plugin is premium and worth the investment.

The best use of this credit-based system, for customers, is to buy subscriptions and advertisements. The admin can control the credits with the help of tools such as issuing a refund. Plus, it also allows customers to issue credits among themselves. Customers can easily go through their credit history and the short codes and widgets available to display the customer’s balance. WPdeposit is best to be used by advanced WordPress users but it also provides a full developer’s guide that can be used to create a module of your own.

All in all, there are so many plugins that would best meet your business requirements. No one theme or plugin may suit all types of businesses so a bit of research must be done before finally setting up an e-commerce site. Most importantly, always add an e-commerce element through WordPress and by using a plugin.

It’s a constantly developing and supportive community that provides simple and flexible features to help reach the summit of your business’s success.