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Recently, online appointment booking was majorly through several hosted SaaS solutions. Among them are Appointment, Mind-body, Set-more, Appoint, and Acuity. Nonetheless, there is no harm in using these solutions. Furthermore, they work great but only if you do not mind compromising your customers’ data.

Do you have a medical clinic, restaurant or a hotel?

A quality appointment booking platform helps in streamlining the business.

It is okay to lose control over your potential customer base, emails or recurring monthly fee. If you agree with that, then go for it. But, if you are a smart owner of a WordPress website, we are sure you don’t want that. In this scenario, what should be your best bet? We recommend getting your appointment booking system integrated into the WordPress site. Besides, many mid-size and large-scale businesses are already using the solution.

Moreover, you need a functional WordPress appointment booking plugin to enjoy this feasibility. The plugin will be working with your server. This is exactly what we will be exploring in this post. The post will help you find the best WordPress appointment booking plugin.

But the question is: What is the need to incorporate a plugin for online appointment booking?

The primary reason is to ease your site with these plugins for easy access for potential buyers. Besides, your site navigation can make or break your business. If the appointment booking on your site requires efforts, your customer might leave. Some might leave without even making an effort. But, if the appointment booking is a mouse click away, it is favorable for your business as well as customers. In today’s world, everything happens online. Every business’s online presence is inevitable. Also, every buyer opts to explore online business. This is before buying or choosing another service provider.

Besides, even for a regular visit to a doctor, people now prefer taking an online appointment. This is before visiting the clinic, to avoid waiting on a queue. Additionally, it is the same for any other business, may it any agency, hotel or even a real estate business. From the perspective of a business owner, appointment booking helps a lot. More so, in spending the day with proper time management. They know the possible number of visits each day. Thus, time and day can get managed and planned well.

So, are you ready to integrate a WordPress appointment booking plugin?

Let’s dive in!

Top WordPress Appointment Booking Plugins

All the plugins discussed in this post are very flexible tools. Are you searching for a way to make appointments for yourself or of a team? These plugins will help you achieve the desired results. Besides, these tools may also assist in accepting and managing long-term bookings. Among these bookings are accommodation and similar types of rentals.

1. BirchPress Scheduler

BirchPress Scheduler

You can offer an appointment booking system by integrating BirchPress Scheduler. It lets your customer book an appointment right from your website. Besides, your customers can pay for your services using a credit card or a PayPal account.

Additionally, BirchPress has a friendly user interface. Hence, it assists the admin to design custom booking forms as per their needs and by using a built-in form editor. 

Moreover, the plugin syncs the booking calendar with user’s other calendars. For example, iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook, Android, etc. It comes with a customized email notification as well as a reminder system. This helps you and your client, to stay informed about the appointment.

Actually, this flexible appointment booking plugin got designed by keeping developers in mind. As a result, it offers thousands of functions, filters and action hooks. Developers can use them with ease, to improve and create their custom functionality. Also, this can get done fast, without even touching the core code.

2. Modern Events Calendar

One of the best scheduling calendar tools for incorporating an appointment system. Also, this plugin offers many options of publishing calendars, displaying schedules and dates. Furthermore, to display the content, you will get many options. For example, list, agenda, timetable, grid, single event and widget views among others.

modern Event Calender

The plugin allows you to check the responsiveness of the appointment booking system. Thus, you can preview it on your Smartphone. Modern Events Calendar makes adjustments to the appearance and other calendar settings easier. Besides, advanced widget settings, enables you to control calendar content and its display.

It has many popular features. Among the most popular is the feasibility to create repeating events. These includes countdown times and to set color skins for various event types. Others are display location maps in the detail section of every game. Indeed, the core functionality of this plugin lies in collecting payments.

The plugin works great with Visual Composer page builder plugin. Also, it allows you to add appointment lists, booking forms and calendars. Hence, you can add all to custom page designs, by using drag-and-drop interface.

3. WooCommerce Appointments

WooCommerceis a plugin full of notable features. It has dedicated staff management, amazing availability filters, and two-way Google Calendar synchronization. Also, it is a comprehensive plugin that offers moderate features. Thus, if you are looking for such plugin, then WooCommerce is the plugin to go for.

Whether it is confirmations or request payments, WooCommerce is the best. The extension enables you to receive payments for the set appointments with ease. Besides, it offers excellent reminders and notifications. These helps you to organizing the calendar well, and cut down no-shows.

For a customer, the plugin provides an easy way to add an appointment. In addition, the new arrangement can get added to the Google Calendar, hence an automatic sync.

For overview of appointments, you can view and edit the meeting using a flexible calendar. Also, this calendar can get managed in daily or even weekly view. Additionally, the schedule gets synced with Google calendar and staff. WooCommerce plugin, allows you to accept the deposits or payments for the appointments. Also, you may receive appointment requests.

Hence, users can control schedule by not accepting upfront payments for the appointments.

4.Team Booking

This plugin offers the best cloud calendar system. Also, this system helps manage bookings, appointments, and availability. Team booking plugin integrates with your WP site with ease. As a result, it gives you easy access to this popular system. Once done, it helps in creating events in the Google Calendar. The events get displayed like free slots on your site. Thus, your team or even your clients can book appointments on these slots with ease.

This plugin provides full control over what will be visible in the booking system. Par to the functionality involves the ability to design custom user roles. However, the capabilities vary on the site as well as in the plugin. For instance, assume a team is accessing the site in a clinic environment. Thus, every service provider can manage their appointment bookings quite independently. Moreover, you can also delegate particular tasks to selected users.

Team booking offers an impressive list of features and many advanced customization options. Besides, it offers settings that let you set your appointment booking system the way you want it to be. Furthermore, it allows you, the customer or your team to approve or cancel the appointment.


It is another powerful and highly functional WordPress appointment booking plugin. Whether you are running a small business or a big scale business, the plugin helps you save a lot of time. Besides, it allows you to focus on the things that matter. It takes up the responsibility of appointments management. Furthermore, it helps while increasing the functionality and ease for your customers.


The customer can easily and instantly book an appointment. Among the services are massage, haircut, events, accommodation, lesson, fitness, and parking. Also, Booki appointment booking system, allows you to design many booking projects. and each one of them is customizable with custom fields. This is because different booking forms have different requirements.

The plugin offers an automatic booking confirmation feature. Thus, it helps the user to know about it as soon as it gets done. This plugin provides easy refunds and PayPal payments. Also, the PayPal page can get customized with styling and custom logo. Customers get the feasibility to go through the entire booking history. Also, they can cancel their appointment at any time. Furthermore, editors and admin enjoy the right of complete control over the system.

6.Bookly Appointment Booking

Bookly is the most comprehensive and premium appointment booking plugin. It helps you design a modern booking system on your WP site. Also, it is an active plugin, and its booking forms work best for all types of devices like a Smartphone or tablets. The plugin includes everything that is required to start your booking system.


If you are creating a booking system from scratch or improving an existing one, it works best for both. Besides, the user can manage the booking time periods through the plugin settings.

You get the freedom to set a particular limit on how far in advance customers can book the appointment. Besides, you can create various custom categories. Hence, you can manage bookings in the calendar in an effective manner.

About front-end design, you can style it right from the front-end. You may play around form fields and colors as per your preference. With form builder, you can create different types of forms. Besides, you can add custom fields to these forms. Additionally, you get Email and SMS notification. These helps you stay updated with all the appointments you receive as you plan your entire day. Overall, this is the best plugin, as it offers all options and features. All these are vital in developing a modern appointment booking system in WP site.

7. Appointment+

This appointment booking plugin has been around for quite some time now. Also, it is top ranked in WP directory, and it is a flexible, powerful and feature-rich plugin. Furthermore, it enables you to set, accept and manage the booking on your website. The plugin enables your customers to fast check availability and select a location. Besides, they can select a service provider, make an appointment and pay deposit on the site.

While it is easy to set up, and it allows adding an unlimited number of partners, employees, and contractor as providers. The provider’s location and services can get specific. Thus, clients can sort availability by time, service, provider and place.

Appointment+ offers a clean and friendly front-end interface that nicely works with any theme. You can also use the color picker to match the colors with your brand perfectly. Both, the service provider and the client, can save an appointment booking made on their site directly to Google Calendar without the need of any setup. It is a fast and easy going plugin for small to medium-sized businesses. 

The Final Word

These are our best picks of WordPress appointment booking plugins. Each one of these plugins offers distinctive features. Also, each is capable of designing a comprehensive and modern booking system. When you incorporate a comfortable and contemporary appointment booking system is vital. Reason being, it makes your business a lot more organized, professional and user-friendly.

So, choose the plugin that best meets your business requirements. Besides, the one that let your customers reach your business with utmost convenience.