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Top WordPress Real Estate Plugins

If you have a real estate business, you need to acquaint yourself with some practical solutions. These solutions will help you build a WordPress website that is functional as well as perfectly exhibits your listings. Luckily, you have got thousands of easy-to-use plugins, which would assist you in setting up a purposeful and professional website. So, pick the one that best meets your requirements and start cracking on digitizing your potential listings.

Ask yourself: do you find your website modern, clean and easy to navigate?

You need to ask that because if your website does not have these qualities, this is something which needs to be fixed. One of the most significant problems in this particular industry is that real estate agents partner with franchisors and start getting tremendous benefits, and remain unable to invest in the functionality and aesthetics of their website.

Nevertheless, launching a website for your real estate business on WordPress is quite simple. If you have a real estate business, you can still make your WordPress website. With that, you will get complete control over the functionality and design. You can also increase your sales, and for this, you need to get a hold of some WordPress real estate plugins. Moreover, you don't need to possess any advanced coding skill or other technical expertise besides simple web hosting.

How Do These Plugins Work?

Well, the extensions or plugins that you will install to bring more functionality includes features that will assist in property listings. It will also provide options to add mortgage calculators to the WordPress site along with Zillow integration.

There are hundreds of amazing WordPress realty themes which you may quickly set up with just a click. They are perfect for improving the appearance of your site. However, if you are now starting to build a WordPress site from scratch, you must look for a real estate-specific WordPress theme. But if you already have a website and you want to improve the existing site, then you should go with a couple of stable plugins.

So, before we introduce you to different themes and plugins, let us first have a look at a few things which are essential to creating an active real estate WordPress website.

The Essentials of Building an E​​​​fficient Real Estate WordPress Website

As you read this guide, you might be setting up a WordPress site for the first time. That is why here we explain the elements which go hand in hand to build an ideal and efficient real estate site. While we have shared several plugins below, you will only be selecting one.

These plugins will still make your site faster, protect your WordPress site, enable social sharing and provide you various marketing options. While it is not recommended to install multiple plugins, it is imperative to consider some essentials.

A Brand New Real Estate WordPress Site

To build a new site from scratch, this is what you need to do:

  • Search and install a real estate WordPress theme
  • For aspects of SEO and marketing, install first WordPress plugins.
  • Now install one of the below discussed real estate WordPress plugins and enhance the theme or include any of the missing features.

Once you select the theme, then make sure your WordPress site hold basics.

That is why a real estate company, agent, developer or company must launch the new website with the help of following plugins:

Top Plugins for a Real Estate WordPress Site

1. Estatik

This plugin is known as the king of all other WordPress plugins. This is because it offers a range of features. With that, you also get multilingual support and listings. Also, you receive photo gallery with a responsive layout and a chance to create a slideshow or integrate social media. Estatik is a complete suite regarding tools such as frontend subscription management, customizable labels, and some other advanced search modules.

Distinguishing Features of Estatik WordPress Real Estate Plugin

  • Even though the paid version of the plugin is better, there is an only one-time fee, and with that, you can quickly turn a WordPress site into a full-fledged and complete real estate hub.
  • It incorporates a fantastic map view which eliminates the need to have a map plugin.
  • The plugin also comes with a mortgage calculator.
  • check
    To accept clients' subscriptions, who prefer to include listing consistently,the plugin incorporates with PayPal.
  • check
    The plugin is multilingual, making it easier to connect with different customers.
  • check
    The slideshow widget displays all the homes.
  • check
    It offers great support.
  • check
    The premium version can easily be integrated with MLS.

Limitation of Estatik

While there are no such limitations of this plugin, some of the users of Estatik reported technical problems such as 404 errors and listing images. However, all of these issues are instantly resolved by the support team.

2. WordPress-Property

This WP plugin has been there for quite a long time. Considering the repository, this is the most downloaded plugin by real estate companies. It enables the user to ultimately create and control highly customizable and efficient real estate websites, management of property and fully custom listing websites showcase.

The plugin works great with real estate, but you may also use this for other entities. For instance, if you have a car selling the business, this can also be used to showcase that.

The Distinguishable Feature of WP-Property

  • The plugin can be filtered easily on different kinds of custom attributes.
  • Offer URLs which are SEO friendly
  • Google map API integration validates addresses at the backend.
  • check
    Integration with media library (built-in) so the user doesn't need to utilize 3rd party gallery plugins.
  • check
    Available in total 12 languages

Limitations of WordPress-Property

The plugin has a longer learning curve. Some of the users reported some technical problems initially and put up bad reviews, but it seems that developers have now fully improved the support.

3. Real Estate Pro

This particular plugin is highly recommended for real estate industry for a few reasons. The first and the foremost goal is that this is the plugin in which pages, templates, and settings are configured just after installation. This means that you don't need to touch or do anything for it to appear pretty lovely.

Secondly, this plugin enables clean listing modules along with excellent image gallery. By using Stripe or PayPal, customers can easily buy through your site. Moreover, the plugin is highly responsive to clients. Mainly they want to browse listings using their cell phones and tablets.

The Distinguishing Features of Real Estate Plugin

  • The plugin is integrated and compatible with MailChimp. That is why emails of all new customers are stored in the database.
  • With the plugin, you may also use Visual Composer.
  • It enables you to perform subscriptions configuration.
  • check
    Charge for factors like claiming a listing, adding a listing, accessing the site and selling the VIP badge
  • check
    The translation of the plugin is possible in 13 languages.
  • check
    Your web user can easily bid to reach top rank in search. Most importantly, you may run a listing site using the plugin without being an agent of real estate industry.

Limitations of Real Estate Plugin - WordPress Plugin

Even though the plugin offers translation feature, the visibility or the functionality of the translation feature is still not clear. The MLS cannot be integrated with the plugin. Moreover, there are no help files.

4. Essential Real Estate

The plugin – Essential Real Estate offers many premium features in the free version. You may conveniently override and customize the functions and layouts. It supports single list properties, global payments, individual agents and others. 

The plugin offers everything that is needed to run and initiate a real estate site. Considering repository, the plugin has an excellent 5-star rating. It provides taxonomy features regarding properties, custom post types, user packages, agent packages, transaction logs, and even invoices. You may easily include a new listing or edit. 

The Distinguishable Features of Real Estate Plugin

  • Easily modify/add all listing attributes (such as state, city, neighborhood, status, price, etc.)
  • The plugin is packed with tons of features
  • The properties can be submitted both backend and frontend
  • If you pay close attention to SEO, it enables the user to set the custom post types' slug.

The Limitations of the Real Estate Plugin

The plugin can sometimes be little overwhelming due to the inclusion of everything. Therefore, it also has a steep learning curve.

5. IMPress Listings

IMPress Listings offers two options. Either you can use it free, or you may avail the option of buying a few listing templates. The fundamentals of this plugin involve a complete listing management system. That is status tags and MLS integration regarding your all listings. IMPress also offers some fields that the user must fill at the time of making a listing. Some of these include address, price, pool, garage, virtual tour, and map.

The Distinguishable Features of IMPress Listings

  • It integrates with MLS.
  • The user can easily migrate its IMPress over to AgentPress listings.
  • The plugin offers a featured listing widget.
  • check
    There are customizable dropdowns, for search listing module, for things such as property types, locations, bathrooms, and bedrooms.
  • check
    The user doesn't need to embed the maps as they are automatically inserted.

The Limitations of IMPress Listings

The default status tags of property are only changeable by configuring some codes. Also, the creation of single listing templates is quite tricky than it should be. The plugin still has room for better support.

6. Easy Property Listings

This particular plugin offers more like a freemium model for real estate business. The plugin can be used entirely free, but some of the extensions are only available for purchase. For instance, you may purchase the Comparable extensions and still spend almost $47.

However, the plugin offers an exciting feature regarding stats viewing. The user can easily see the number of listing that has been posted successfully in a particular time frame. You may also look at the listings that have already been sold. The plugin also offers listing widgets. Hence, you may disclose a few property listings using a sidebar beside your blog feed.

The Distinguishable Features of Easy Property Listings

  • The listings don't require anything considering the customization. This plugin is known as one of the easiest of all to display listings. Also, to display your listings beautifully on your WordPress site.
  • The plugin easily integrates with various frameworks of WordPress such as Headway, Genesis and iThemes Builder.
  • The plugin comes with hundreds of theme templates.
  • check
    It offers strong customer support.
  • check
    Regarding final listing customization interface, the plugin offers more than 150 custom fields.
  • check
    The more a user is experienced, the more freedom is available to them through API documentation.

The Limitations of the Easy Property Listings

The free, regular plugin should include the paid extensions. These extensions may consist of listing templates, sliders, and advanced mapping.

7. WordPress Amortization Calculator

The benefits of WP Amortization Calculator plugin comes when you don't have the calculator tool within your theme. Also, if there is no such tool regarding any other plugin such as Estatik. The plugin, however, is available at a cheap cost so as you go with WP Amortization Calculator, it's not a bad bargain to provide your clients with the tool which they would eventually need.

The plugin comes with proper customizable settings for fitting and branding it on your site. It offers a lead capture module, and it's responsive to the users. As an additional value, your clients may also get PDF reports.

The Distinguishing Features of WordPress Amortization Calculator

  • As the user gets access to primary lead capture module, this plugin is more than just a calculator.
  • The user may get a drag and drop interface by integrating with Visual Composer.
  • Create PDFs and include in them the company's logo and information about the company so that your clients can access it.
  • check
    Look at all the loans in which the clients are interested.

The Limitations of WordPress Amortization Calculator

To avail advanced styles, the user will require more CSS knowledge. The features which are already programmed cannot be disabled. Since many themes and WordPress plugins already incorporate calculators, the plugin is useful for those who need to include it on their current site.

8. WPL Real Estate

The WP Real Estate gives you a great chance to list agents, provide advanced search and share the map view of the listings to your users. The good part about this plugin is that it allows for facilitation to agencies that hold a handful of agents. To give buyers and sellers a bright idea about whom they are dealing with, you may include agent information or share their photos.

The WPL plugin comes with some compatible and native themes, but this also works best with any other item of WordPress. While you may avail the free plugin along with various decent features, the real functionality of the plugin comes in the Pro Version of the WPL. To see how much it will cost you, you need to request a free quote.

The Distinguishing Features of WPL Real Estate

  • The plugin can easily be connected to MLS.
  • The plugin offers excellent customer support.
  • The plugin has a lot more to offer than just usual property listings. For instance, you also get an advanced search feature along with agent listings.

The Limitation of WPL Real Estate

The free version of the plugin offers no multilingual option. In fact, there are some other customization options too, which are completed omitted from plugin free version. For example, the user cannot accept multiple currencies, can't hide the address or modify the ‘More Details' space in the absence of using a premium version.

In a Nutshell

All the listings discussed above offer great functionality. All of them provide their particular strengths, regardless if they offer a few features which are common to the websites of real estate.

However, you must be wondering which plugin to go with. Also, being a new user, it is common to wonder where actually to start. However, choosing the right plugin depends on your site's preferences and how you like your website to appear or function. For instance, if you decide to go with WPL Real Estate, this will offer you ample documentation, excellent support team that keeps ahead of all questions. Also, provide a chance to opt for a premium version if you need more valuable features.

Similarly, if you want to go with a WordPress theme but concerned about the compatibility issues, then your best bet is Easy Property Listings. The idea offers excellent compatibility mode which is custom-made. This is also a wise choice for agents who like their customers to set their appointments online to avoid phone calls. With that, you will also receive the support regarding multiple locations and currencies, which make this a better pick to list properties.

That is why your choice of plugin relies on your real estate website preferences, and for this, you must   first understand the offered features of each plugin. A better way is first to read the review and test out   a handful of plugins and then go with the one which seems more interesting.


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