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WordPress website owners recognize the advantages of having a personalized user engagement approach. They understand that, for many users, browsing the internet may feel like an isolated experience. However, just by adding live chat support to your site, you can add more personalization to your customer support. Live chat also works great to increase conversion rates!

For a minute, just try to recall the last time you called customer support. If you were asked to hold for a while or if you felt that the person was a robot reading a script without understanding your concern, you are not alone. From distorted connections to  never-ending hold tones, over the phone assistance is almost never a good experience. ​This is particularly true if you have a large customer base. While live phone support might be a good solution, it can create a dismal user experience if your support team is not well-trained. This gives your business a bad impression and make customers less likely to buy from you again. One way to overcome this issue and to handle a large chunk of customers is to add a live chat feature to your site.

In other words, present an instant online chat feature to your customers!

Benefits of WordPress Live Chat Feature

To get a cool live chat feature on your site, you must employ WordPress live chat plugins. WordPress live chat plugins are typically free to install. Here are the main benefits of adding a live chat plugin.

  • Customers like to have many options to contact businesses. Adding a live chat plugin will allow people who don’t like to make phone calls to have another possible contact option.
  • Live chat helps increase customer retention. Customers who receive good customer service prefer to stick with a brand.
  • The WordPress live chat plugins help in getting customer feedback. This customer interaction helps you in target-marketing in the future.
  • A live chat module makes a website more professional. Typically, only well-organized companies offer this feature on their websites.

The Top-Picked WordPress Live Chat Plugins

In this guide, we will look at the best WordPress live chat plugins. We will review these plugins by looking at their functionality, pros, and cons. So let’s get started.


This highly-rated plugin appears sleek as you install it on your site. The plugin is free. The live chat box is not cluttered with spam elements or ads that would make the plugin less attractive or unpleasant to use. The live chat module is highly customizable, and you can easily monitor your customers in real time.

You should use Tawk if you-

  • Want a more customized chat module, and more adjustment tools regarding size, colour, position, etc.
  • Need chat support for a large chunk of customers
  • Want a live chat plugin which won’t cost a single penny
  • Prefer shortcut canned messages or a built-in plugin ticketing

You should not use Tawk if you-

  • Don’t want to sign up an account at Tawk
  • Need more premium and advanced support options
  • Require additional customization or branding tools

WP Live Chat Support

This plugin offers an exceptional package of features. This is a free plugin, with a beautiful chat box and support for multiple languages. The quality control and follow-up functionality of this plugin warns you whenever a chat is missed. Users who click the exit button will make the chat box hide from view for 24 hours. There are numerous features in the free version, but you may want to go with the additional functionality offered in the paid add-on.

WP Live Chat Support is awesome if you-

  • Need a cost-effective plugin for live chat
  • Want to include animations or effects to the live chat box
  • Wish to integrate analytics tools and translations to your chat
  • Need a way to incorporate quizzes, surveys, or polls before and after the chat
  • Want a WordPress live chat feature without 3rd party branding on your site

You should not opt for this plugin if you-

  • Want unlimited chat agents, but don’t want to pay for it
  • Rely on instant support ticket responses (sometimes support can be troublesome)

Real-Time Chat Plugin – Live Chat by Formilla

This plugin is more suitable for professional companies such as law firms. The chat boxes are professional and ideal for serious businesses. In terms of customer support, this is the best plugin available. Since the free plan offers only one chat to occur at a time, businesses that need to handle multiple customer support interactions simultaneously should opt for the premium version.This plugin offers visitor monitoring in real time. It offers mobile apps to interact with the customers, custom appearances, custom languages, and multi-site WordPress support.

You should install Formilla Live Chat if you-

  • Can pay monthly fee for thousands of features and need mobile app support
  • Want real-time monitoring of visitors and wish to integrate tools such as Zendesk, MailChimp, etc
  • Want canned messages to improve the process of communication
  • Wish to have an SSL in the live chat module – an ideal security feature for online stores

However, you should not opt for this plugin if you-

  • Need a free WordPress live chat plugin, as the free version is not worth installing for an average business
  • Want a better and creative design and don’t want a traditional-looking chat box

Facebook Messenger Live Chat

If you want to integrate the live chat plugin on your site with Facebook, the Facebook Messenger Live Chat plugin might be the best option for you. Facebook breaks into the world of customer service by offering a social way to connect with customers. Since most people spend more time on Facebook than on shopping websites, this plugin offers a chat box that customers are accustomed to using.

This plugin easily integrates into your site and everything can be managed from a single dashboard. The plugin is free, yet the features are limited to what Facebook offers. Also, the 3rd-party branding may annoy some users. However, you can solve these problems by upgrading to the premium version.

You should install Facebook Messenger Live Chat if you-

  • Want a free and advanced live chat plugin
  • Want better tools for customization and can pay a bit to remove 3rd-party branding
  • Need a more social chat box, with relevant buttons and mobile tools
  • Prefer communication through Facebook

However, you may skip this plugin if you-

  • ​Don’t want the Facebook branding (can only be hidden in the premium version)
  • Prefer more freedom regarding chat box workings. This plugin is powerful but is also restricted to what Facebook develops.

Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales

Although it has a bit of a bland name, this plugin is awesome because it provides support for unlimited sites. It also supports unlimited chats and operators. When not present at the office, you may use the mobile app for this plugin to interact with your customers. It also has WooCommerce compatibility; moreover, there is no fee required to receive access to various features. For an online store, this plugin is an excellent option.

You should go with Chat- Live Chat, Support Sales if you-

  • Want a completely free plugin for live chat
  • Want to display avatars for the reps of customer support
  • Prefer addressing customers using their names
  • Want unlimited agents and chats
  • Run an e-commerce store with WooCommerce

However, avoid installing this plugin if you-

  • Don’t want to wait for a cluttered admin area
  • Prefer going with a plugin that offers premium support. If you encounter issues, you may get help from developers. However, this is usually not as good as the support offered with most premium plugins.

Zendesk Chat

Most businesses want to integrate live chat with a CRM – Customer Relationship Management software. In this way, you not only keep track of conversations with individual customers but also can use this information to better customize user experience for future chats. This is exactly what makes Zendesk one of the most appealing live chat platforms.With Zendesk, you can start a conversation with a client, record information, make a sale, and then log the whole interaction using a CRM. For WordPress users, the plugin is free. The free plan offers single concurrent chat, 14 days of chat history tracking, and a chat rating. Many people consider this to be the best plugin for small businesses.

You must opt for Zendesk Chat if you-

  • Wish to use a free plugin and have a support team with a single agent
  • Want a way to direct customers to various departments
  • Have already worked with Zendesk and simply want to integrate
  • Need to keep track of conversions

However, you must not go with this plugin if you-

  • Don’t want to see branding. (The Enterprise option allows users to hide Zendesk Chat branding.)
  • Need a free live chat plugin but also a couple of agents
  • Need to go with a user-friendly plugin

Intercom Live Chat

This plugin enables you to create as well as publish some helpful articles in live chat. It also offers lead generation tools and targeted messages. However, many of the Intercom Live Chat package options are quite expensive.

Intercom Live Chat is a great if you-

  • Need a robust plugin
  • Have a big team or require an enterprise solution with a couple of agents
  • Need extra integrations such as an educational portal, CRM, and an operator bot.

However, you must not opt for this plugin if you-

  • Need a free live chat plugin but have a couple of agents
  • Wish to have something easy and quick to use

Choosing the Right WordPress Live Chat Plugin

We have provided you with some information about our top WordPress live chat plugins. All of these are being used by many enterprises to offer online live chat support to their customers. So… how do you plan to go about sifting through all of these solutions and making the right decision?Make your decision by keeping individual needs of your business in mind. Go with the plugin that provides the best value for your business. For instance, if you have a serious and professional business, you should go with either Formilla or Intercom Live Chat.

Similarly, if you need a simpler social solution, then Facebook Messenger Live Chat is your best bet. So choose the right plugin and start improving your customer support. Hopefully, in turn, you will make your business more efficient and increase your conversion rates.