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Locked Out from Your WP Site? Here’s What You Should Do

So, did your WordPress site just got hacked? All your content would be at risk then, and in some cases, you may even get locked out of WordPress. What do you do then? Go back to ground zero, and rebuild everything again? Not really, even though it may seem a more[...]
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What Are Hackers Looking At Your Website

Hackers do not always have an agenda. They are looking for any weaknesses that can be manipulated and taken advantage of.You do not have to be a big corporation with a lot of secrets or a large bank that holds sensitive information about a large pool of customers to be[...]
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Why Hackers Target You

WordPress has provided us with several options to tighten the security around the webpage we publish. The tools better equip your website to protect it from any external threats like unwanted attacks from anonymous hackers. However, a problem arises when you use the tools and forget about them later. Tightening[...]
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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Secure your WordPress site.

Most people, when they first start designing and developing their website, are primarily concerned about making things work the way they desire and getting the site to look great. WordPress security isn't one of their primary concerns.This is funny because almost everyone has heard or read about hacking but when[...]
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Easy Ways to Scan Your WordPress Site for Security Holes

Scanning Your WordPress Site for Security HolesYour WordPress site is a hotbed for sensitive information and digital assets. Improper security is one of the main reason why hackers are targeting you.  Thus, scanning it for possible vulnerabilities is now a necessity. By doing so, you will be keeping dangerous hackers[...]
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Using SSL and HTTPS for Your WordPress site?

Using SSL & HTTPS for Your WordPress site?Sharing information on the internet is common. Yet, we hardly give it a second thought. Every day, we share our personal information over websites or on other platforms. This sharing can be in the form of paying for bills/services using a credit card.[...]
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Tips for securing your e-commerce site

Managing your online business comprises of important sections. Among the sections is ensuring your e-commerce site is secure. Besides this, security determines the probability of your customers doing business with your often. This might be minimal if you do not guarantee their data is safe. In fact, this should be[...]
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Essential Tips And Must Do For Keeping Your WordPress Security strong

There is no denying the unmatched popularity enjoyed by WordPress sites. Since establishment, WordPress has been a priority to various web development projects, whether it is a simple website or a complex blogging site with many features.There are many plug-ins and custom integrations that make WordPress the winner in the[...]
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WordPress Security: Not an Option, but An Essential?

Are you running a WordPress site? Do you frequently download plug-ins for its enhancement? If the answer is YES, one question that should always loom around in your mind should be- Is my site safe enough? Is it prone to hacks and viruses?WordPress s​​​​ecurityIt is extremely crucial. Beginners, as well[...]
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