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Google analytics

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress

    Are you a beginner who wants to install Google Analytics on your WordPress website? Here is your guide to do so. Understanding how your audience is interacting with your website is vital for your success.Further, the best means of knowing your traffic is via your traffic stats. Google Analytics offers[...]
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    Tips to Optimize Speed of your Website

      The user experience depends on the performance and speed of your web pages. So, if your website is too slow, you will lose visitors, as well as possible customers. Besides that, search engines such as Google do consider the speed of your website when it comes to search rankings. So,[...]
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      Best WordPress Facebook Widgets You Can Use

        Are you finding it challenging to get Facebook widgets for your WordPress site? A more significant method of adding style to your WordPress footer or sidebar is the use of widgets. However, WordPress, by default, does not have any Facebook widgets choices.Keeping your website secure and faster is essential. But,[...]
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        Client Portals You Can Create With WordPress

          Exchanging work with clients is hard to manage. Therefore, we need a wide range of plugins that will help to manage files transferred to clients. For this, you will need Client Portal WordPress Plugins that will handle work and your clients. These plugins provide the most effective way to manage[...]
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          8 Best Google AdSense Plugins For WordPress

            The greatest way to earn money online is by showing ads on your website. One of the most popular and easiest ad platforms to help you monetize your website is Google AdSense. Google runs this ad platform, which let site owners display ads on their blogs and websites with ease.The[...]
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            How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

              Are you struggling with marketing your WordPress-based website? Are you looking for a workable solution to promote your products and services? Well then have you thought about adopting affiliate marketing? You might have heard the term, but do you know how does it work and why is it so popular[...]
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              Integrate Your WordPress Site with Instagram

                In the older days, we used to upload every picture from Instagram feed to WordPress. After that, we inserted them into our pages. Now, you have many ways to get the benefits of WordPress and Instagram integration!WordPress is among the most robust platforms in today's fast-growing business industry. Its vast[...]
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                WordPress Plugins for Your Website’s Ad Management

                  If you want to monetize your website, your first solution is to put some advertising banners on your site. This comes as the easiest and fastest way to make money through your WordPress site. To fulfill the requirements, WordPress offers some great solutions through its smart ad management plugins.Are you[...]
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                  How to Add WordPress Google AdSense to Your Site

                    Every WordPress site can generate passive income through advertisements. This is the best way to monetize your site. But, if you do not want to clutter your site with an array of marketing ads, then Google AdSense is your best bet. Also, with Ad Sense, your revenue is just a[...]
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