WordPress Speed optimization

Our WordPress Speed optimization service will make your site load faster and score well on Google Pagespeed Insights and GTMetrix. Not only that, you will also get access to our set of Premium plugins worth $500 for FREE!
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WordPress Speed optimization

WordPress Speed Optimization

Lazy Loading & Optimizing Images

When it comes to speed of your website, it’s likely that most of the images make up the majority of the size in the space. It is a relatively simple concept that the smaller is the image size, the faster it takes time to load. Therefore, we work on optimizing images of your website. However, this will enhance your site speed. Moreover, it also helps in boosting the performance of your website. Our WP Experts use a lossless compression technique to optimize all your website images. Having unoptimized images? Leave it to us; we will optimize them for faster loading!

Minifying JavaScript & CSS

The main issue of load time in Website performance takes a toll of customer’s patience. If unnecessary codes get minified, then it will increase your website speed! We at Helpbot, optimize your website by removing unnecessary or redundant data. However, this will affect the resource processing of your browser. Moreover, we concentrate on all scripts & styles and cache your website. They may be the reason to reduce the time of site load. Therefore, our WP Experts work on the speed of your website, thus making it faster. We will check your GTMetrix score and make the use of compressor extension to check JS or CSS files merges or not!

Leverage Browser Caching

The essential cache mechanism for page speed is browser caching. Most of the static files used on your website can be saved on the computer of your visitors. We help you optimize your website speed by setting up a regularly, saved version of your website. Every time the visitor accesses a new page on your website, they can access these files from their browser instead of your server. This can amazingly increase your website performance!

GZIP Compression

It’s a known phenomenon that compression reduces the load time by reducing the size of HTTP’s response. GZIP is the most effective method which generally reduces the response time by 70%. Our WP professionals enable GZIP compression from your server. This will help your web pages & style sheet gets compressed before sending over the browser. This means the load time of your website gets reduced!

Optimizing Mobile Experience

Mobile devices comprise of largest volume traffic for many online businesses. Therefore, users expect the optimized experience of the website in mobile which they get on bigger devices. At Helpbot, we create websites with an optimal viewing experience in mobiles. However, we also ensure the responsive mobile version for every browser.

CDN Support

Whether it’s your website, videos, applications, games or API’s, your content will get delivered to the customers as fast as possible. We provide CDN support that copies your website to the servers around the world & offers a better experience to your customers.


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