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If you belong to dentistry, your website is the first platform that welcomes potential customers. So it is important to make a lasting and amazing first impression by incorporating a top rated WordPress theme specifically for dentists!

You are probably thinking that dentistry and web design are two unrelated activities. But today’s market demands that all businesses have an online presence. Thanks to WordPress, it’s possible to the connect these two fields. 

If you already have a WordPress site or if you want to make it effective and appealing, you must choose a nice WordPress theme. There are numerous WordPress themes that work perfectly to design a website for dental clinics, dental hygienists, specialist orthodontists, oral surgery centers, periodontists or general physician offices.

In this post, we will look at the top five WordPress themes for dentists. All of these themes have at least one pre-built site. These sites can easily be imported into your WordPress to assist you with the promotion of your dental clinic or other dentist-related site.

Even though the themes are specifically designed with the dental industry in mind, all of these themes can also be used by hospitals, doctors, emergency centers, health clinics, therapists, and urgent care clinics.

You might be thinking is it possible to incorporate a WordPress theme not specially designed for dentists?

Well, you can always create your WordPress site by incorporating any other theme, but if you want a highly effective site for your dental clinic, incorporating an industry-specific niche theme is the best choice.

It will be beneficial for you as well as convenient for your customers as you will get all the relevant and industry-specific features already built-in. Oftentimes, a WordPress theme that is designed for a specific industry has faster page loading speeds and includes related add-ons.

When you design your WordPress site using a niche theme, it takes out the guesswork. This means you don’t need to spend lots of time tweaking the generic theme to make it relevant to your business needs or to mold it to best suit the industry and your brand. No matter if you have a dental clinic or you are a dentist, your site needs to be well-designed, professional, trustworthy, and inviting. In order, to set up a well designed website, you can hire WP Experts who provide WordPress Management for your site. It must also showcase your professional skills, achievements, and successes.

So without further ado, let’s just dive into our selection of top five WordPress themes for dentists.

top five wordPress themes for dentists

1. ProDent

ProDent is a WordPress site that lets you design a fully functional and highly impressive website for your dental clinic. The biggest reason why many users prefer using the Pro Dent theme for their dental clinic is its modern and stylish homepage layouts. These layouts come in three distinctive variations.

Another great benefit of selecting this WordPress theme is that it has a pre-built dentist clinic site. So you will have no trouble launching a well-designed and effective professional site for your business.

The default homepage layout offers a full-screen slideshow. It provides you with a great opportunity to set your business tone while you share some of the pictures of your dental practice. Once your customers scroll down the page, this will take them to the form that enables them to book an appointment. 

The offered form is simple and anyone can easily fill it out. So don’t worry about missing out on customers as even the least tech-savvy visitor can use the effective and simple form to contact your business.

In addition to this simple form, the default design of homepage lets you display your business phone number so that your site’s visitors can easily and quickly dial to book an appointment. Plus, there is a feature grid available on the homepage that allows you to highlight your dental services in the easiest manner possible.

ProDent also features a feedback module. This means that you can easily ask your previous patients to leave their feedback about your services. This is a great feature to establish your business identity. To be fair, the homepage of ProDent is packed with different features, modules, and options that let you customize and design your business site to represent your brand.

Last but not the least, ProDent is a complete dental site solution. Thus, in addition to high quality and distinctive homepage design, the theme also offers different templates to keep the inner pages of your site as interesting as the homepage.

2. HealthFlex


HealthFlex is a corporate and business professional multi-purpose theme. This theme offers a range of useful demo sites for various professional applications, from dentists to doctors.

HealthFlex is insightful, innovative, and powerful. It’s also an extremely customizable, easy to use, highly responsive, and mobile friendly WordPress theme for dentists.

When you set up the dental site, you may select from 6 pre-built demos that can be imported to the dashboard of your WordPress website. You can either use dental clinic site demos or choose from other medical demos as they can also be adjusted if the overall design is a better match for your business.

Thanks to the functionality and features of the WordPress theme, customization of the demos is quite straightforward and simple. A user can easily use the WordPress customizer tool and control panel to make wide-reaching modifications to the site. This may include adjusting color and swapping the fonts.

HealthFlex offers attractive and elegant demos for odontologists, dentists, and orthodontists. It contains an entire slew of convenient pages and shortcodes, designed to give anyone the ability to make a pristine, clean, and professional-looking site. With that, you also get deep functionality that includes user contact forms (advanced), sleek staff blurbs along with intuitive, modern, and easy-to-use frameworks for constructing and designing dentistry and dentist-related sites.

The theme also offers WooCommerce integration that helps in listing products and services for sale along with the ability to receive full/partial payments for offerings on your site. You may also integrate the theme with MailChimp email marketing or ECWID shopping cart plugin to set up a newsletter or to collect payments right from your site.

3. Etalon

Etalon is the best multi-purpose theme to develop a professional service site. The theme offers a range of website demos that are purpose-built web designs, best for creating a dental clinic site. You can easily use the pre-built sites for promoting the dental services of your business.

This helps in promoting dental services and your clinic’s brand. Etalon lets you present information about the dentists working in your dental clinic in a readable and straightforward manner.

This theme is designed to handle multiple scenarios. The theme is designed with CSS3 and HTML5 that support animations. One of the best features of Etalon is the staff profile section available on the homepage, which includes testimonials from satisfied customers.

To enhance the interactive display of your site and to facilitate your visitors, you can also integrate Google Maps and include the location of your clinic. This theme uses Visual Composer as its page builder and is bootstrap compatible.

The layout offers awesome features such as widgets and portfolio pages on footers. You can also easily post blogs and news about specific and relevant topics relating to your business. So if you need a multi-purpose design theme, then go with Etalon and create new opportunities for your dental business.

4. MediCenter

MediCenter is one of the best selling WordPress dentist themes on the market. It is best known for creating dentist or dental clinic sites. The theme was first released back in 2013 but since then, it is constantly being improved with regular updates. It has impressive user ratings in both the health and medical theme categories.

So if you are interested in a tried-and-tested WordPress theme, then MediCenter is your best choice. This theme offers almost six layouts for your dental site homepage. It also has page templates that are a part of every professional dental site such as dentist profiles, care packages and pricing plans, department pages, and service timetables.

You can also display photographs of your practice by using gallery templates. Plus, you can create great convenience for your visitors by mentioning opening and closing hours of your dental clinic.

In other words, MediCenter provides the user with complete control over the website. It is a complete package to develop an effective as well as the highly-functional dentist services site. You can enable the features according to your preference as well as choose the fonts and colors accordingly. With MediCenter, you also get the premium Visual Composer, a drag and drop page builder plugin for personalization and content design.

So if you are happy to incorporate a theme that constantly improves and remains updated with features, then MediCenter can be an excellent choice.

5. Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic is a responsive and beautiful theme that is designed for dentists, dental professionals, and dental hospitals. This theme features two layouts. One is the full-width layout and another is the boxed layout.

You can easily convert this WordPress theme into a one-page site. Dental Clinic is an SEO optimized retina ready and WPML compatible theme. It is known as one of the most feature-rich WordPress theme and is very easy to customize. With Dental Clinic, you get instant access to multiple custom widgets that can easily be used to improve the footer and sidebar areas of your site.

There is also a huge library of shortcodes that provide you with multiple options to add elements to your pages and posts. You can easily combine these features with the Visual Compose page builder tool that is the part of Dental Clinic theme. The best part is that you can use your WordPress dashboard and create interactive and advanced slideshows by using Slider Revolution. To check the slideshows in action, check out the demos of Dental Clinic. Nonetheless, the theme is easy to use and offers a variety of features which let you design a professional and functional site for your dental business.

The Final Words

While there are tons of WordPress themes for dentists in the marketplace, the above-discussed themes are the top rated and most popular dental themes that provide you with the top-notch features necessary to design your professional business site.

Remember to choose the WordPress theme that best meets your business preferences and meets your visitors’ needs. A well-designed theme is the one that attracts potential patients and allows visitors to easily establish contact with your business.

Even after finding the right theme, it is still important to stay up-to-date with the latest WordPress designs and trends so that your website remains ahead of the competition. To do this, it’s best to always keep an eye on your competitors’ websites and make upgrades/improvements accordingly.

All the above-discussed themes are excellent choices for everyone, from novices to the tech-savvy. Better yet, they are easily customizable so that you can tailor site features according to your business needs. If you have already installed a theme then you can read more on updating WordPress theme.

We hope this article has helped you out in selecting the best WordPress theme for your dental business. So which theme do you like the most? We would like to know your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to share this useful guide on your social media platforms.