WordPress Management Services

From website migration to DNS and cPanel management, we help you with everything WordPress and hosting. We take care of your WordPress core, monitor your server’s up-time and take care of your PHP software as well. We simply make sure your site runs smoothly and be there for you whenever you need us.
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WordPress Management Services

WordPress Management Services

WordPress Management Services

Your hosting and WordPress core version are at the heart of your website. If you want to have your site running in top shape you need to keep every piece of software up-to-date. This is done not only to have new features, but to keep your WordPress bug-free and not interfere with your website performance.

Our aim here is to keep your life simple by taking care of your website’s heart beat and giving you website and hosting support services for other miscellaneous things that you might want us to handle. This may include setting up your new website, helping you with website migration, or even changing DNS settings of your domain and installing SSL certificate.

Below are a list of things we do within our WordPress Management Services. If you want to get started right away just optin to our WP Care Plan here and let us know how we can help.

WordPress version control

A Key part of WordPress management is taking care of your WordPress core, plugins and theme version updates. WordPress version Control simply means keeping track of these changes happening to your site and keeping your data safe. We record the changes made, who made the changes & when the changes were made. This ensures that your data is always safe, and we can even access and restore the older version of your site. Besides this WordPress also comes with a user role management system that we can guide you through and keep a track of.

Website Migration

WordPress migration is probably one of the last steps in launching a new or redesigned website. It may also be the best strategy if you think you just got hacked and wanted to take your clean WordPress Backup files and migrate to a new hosting server. Whatever the case may be, if you are moving your WordPress site to new host or domain but don’t have the right expertise or time, ask us for WordPress help, and we will do it for you with no strings attached.

Server Uptime Monitoring

Your site is everything to you, and it is evident to know when it goes down. It inevitably does affect your website’s credibility, but you may be losing money and search engine influence also. So, what would happen if it stopped responding in the middle of the night? Helpbot provides 24/7 Uptime monitoring service, which means, we monitor your website and server closely and get to resolve anything serious when your WordPress site goes down.

PHP support

WordPress is the most common CMS and is based on PHP & MySQL. It gets a lot of attention from all kinds of hackers out there because of which it is important to have active and right security measures related to PHP. Having your site based on correct PHP version, Preventing PHP execution from potential plugins/theme etc. are amongst a few things you should do. Helpbot makes sure that all this is implemented. We also take care of any major PHP errors that happen coincidently and do not shy away from customizing a thing or two if need be.

cPanel Server Management

In simple terms, cPanel is an administrative control panel which is used to manage everything your web hosting has to offer. It helps you manage your domains, email accounts, database, files etc. using one single interface. Experienced users may already know about these things but even so forget some of the options available. Moreover, many other newbies and business website owners probably need help with this or would rather spend time doing what matters.

DNS management

Managing DNS can be difficult sometimes! Many people do not know the concept of Domain name service and thus spend a lot of time on these things for o reason. If you are migrating a site from one server to another or setting up a new website domain for yourself. You surely want to do this right and with minimum downtime. We are here to help; you just need to Let us know what you want, and we will do it for you with no strings attached.


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