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Mobile operations and enterprise mobility are growing every day. Consequently, there is demand for websites that are Mobile Responsive. Do you have a responsive mobile website? If not, you are missing many potential business leads. Also, it is essential to switch your WordPress site to a responsive and mobile-friendly site. However, it is not an easier task.

Moving to a new theme and site design can be tedious. Unless, you are aware of the complexities. You need to access some amazing functionalities. In order to move your site. Nonetheless, they should transform your website. More-so, into an extremely responsive one. Besides, they help you achieve mobile-friendly features. This happens without complete migration.

With Responsive themes, you can resize photos and images. As per your specific screen size. Furthermore, adding re-sizable images makes browsing easier. Besides, it makes it hassle-free. Images suited to screen resolutions boost audience engagement. Make your mobile website responsive, by using suitable plugins.

The Plugins For Mobile Responsive Websites

Soliloquy Responsive Slider

Do you want your site to appear professional? Then, you must have images. The images make the site look professional. Also,they attract more viewers. However, you must use a suitable plugin. It helps you in working on the images. But, before adding them on your site.

Soliloquy Responsive Slider emerges as the perfect option. Reason being, it features many add-ons. Thus, this plug-in offers many resizing options.

Any Mobile Theme Switcher

From the name, the plugin allows you to load mobile themes. So, it detects the visitor’s browse. This is when someone visits your site.  In return, it sends the right theme. Also, it allows you to set distinct homepages. More-so for various mobile devices. For example, you can set pages for Blackberry or Apple. Hence, it allows your presentation to appear more user group specific.


Jetpack has over 33 features. Thus, the plugin helps you to do more. Irrespective of making your website responsive.

Additionally, it is an all in one plugin. Hence, it allows you to use contact forms and custom CSS.

Besides, you can transform your image gallery with Carousel. And, site verification tools.Furthermore, you can integrate your site with Google+.

WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0

The plugin gets supported by iOS, Android smartphones and tablets. Also, the WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0 changes your website. Hence, making it a mobile web application.Further,the plugin provides a ready-made theme. The theme features six abstract covers, post-sync, and an appearance customization. It has an integration with analytics. Besides, a “full-screen” mode for desktop users. Finally, it is Compatible with Safari, and Google Chrome. Also, with Android and Native Browser.

WPtouch Pro 4

More than half a million sites uses WPtouch Pro plugin. Hence, it has evolved Mobile Responsive theme in many ways. Also, the plugin uses “Infinity Cache”. In turn, faster response. But, based on the device of the user.

Additionally, it has CSS. The CSS scales images. Also, it helps in mobile optimization. The starting cost is $69. But, WP touch plugin is worth the price. Reason being, its features and extra Add-ons.

Have you worked with any of these plugins ? If yes, do share your response in the comments section below!