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When your site goes live, the first thing that you want to know is if it works! You want to know if there is any visitor. You want to see the complete statistics so that you make your site even better!

When it comes down to have statistics on your site, the first name that comes to mind is Google Analytics. It was launched in 2005 and offered services that would help the site owner to know their audience, trace their customer path and observe their user behavior and what they are up to!

Ever since Google Analytics was introduced with the visitors’ statistic idea, there has been rapid growth in the development of similar analytic programs, providing better and new ways of monitoring and tracking audience, and WordPress Analytic Plugins is just one of them.

So do you want to set up Google Analytics on your WordPress site?

If yes; either you can use Google Analytics, pasting the tracking code in the website’s header or you may opt for WordPress plugins. These plugins will provide you with your own Google Analytics dashboard in the WordPress. So what does it mean?

Well, it means getting all the goodness of Google Analytics statistics without even leaving the user-friendly WordPress dashboard! To give you a better understanding, in this post, we will discuss the top five WordPress analytics plugins that provide the experience of Google Analytics in three different ways.

  1. Some plugins offer a full-scale user-friendly Google Analytics dashboard in the admin area of your WordPress
  2. Lightweight plugins with which you can quickly easily add the tracking code of google analytics to WordPress
  3. Niche plugins which assist you in adding Google Analytics Event Tracking.

All of these plugins open up flexible and new analytic features that you might not know now. But as you finish reading this post, you will be having a lot more information about the great WordPress Analytic plugins that can at least accomplish two things for you;

  • It can create a good connection between the Google Analytics and your site without the causing you the stress of updating site’s code
  • It will add a more comprehensive dashboard, full of statistics while keeping all the critical data for the site within WordPress

You must know the essential role of analytics in helping us to track the direction of our online business. It also helps by suggesting steps that might help in improving your business performance. Thus, unless you know the figures to evaluate the performance of your site, you cannot grow your business or make required adjustments.

That is why the selection of the best and most suited WordPress Analytics plugin is crucial for your business. As we have a lot of plugins out there, providing similar features, at first, you might find it difficult to select the best plugin. However, the only way you can choose the most suitable plugin for your site is by knowing these plugins in details,To assist you with that, let us discuss the top 5 WordPress plugins in detail. It will help you in making the right decision for your business in a timely manner promptly.

let’s talk about these plugins

1. Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress plugin

This is an exemplary excellent Google Analytics plugin. It merely adds the tracking code to your, and then it pulls every key statistics to your dashboard. The plugin also provides a much cleaner data by taking out specific user roles from its tracking. The plugin offers basic event tracking and enhanced link attribution. Other useful features of this plugin include real-time monitoring of statistics and custom dimensions.

It provides excellent feasibility of in-dashboard reports so that you can check the statistics without even leaving your WordPress panel. This is a popular famous free option that is well-supported by WordPress. Some of the significant great benefits of using Google Analytics Dashboard include:

  •  Thousands of free featureslement
  • Proper segmentation keep it easy to locate the right and useful report
  • Event tracking and custom dimensions as some of the must-haves

To get the most of this top-ranked WordPress plugin all you need for authentication is your Google Analytics account before you view reports. This plugin helps you have a look at some a number of visitors coming on your site, the number of visits they are making, bounce rates, page per visit, organic searches and others. Nevertheless, this plugin offers comprehensive statistics and detailed analysis for your WordPress site. It is one of the most secure ways of stats of your Google Analytics.

2. Jetpack by WordPress

Jetpack by WordPress is the most potent analytics plugin that is great to manage WordPress sites. It provides detailed stats about the site traffic. It also offers optimization for images, security services, and other features.

If you are not an analytics pro and don’t need complicated reports, the jetpack is the perfect choice for you. All you need to do is to simply turn on the module only,and that’s it. There is no need for any additional setup. After this, you can easily see the most liked content on your site and from where people are directed to your site.

Jetpack also stores detailed information regarding posting trends, peak visitor hours, views per country, references, clicks and much more. It also offers social media sharing icons, mobile optimization, site monitoring services and others. All of this is really helpful in knowing the improvement areas and to bring more traffic to your site.

The most popular features of this plugin include:

  • Visitors information to ensure accurate tracking of traffic
  • Help you increase the traffic using features like Publicize, sharing and related posts
  • Keep your site secure from fake or unlimited login attempts
  • Provide great customization tools for your site include Carousels, Galleries, and Notifications
  • Speed up and optimize images to improve the site performance.

3. Yoast – Clicky and Clicky

Clicky is the plugin that offers better bounce rate calculation in comparison to Google Analytics. It is another long-standing WordPress analytics tool. When you integrate this WordPress plugin on your site or blog it offers the following features;

  • Automatic inclusion of clicky tracking code almost everywhere
  • An option to just ignore admin
  • A feature to store commentators name
  • You can disable the use of cookies
  • You get an overview of site statistics on your WordPress dashboard
  • It adds the stats indicator of site visitors in the past 48 hours in your WordPress toolbar
  • It uses clicky internal data logging API to store comments as the action. This usually need a pro account to work appropriately properly
  • Feature to track pages and posts as goals while assigning revenue to that post or page.

All of these features of Clicky and Clicky make it a lot worthy alternative to traditional Google Analytics. In terms of regarding bounce calculator, the WordPress plugin offers a great feature that it does not count all those visitors who stay more than 30 seconds on your site, as a bounce. This means that the plugin offers accurate measurement.

If you think that you can also achieve the same through interaction events in Google Analytics, you must know that for an average user it can be really tough. In addition to these great features, the plugin also offers the best live traffic view of your site.

4. WP Statistics

WP statistics is another famous WordPress Analytics plugin that assists in tracking stats of your WordPress site. The distinctive feature of this plugin is that it does not depend on 3rd party or external services. It comes with a comprehensive and detailed admin manual that is easily accessible from the dashboard of your plugin.

The tracking of statistics through the external server is to respect the user privacy. You can easily view the graphically presented statistics from your WordPress admin interface. The most intriguing feature of WP Statistics includes;


  • Online visits, users, page and visitors statistics
  • You can search queries that redirect from famous search engines like Bing, Google, Baidu, Yahoo, Yandex and DuckDuckGo
  • You get the detail and overview of pages for different kind of data including country stats, browser version, referrers, hits, exclusions, search words, searches,and visitors
  • It offers interactive map regarding visitors’ location
  • Email statistics report
  • GeoIP location by country
  • It has the capability tocanexclude various users from statistics collection on the basis ofby criteria like common robots, user roles, page URL, IP subnets, RSS pages, login page, Country, admin pages, hostname or number of visits each day.
  • It provides automatic updates to the GeoIP database
  • You can export the data easily to TSV, CSV and XML files
  • Offer shortcodes for various data types in pages/posts and widgets

All of these are just some of the benefits of WP Statistics. You can always visit WordPress site to know more about the offered features. While we don’t recommend this WordPress plugin as the number one on the list of best analytics plugin, it is indeed the most reliable and distinctive plugin to go for.

5. WP Power Stats

WP Power Stats offer a number of some built-in features. It offers the easiest tracking option. It provides some number of reports considering various elements. The plugin offers great filter options. Some of the other benefits that are worth mentioning include; The capability to search the number of viewed pages. It can also identify the devices in terms regarding of these views along with the browsers that are used. The operating systems and geographical locations are also identified.

However, the plugin is now left with little room for improvement. The plugin is lightweight and simple that offer very statistical data. The information that you achieve using WP Power Stat offers you great opportunity to engage more and potential visitors which eventually improves the overall productivity.

The great features of WP Power Stats include;

wp power stats

  • It comes in multiple languages
  • It offers one-click start so that you can start quickly and easily
  • It is a fully customizable plugin that significantly helps you personalize the data
  • It offers private statistics regarding in terms of your hosting and can only be accessed by you
  • It keeps excellent track of referrers, page views, operating system, type of devices, location and others.

Some Other Analytics Plugin Worth Looking At

Above discussed are the top five Analytic plugins for your WordPress site. However, there are numerous plugins that offer similar or distinctive features and are worth a look. If any of the above discussed Analytic plugins doesn’t strike you, you can also have a look at;

As stated earlier, choosing the best plugin for your site is definitely a tough decision to make. All of them offer great features and are an inexpensive solution. If you want to add more features to the WordPress Analytic Plugin, you can go with a premium plugin as it will do a perfect job for you with a lot more customization.

Indeed, the listed above are the most popular and preferred Analytic plugins to track the behavior of visitors and accumulate essential data to improve the web traffic in the long run. If you are searching for a simple yet reliable yet straightforward plugin, then you can easily go with any of these plugins. All of them have many reasons to be called the best choice.

Remember we cannot call one plugin the best choice unless it best meets your business requirements. Regardless which plugin you go with, the core purpose of this plugin is to offer you great insight into your business performance. It helps improve business revenue by targeting the weakest areas first.

So have you ever tried any Analytics Plugin for your site? Are you experienced with our top five Analytics plugins? If yes; we would like you to know your experience. Also, don’t forget to provide any other valuable information you have in the comment section below.