Decoding Calypso And The Future Opportunities Offered By It.

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Decoding Calypso And The Future Opportunities Offered By It.

The launch and arrival of WordPress Calypso is making quite a buzz in the digital arena. It comes loaded with functions, features and benefits. All these improve the value proposition of content management systems. In this article, we are trying to capture the essence of the technology and our options with it.

What is Calypso ?

For easier definition, Calypso is a new content management interface. Calypso enables you to manage WordPress contents, read blogs, and view stats. Also, it offers you with an appropriate opportunity to make updates. All these makes the reasons why professionals get hired to manage WordPress sites.
Besides, you can get it on Alternatively, you can download it as a Mac application. Contrary to the usual WP-Admin Interface, Calypso utilizes JavaScript alongside WordPress REST API.

Most developers might not welcome the idea of combining JavaScript and REST API. Yet, this enables Calypso to speed up WordPress interactions with ease. Furthermore, it facilitates communications with the core program.

Calypso gives reasons why WordPress is awesome. Irrespective of running blogs or self-hosted websites. This is because it ensures efficient and comprehensive management under a single head. Nonetheless, ensure you have activated Jetpack, and connected it to your site.

What is the connection between Calypso and Jetpack?

To manage sites, users must use Jetpack. Jetpack gets regarded as an integral part of WordPress. However, this decision has resulted to many controversies.

Even so, one thing remains certain. This is, Jetpack and Calypso complement each other by performing crucial tasks together. Thus, you will have not committed any wrong to name them as "the future of WordPress."

Moreover, Jetpack allows WordPress site owners to integrate thousands of exciting features. Still, users can manage many sites across many hosts with ease.

What are the benefits of using Calypso on your site?

Calypso features a clean and clutter-free interface. As a result, it ensures easy and smooth coding. On top of that, you will be enjoying some vital benefits against your competitors. Here are some of the unique benefits offered by Calypso:

  • Harmonious and comfortable writing:  Calypso has a clean writing interface. Thus, unlike the usual WP Admin, Calypso allow you to write without distractions. The experience is amazing.
  • Themes and plug-in updates:  It is easier to update various themes and plug-ins. This is because all themes and plug-ins on your site appear in one panel.
  • Increased workflow: There is no interruption of switching from one site to the other. Hence, you get increased workflow as you perform all tasks in the same panel.
  • Many site managements: It brings all your sites in one place. Thus, no need of switching from one site to the other. You use a single password to access all your sites. Additionally, you learn how to set-up a multisite in WordPress.
  • Content creation and marketing:  It is easier to create and market content for your sites with Calypso. This is because the panel enables you to focus on content you are creating without distractions.


Apart from having an attractive interface, Calypso offer many features. Hence, it is a need of the hour for WordPress users. Additionally, Calypso will be a useful resource in future. Especially if you would want to communicate in an innovative manner through WordPress core.

With in-depth knowledge of JavaScript, developers will learn to work on this interface. As of now, the future of Calypso seems to be ​bright. Finally, we need to keep a close watch on the users’ learning curve.


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