WordPress Security & Backups

Our WordPress Security Services ensure that all your loopholes are eliminated, and you take proactive measures to keep your Wordpress site safe. With Daily malware scans and website backups you need not worry about anything! Don’t forget, you also get Free access to Ithemes Security Pro (valued at $297).
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WordPress Security & Backups

WordPress Security & Backups

WordPress Security & Backups

Force Secure Passwords and Firewall installation

It is impossible to ignore your website’s security. For maintaining your website’s security, we will do a full manual audit of your usernames and make sure that brute forces do not attack you. We will consult you to use strong passwords to improve your WordPress security.

Another way of improving your website is by implementing a firewall to keep spammers and hackers at bay! Our WordPress support team provide help to business owners and agency partners with enhanced firewall security. This security software will add security layer protection to your website.

SSL certificate

Is your WordPress website is lacking SSL Certificate? If yes, then it’s a matter of concern. SSL certificates add a security layer to your website that will encrypt all your transmitted data. If you don’t add it on your website, then usernames, credit card information and other sensitive data may be leaked out!

We at Helpbot will provide SSL installation support where your URL starts with “https”. By installing the SSL Certificate, your visitors may feel secure, and all your website data gets encrypted.

Database Protection

When it comes to security, database protection is another key aspect which should be considered to protect your website data. Therefore, our WP support team will secure database from SQL attacks by looking into various layers of websites running on different servers. This is the most common attack that will disrupt your data! You don’t need to worry. Sit back and relax, we will take care of your website database.

Real-time Security Monitoring

Nobody wants to get attacked by hackers. To secure your websites, you need to monitor each and every activity of your website. For this, you need to find WP experts that will monitor your business website and take care of all security-related issues. Our team members will keep a constant eye on different parameters of your website. If anything strange happens, we will immediately respond to it and tighten your WordPress website security.

Daily Malware scans & Offsite Cloud Backup

We scan your WordPress website daily and take measures immediately if any malware found. We protect your website from backdoors, or any malicious codes and our expert team will repair damaged files that are attacked by hackers!

We save your work daily on secure cloud storage so that in any case, you lose your data, nothing from your website gets lost.

Brute Force Protection & IP Tracking

We use strong passwords & change your login URL so that your website will remain secure from brute force attacks. With our IP tracking systems, we will track anyone who will try to login your dashboard from specific locations. If someone tries to log in your dashboard more than once, we will lock out their IP address.


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