WordPress Themes and Plugins

WordPress theme and plugins are most important for your website’s functionality, and if you don’t update them on a timely basis, you are probably making your site more vulnerable to get hacked or even break. We make sure this does not happen by manually updating your plugins and themes one by one. We also help you resolve any conflicts, guide you towards choosing the right toolset, and give weekly reports for whatever we do.
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WordPress Themes and Plugins

WP Plug-in & Themes

Manual & Safe Updates

We all know that updates have unwanted effects on your WordPress websites. Therefore we will manage all your plugins, theme, & core file updates with 99.9% success rate. Our safe procedures of doing manual & automated WP Updates avoid scary & inharmonious headaches with ease. However, our team will update each & everything on your business website. Moreover, they provide fully detailed weekly reports with full transparency.

Selection & compatibility check

You may or may not know that your WordPress website is running PHP right now! Since PHP runs on the backend. However, it also helps you build a fully functional website without editing any code. Thus, it gains maximum control of your website with few lines of codes. But what if, your code breaks down? We at Helpbot check PHP version for compatibility. Therefore, helping website owners, agency partners, & freelancers in managing their websites!

Plugin & Theme Conflict Resolution

With thousands of plugins available in WordPress, it sometimes happens that a conflict may arise due to poor coding. It can be a daunting task to fix a plugin or theme conflict. But, we love to fix WordPress issues! However, we are there to fix your WordPress. This may include customizing your WordPress Themes. Moreover, we help in solving problems related to the new version of themes.

Plugin Optimization

With a large number of installed plugins, your website may get prone to slow loading time. We at Helpbot select the best plugins for your WordPress website. However, these plugins are optimized to use for your website. This will increase page load speed. In addition, this may also decrease the risk of security breaches & arising conflicts.

Gutenberg Support

With the new release of WordPress 5.0, the WordPress community is a buzz having the launch of Gutenberg. But there are a lot more challenges that the new editor brings to us. We completely understand what this means to your business especially freelancers & small agencies. Our team will provide Gutenberg support to website owners, agency partners & freelancer partners. Moreover, they may also prepare their WordPress websites for Gutenberg.

Weekly Reports & Transparency

At Helpbot, we provide weekly reports of what we have updated on your website when your traffic is lowest. Get absolute transparency into every line of code, plugins or core file updated on your business website.


Get Instant WordPress Support

Get Instant WordPress Support