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WP Core & Hosting Management

Website Setup & Migration

WordPress, being the most popular CMS on the web, is very easy to use, but if you are having difficulty in setting up your WordPress website, then you are at right place. We have an experienced team of WP Experts that pick the right theme for you, setup hosting, add content to your website and also manage your WordPress updates.

After developing & setting up your website in WordPress, we will move your site to a better host & also reconfigure your multi site installation. We serve as your right partners for WP Hosting & migration.

cPanel & DNS management

Sometimes, it may happen that when you try to log in your cPanel account through your domain, & you are not able to login even though you are using correct name and password. These types of issues occur when DNS changes are not propagated completely. Therefore, we at Helpbot will provide cPanel server management for any cPanel server. Our WP Experts are available 24/7 and offer DNS management & high scalability cPanel server management services.

We will manage your client’s domains and move your websites & servers with ease. Never worry about the disruption of your site again; we are always there to assist you.

WordPress Core Updates

During WordPress installation, a group of files has been installed (WP Core files) that become the admin interface of your website. You may never need to look at these WP Core files, but probably you need to troubleshoot them at some point. Don’t get panic! Our professional team of WP Experts will take care of all your WordPress maintenance tasks from updating a WordPress Core file to taking backups over time.

24/7 Server Monitoring

Are you experiencing issues such as slow applications, low disk space, High CPU usage, unexpected spikes in network traffic, etc. ? With so many background tasks running in your server, it can be quite challenging to know what is modified in your files. We are there to help you out! Our WordPress team will understand the server system resource usage & monitor your server performance.

This will give you deep insights about performance related issues like resource utilization; app downtime and response time and fix the errors before it causes serious damage to your system.


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