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best wordpress plugins for blogs

Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs I Find Top WP Plugins at Helpbot

WordPress add-ons are the equivalent of a supermarket. They aid in enhancing blogs and websites through the use of a single feature or a set of features contained within a single tool. Plugins are the most widely used add-ons. They help with the customization of blogs and websites. Choosing the[...]
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newsletter plugins

Easy to use and powerful WordPress Newsletter plugins

The newsletter plugin allows your visitors to subscribe to your blog posts. Newsletter plugins help your visitors know you better. After subscribing to you, as the visitors have already shown initial interest, you can use this opportunity to remind them how excellent services you provide, or the latest discount offers.[...]
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nulled themes and plugins

What are Nulled themes and Plugins: Know More

While every site warns you not to use nulled themes and plugins, knowing what exactly they are and why they could be so harmful is necessary to not come into the trap of using them. This blog will look into nulled themes and plugins and why we should not use[...]
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WordPress table plugin

6 Best WordPress Table Plugins

WordPress plugins are indeed a lifesaver for anyone operating a WordPress website. It has plugins available for almost all that one could need to make their website consumer-friendly, safe while still making it aesthetically pleasing. An example that incorporates all these elements is the WordPress table plugins. WordPress table plugins[...]
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Vulnerable WordPress Themes & Plugins

Introduction : The main reason why a WordPress website gets hacked is because of vulnerable plugins & themes. These vulnerable plugins or themes break the website, which makes it prone to hackers. A hacked website can cause severe issues like ransomware & data breaches, resulting in financial loss to the[...]
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create wordpress site

How to Create Sitemap for WordPress?

The use of a WordPress sitemap can have a positive impact on your website. Indeed, the creation of a xml sitemap assists search engine bots to easily crawl and index your website. So, it enhances the visibility of your web pages to search engines. But, the big question still remains:[...]
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Best WordPress Staging plugin

The Best WordPress Staging Plugins for Testing Website Updates

Did you know there is a risk of something wrong happening anytime you implement major changes or updates on your WordPress website? The outcomes might be annoying. Some server mistakes can make your site experience a downtime. Therefore, staging site is important to test any WordPress updates. This blog brings[...]
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