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WordPress CRM Plugins

Best WordPress CRM Plugins for Your Website

You should track your customers to communicate with them, as well as grow your online business. However, if your customer information is not organized, and you don't have a WordPress CRM plugin for that purpose, you will be missing many chances of communicating with them. Also, you will miss great[...]
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Google analytics

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress

Are you a beginner who wants to install Google Analytics on your WordPress website? Here is your guide to do so. Understanding how your audience is interacting with your website is vital for your success.Further, the best means of knowing your traffic is via your traffic stats. Google Analytics offers[...]
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wordpress forum plugins

Top 5 WordPress Forum Plugins for your website

Have you ever been curious about how you can add a forum on your WordPress website? If so, this is your article. This article entails all details on creating a WordPress forum.Creating a WordPress website is more tranquil. Thus, making a discussion forum on your WordPress website is much easier.[...]
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Best Plugins To Speed Up WordPress

If you are searching for a means of speeding up your WordPress website, by either having a minifying, or caching plugin, this article will definitely help you. In this blog, we will discuss the powerful plugins to speed Up WordPress websites. These plugins will ensure your site loads swiftly.Therefore, you[...]
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WordPress Calendar plugins

Top WordPress Calendar Plugins of 2019

The best tool for showing recent events, meetings, or conferences to your site visitors is WordPress events calendar plugins. To be honest, it has never been easier to events calendar direct from the WordPress dashboard.Irrespective of the type of website, blog, or group that you run, the best means of increasing your[...]
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3 Best Alternative Tools of 2019 to Test Speed

Among the most debated and researched topic in the WordPress community, as well as the entire website development sphere is WordPress site speed. All website visitors want a fast website, where they are capable of browsing pages on a site as quickly as possible.Over the past few years, we have[...]
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The Must Have Plugins For Your WordPress Website

WordPress offers countless features and a ton of flexibility. However, there is a lot of functionality that is still missing. Besides, the only way to get these missing pieces filled in is by getting your site the right plugins.We cannot deny the fact that WordPress (WP) dominates as a content management system.[...]
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