If you want to create an online presence, then building a WooCommerce store is a great idea to start with. But the process doesn’t really end there! Oftentimes, site owners run into various challenges while launching their first online store.
“To err is human, to forgive is divine“ is a very wise and famous old saying. All of us make mistakes, especially when we attempt a task for the first time. Regardless if we are speaking about life or WooCommerce, mistakes are inevitable.

Although making mistakes is a part of life, not learning anything from them or repeating them, again and again, is not a good result. While most of us learn from our own mistakes, smart people learn have the ability to learn from others' mistake as well.

In terms of WooCommerce, the major focus of a novice is to get everything up and running ASAP. Certainly, gearing up for the launch of your big eStore can be quite overwhelming; however, being in a rush can mean that you accidentally miss out some important details.

There is still a lot to be done before celebrating the successful launch of your store. For instance, some of the main questions to ask yourself before the launch of your WooCommerce site include...

  1. Is my e-commerce store as good as other online stores already on the market?

  2. Am I offering interesting products to capture the right targeted audience?

  3. Who is my target audience, and is there any existing market for the products I am planning to sell?

All of these questions help in setting your business in the right direction. To cover all the bases, there are some factors that must be considered in the early stages of the launch. 

So... before you publish your e-commerce site, read about all the essentials discussed below. These tips, if followed properly, can help you  launch your WooCommerce store with ease and put you head and shoulder above your competitors. Let’s have a look!

Get the Assistance of an Expert

This is the same step as one would follow before creating a WordPress site. At some point in time, almost all of us have thought of a great idea for an online store. Thanks to WooCommerce, an idea can easily be turned into reality.

It is actually a no-brainer to set up a robust WooCommerce store, but you shouldn't stumble through the project totally unprepared. It is always better to get the assistance of an expert – someone who is experienced and understands the ins and outs of developing a WooCommerce site.

When you discuss the essentials of your WooCommerce site with an expert, it helps you shape your idea in a way that helps avoid mistakes.


Keep Site Monitoring in Place

The foremost thing to consider is how exactly you will track web traffic and conversions. The best way to ensure site monitoring is through Google Analytics. Everything is pretty straightforward to set up. All you need is to insert a small code into the site, and you are good to go.

In addition, make sure you establish sales goals and properly configure e-commerce tracking. When you keep a proper site monitoring plan, it helps you evaluate the performance of your site. It also helps you make the required adjustments to improve web traffic and eventually get higher conversions. Google Analytics helps you monitor the site performance across various metrics. These may include social media advertisements, landing page conversions, and more. This information is crucial to capturing the attention of the right audience and to establishing your store presence from the get-go.

Understand the Product Attributes

When we speak of understanding product quality, it means understanding the dynamics or attributes of the offered product. This is imperative to understand because your product will go a long way in determining the WooCommerce extensions and how your e-commerce store should be set up.

To give you an example, if you are selling a monthly subscription for a product, you must manage recurring payments and subscription statuses of your customers. For this, you would need to get relevant extensions that offer support to such product configurations. Since not every extension can facilitate every type of product, you must first determine the core attributes of your product and then incorporate the relevant add-ons.

If you want to learn about the best WooCommerce extension to advance your e-commerce store, here is an article you should read.

Create and Automate Store Backup

The first security measure that you can take is to create backups so that all the site data remains secured. It is great to have a recovery plan that provides fully functional and clean versions of your site to fall back on just in case you are faced with a major security issue.

For instance, if you are unable to disable the conflicting extension or roll back to a previous version, the backup will help in restoring to how it worked before. Backup is integral to keeping your store running at all times. It is an unavoidable measure that many people fail to consider in the excitement of launching an e-commerce site. 

You may want to consider numerous plugins available on the WordPress market such as VaultPress, JetPack, etc.

Understand Shipping Logistics


Shipping is the most integral part of any online store. While it is important to keep shipping costs low, it is also important to offer flexible shipping options.

For this reason, you should refer to the shipping options offered by your competitors and incorporate the ones that are most preferred by customers. Imagine if customers see that your shipping costs are really high. They will likely leave your site immediately, meaning that you lost a valuable sales opportunity.

As you can see on various online stores, shipping rates are usually either flat, or the site owner absorbs part of the shipping expenses to keep customers on the conversion path. In turn, this strategy helps boost revenue. While this is not a concern if you are drop shipping the product, this a major factor for businesses which manufacture or sell their own products online.

Double-check Site Performance

Before you officially launch your online store, you must test your site's performance. It is always better to double-check the details before the launch than fixing the issues after losing potential visitors.

1. Proofread the text on the site.

2. Check the links to see if they are working as intended.

3. Anticipate possible customer queries and check if product information is up to the mark.

4. Make sure your site contains all the correct contact information, including social media links.

5. Once you are fully satisfied and have reviewed the site as a visitor, then it’s time to welcome new visitors and start counting sales.

The Bottom Line

It takes a lot of effort to set up an online store, so make sure to pay equal consideration to the time period leading up to the official launch. It's important to make a significant impact in your industry and to establish a reputable online presence for your business.

Even when you have launched your WooCommerce store, you need to regularly review the site performance to avoid downtime. You should update extensions and plugins to meet growing demand. For example, you might want to consider how to scale your site to better manage higher web traffic and incorporate additional payment options.

While it is easy to get overwhelmed at the time of launch, you must understand the importance of making a well-planned launch of your online business. It could be the deciding factor for your business’s future and a great opportunity to capture the right audience in time.

Have you ever launched your own WooCommerce store? If yes, we would love to know how you prepared for the launch.

Did you avoid the mistakes discussed above, or was there something else you wish you had known prior to launching? We w in the comment section below!

March 30, 2018

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